Sunday, June 13, 2010

Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria Modeled for LG

The two most gorgeous people on earth posed and modeled for this new LG phone! Oh..I love seeing both of them! They both are my fave celebrities in the world!!


It's stressing to look at them and then look at myself in the mirror! haha ;p

Just look!

Victoria Beckham and her BFF, Eva Longoria Parker are the most recent faces of the LG advertisement campaign.

On another note, Eva opened up recently about her friendship with Mrs. Beckham and that other British beauty, Kate Beckinsale.

“We all three are not big drinkers,” Eva said. “Kate, Vicky and I are very, very boring people, we love to stay in each other’s home. We either go to Victoria’s house, or my house and we kind of just stay in. We have dinner, we chat, we talk. Kate comes to our game nights, we play different games and it’s a lot of fun.” - They always say that they are boring people (especially Victoria). But I think that's just cool and cute! (and fun too!). I personally would prefer to do that and chilling in with my two best friends rather than doing some other fun stuff with some random people..

While Victoria is a game night regular, her husband David never attends. Eva says the soccer player is far too shy to participate in games like charades, and so stays away when Victoria is playing them. “David refuses to come over for a game night,” she laughed. “He’s the shyest person in the world so he actually doesn’t like to.”

Eva also revealed her admiration for Victoria. “I aspire to be like Victoria one day, in the way that she is an amazing businesswoman and an amazing mom at the same time”, Eva told the British edition of OK! magazine. “I hope to continue my career and be as close to my children as she is to hers.”

Oh Eva, I would want to be like that too!  
I aspire to be like Victoria one day, in the way that she is an amazing businesswoman and an amazing mom at the same time!”

Anyways, here are some of the videos of this advertisement. Watch them! They both are too cute! (and too glamourous too! heh)

Aren't they too cute not to like? =)

And here's a photo of what Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria Parker wore on the night of fashion and technology event that they hosted with LG Mobile Phones at West Hollywood’s exclusive SoHo House last month.

I love love love Victoria's new hairdo! Wavy curls! So nice!! And Eva's & Victoria's dresses too!!

Oh so fah-bu-lous!!! But I don't really like Vicky's make up though..

Okayyy.. and now, I so want the phones! (and their dresses!) ;p

source: DenDen



  1. I prefer Eva over Victoria. Here in UK people dont like Victoria much .. hmmm dont really know why though.

  2. Baju Eva kat event tu cam pelik skit. But i lagi suka Eva than Victoria.

    P/S: Tak nampak pun phonenya.


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