Friday, June 4, 2010

My Sixth Day in Perth

Of Visiting The Zoo and Vintage Shopping.

(Yes, again..Mind you, this is such a looong entry.)

On our sixth day in Perth, daddie decided to have a quite relaxing leisurely trip.. So the Perth Zoo it was! (I love animals, but it was kinda unamusing anymoree as we've seen enough animals already on our Fourth Day.) Plus, I don't have a 'proper' attire (and bag and shoes anddd..heheh) that I brought with me from KL for a zoo trip.. Heee. But oh well...the daddy haven't seen those Australia's wildlife yet, plus he doesn't want anything too tiring I guess- cuz during day 1 till 4, he was busy playing golf with his friends. hehe. So okayy..nevermind.. Ikut je lah =)

Actually that morning and the night before, I had suggested quite a number of places to visit. Like one of it was a theme park. Forgot what it's called though.. But Aizat and me had an argument while we both were suggesting on which place to visit.. You know like the pro and cons.. So I suggested the theme park. I was craving for a roller coaster for months! But he refused to go - cuz he said, that kinda place is best enjoyed with his friends and not me! Hmphh! Sabar je lah akuuu.. the zoo it was! Aunt Maria dropped us at the zoo at about 10 am..and let us take our own sweet lil' time to enjoy the place..

Here's the map of the whole zoo area. First the Australian Walkabout, then the Reptile Encounter, and then the Australian Wetlands and next was the Asian Rainforest and lastly was the African Savannah.

Took us about two hours to finish one whole round in there.

This is my parents =)

We're going to the Reptile Encounter!

Can you see the green thing? It's iguana or something..

Eeeeeek! Ularrr!

And this is skinks, y'all! It looks like a snake in a super short version and has legs. haha. It walks (or should I say crawl?) so slowwww! But cute! I like their skin. Makes a perfect Jimmy Choo oxford heels! hahaha *evil laugh* ;p

Looooook at that! Isn't it BIG???! (and I meant my brother's belly. haha. Nahh.. am kidding ;p)

Next, we're going to see the penguins!! Yeayy.. Did I ever tell you that I love love love penguins? They are so adorable! Whenever I see penguins, I would somehow relate it with romance. I dunno whyyy. haha. I dunno how can I relate them with romance/love! LOL. Perhaps because of the bond between male and female penguins, kot? Hmm..I dunno. But, there's just something romantic about penguins. And also, just so you know.. whenever I see penguins, a movie called Maid In Manhattan and Good Luck Chuck would come to my mind. Awwwwhhh...those two movie are so cute! And both have penguins in the movie! hehee.. I have always imagine and dream that I'll meet my future husband at a penguin enclosure or something! Just like those two movies! haha. Oh berangan and dramatic mood, please turn yourself off! ;p

Ok, let's continue with the zoo stories.

At the penguin's area..

Awwwwhhh... Those little creatures!!

I really wish I can take one of these and make it as my pet!

I spent quite some time in here.. Didn't realize that my parents and brother already walked out of this area. haha. Too focus that I didn't notice that they already left..

I like seeing how they 'fly' in the water.. Comel sangat!!

Happy Feet!

These is the picture of little penguins of the world..

I love seeing how happy they are.. Main sana sini.. Menyelam, berenang, etc.. Seronokkkk!

Then when I realized that the lil' brother wasn't anywhere in sight, I quickly got out of the area and search for them..

Oh they already entered the Australian Wetlands area..

These are the birds that are available in here..

Such beautiful environment and great ecosystem for the birds.. 

She is so big! About my height, I think... This is a Black-necked Stork the Asian Rainforest!

Walking in the woods...

A kangaroo was sleeping when we visited her..

I really like how they set up everything.. Different place have different environment.. 

On the bridge.. Parents was looking at something...

...while me.. was trying to walk properly on this freakin' bridge. My heels stucked in there for a couple of times! Bahhh! I hate that kinda bridge.. It ruined my heels..tskk =( 
(okayy...lesson learned. No heels when visiting the zoo. I got it!)

And this is Southern Hairy-nosed Wombats! They live their life underground.. And it inhabit the most arid habitats of all wombat species, occurring across the hot, dry regions of southern Australia

When we visited this creature, it went out of his secret path and have a look at us.. hehe. Cute!

It kinda looks like a black fat pig to me! hahaha ;p

Alright next...
To the Gajah and Orang Utan area!

Most of these gajah are from Indonesia..

And lastly, the African Savannah (Oh thank god we're almost finish visiting this zoo! I had enough of wildlife! Heee =P)

Oh heyyy..this is my first time meeting this hugeeeee turtle! I don't know what its called though.. Verrry big!!!

Seeing all this makes me wonder and ponder. Hmm.. God really is Almighty. There are soooooo many of His beautiful unique creatures that I still didn't know/haven't seen with my own eyes! Macam-macam kan, ciptaan dia? Ini baru turtle. Ada besar, ada kecil, pastu ada banyak jenis pulak tu.. Belum masuk binatang-binatang yang lain lagi. Setiap binatang ada dia punya spesies, dia punya size, dia punya keturunan.. etc.. Dalam laut pun tak kira lagi..jenis-jenis ikan, corals, plankton, etc! Belum masuk jenis-jenis pokok pulak. And then jenis batu, jenis tanah, jenis air.. and then iklim/cuaca, and etc! SO MANY!! Dalam Bumi je dah banyak gila nak kena explore.. and I'm sure outside this planet Earth, there are so many things that he created that we are ought to find out!

God is really beautiful and almighty! Maha Mencipta! MasyaAllah! =)

That's the size of the turtle. So big, ey? But I have read somewhere, there are turtles that's bigger  than this!! It's bigger than us! Wowww.. Ini pun dah cukup besar dah for me..

And this is African Spurred Tortoise. They are about the size of a football. 

Next..we visited Meerkats!! Ohh they are SO adorable!!! I think, this is the animal in the movie The Lion King - the lil' guy called Timon. Kan?

Awwww...comel!! And manja! Geram I tengok!

These two kakak were feeding them..

I asked them what do they eat, and she said just some.. ICE?! She said she mixed it with some juices/ veges and freeze it. Oh man..that's super easy. I would love to feed my pet with ice instead of those smelly weird food...hehe

OH. I. WANT. ONE!!!! the badak sumbu palace!

They stinks! ;p
And now time to hit the finish line! Can't wait to get outta this zoo cuz we're going to Fremantle later on!

Eh wait... we found a picnic lawn! Gotta sit (or maybe lay around) for awhile.. And my feet was tired and hurt.. All from that walking..

Posing ala Hindustani movie. LOL ;p

Before going back, we had a drink to quench the thirst 

Look at my dad. Such a busy man. On a holiday (and in a zoo), still busy replying emails! hehe ;p

Andddd...we got out from the zoo! Yes...thank god!! hehe.

Aunt Maria called dad to pick us up..but dad didn't want to trouble her so he said we'll be traveling on our own..
So, we took the bus from the zoo and a train from Wellington Street to Fremantle! =)

While in the train, I drink this Vitamin Water by 50 Cent (yes, the rapper) that I bought before departing..
I bought the Focus range, which is in pink water. They have lotsa color, fyi. It's delicious! It's a mixture of kiwi and strawberry. Nicee! And I like the wordings especially! Very catchy!

"Now that everyone is glued to their mobile phones,  no one really pays attention to what's going on around them. With all that walking and talking, you never know what you could be missing: birds chirping, flowers blooming, shoe sales, really good-looking people, celebrities without make up, telephones poles, or piles of poo (and we don't mean winnie). That's why this stuff has lutein - to help you keep focused. So keep your eyes peeled or that smell could be your shoe"

Anyways..after about few minutes of riding the train.. we have arrived...

I know we've been here already on our Third Day.. But.. I only get to go to a few shops (more like only two shops actually) on that day..and I didn't get the chance to snap a lot of photos while we were there.. There are so many pretty shops, cafes and buildings to see and to take a picture! So that's why when dad asked where do I want to go, I mentioned Fremantle! Heeee =)

An old place.. I like!

Walking..and talking..and snapping..

Ohhhh.. And then I saw thissss! The beads shop!

Stuff they put outside their shop. How pretty!!

Mom was so excited, she went in straight away! hehe.. She really likes beads by the way..

And these are the beads for sale..

There were also some classes to learn how to do the beadings artwork..

Oh how nice it is to learn all that!

Some stuff they use.. the next store..

Ahhhhhh... Vintage clothing! I likeee!

And this is one of my fave store. They sell cute little things!

Next..we're looking for a place to eat before continue with our shopping and sight seeing..

At Fiorentina it was!

Such cute writings/menu, ey?

Oh and loookk! Look at these Italian Ice cream! It looks like a cupcake to me! Yummey! Didn't try though..

..waiting for our food and smoothies.

Blackberry and Strawberry Smoothies. Yummm!

shops...shops..and more shops!

Just fyi, stuff here are a lot cheaper than in the city! That's why I heart this place so much! (I got myself some Diva stuff for 5 dollar each! Cheappo!! I bought like more than 20 items!! hehe. There was this one bangle, back in KL I think it was priced about RM 79.. but I purchased it here for only AUD 5! That's about RM 15 only! How cheap!! I was one happy girl at that time. hehee)

The Fremantle market

Fremantle Technical School. Cantik building ni.. So classic

Next, I continue with my shopping.. (as usual, I was too excited to snap some photos..) and just when dad said, we're going home already..I spotted this shop..

More vintage store!!!

I went in and was magnetize with all the stuff that they have to offer me!

....and this is the best part that I like about this store! Some ol' classic bags!!! With very cheap price tag!

Aren't they classy?? I bought one! Cuba teka mana satu yang I beli, antara semua-semua ni? hehee ;p

Just right next to this shop was this bakery essentials store.. It sells some bakery items..
Cute girly apron..

Comel, kan??

Cupcakes holder..

Their stuff are very cute! There are more cute stuff that I didn't manage to snap some photos to share them here with you guys.. The store girl was looking at we weirdly.. hehe.. So I stop =P
But the stuff there really brings out the chef in me! haha =P

After that..we went home.. Dad was getting bored I guess. Shopping is not his thang at all.. hehe. So we went home for Zuhur & Asar prayer and have our dinner..

Despite the unfun day at the zoo, I am so grateful and happy that at least I got a new classy bag on that day! hehe..

The end!



  1. dear wanie! dont be surprised to see the place: MALANG INDONESIA!
    its kasthuri here!! I LOVE UR BLOG.. I cant do much shopping here bt i do get sme ideas 4m ur collections. kind of looking forward to ur clothing sales! hehe=))..ENJOY!!

  2. i think i know which bag that u it the ones with a girl on it??

    its so pretty! n so does the others..

    anyway, i like seeing u dressing down like this.. u look more relax n u look like ur age n was looking very happy! keep it up girl!


  3. i prefer caversham wildlife park than perth zoo...caversham lagie byk interactions with the animals whereas perth zoo byk learning n teaching kan...

  4. looong entry, but nice post!

    i duno why..but i like the way u write.. i feel the sincerity..

    i just found ur blog 2 days ago n girllllll, i'm in love with it instantly!

    what a lovely photos u have n such amazing trips. okay, i wanna finish reading all the other entries!

    p/s: please blog some moreee! i want more!


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