Thursday, June 17, 2010

So what happens when I stuck in jam?

Hey guys!

Remember this post? A little tips on things to do while you stuck in jam. Haha.

Well guess what, I did sing a song again the other day.. I was so bored in the car.. The jam made me go crazy - I was so hungry and bored to death (Oh, I even tweeted about it, here. Heh) So I sang some songs just to entertain myself. Heee

While listening to my fave tracks on my CD, I got the idea to record my singing and starts making an album while I stuck in that 45-min jam! hahaha. That way, I wouldn't feel so bored with the jams!

So I took my BB, click on the 'Voice Notes' button and starts singing  5 songs! =P

And here's one of it!

Seriously, it works.. I mean, when you do something while you're stuck in jam.. You wouldn't feel so bored and in no time, you'll arrive your destination! =)

Anyways, this is the only song that I sang for only a few lines. The rest is full song, but I wouldn't want to corrupt your hearings and make you wanna puke or rather sleep. So I won't post it up here. haha =P

Ok, bubbyee now. I have some laundry to do! Taaa!



  1. nice voice! kalau i nyanyi lagi byk off note, hahahaha, u boleh buat album nie! ;P

  2. believe it or not?? im actually listen to it.. =)

    to be honest, ur voice..not bad at all.

    and its so cute dat u post it here.

  3. ceh..i thot my speaker rosak...puas dok dgr ur voice pun..haha...

  4. hi dear..hope u already receive the shawls with the extra one..;p

  5. nice voice! i'm sure u love karaoke-ing

  6. bagus jugak idea u ni babe...tapi takde bb macam mana e?? p pun takde..adoii! tak dapat nak join

    sore boleh tahan..jomkarok! hehehehehe!

  7. omg sedap gilaaa suara u! i sampai amik extra speaker sbb nak dgr byk kali n betul2..

    serious sedap!!

    nyanyi la lama2 sket n byk2 lagi wani!!

  8. sedappp..

  9. nice voice babe! and i love it that you have the guts to even put it here! :)

    and i also think your version is even better than the original. haaa camne tu? :P

  10. u guys should listen when she sings in the toilet (especially masa dia tgh membuang) - penuh perasaan! sempat lagi buat konsert nyanyi macam2 lagu.. haha. ooopss ;p

  11. sedapp. :)

  12. geeeeeeeeee! thanks guys!

    *malu maluuu*


  13. Wany sedap soree ko rupernyer


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