Monday, June 7, 2010

Being Single 101

Hey girls! How are you? Me? I am fineee! Well.. trying to live my life happily and positively day by day. heh  =/
Well..anyway today I would like to share with you girls on how to cope with depression or whatever you call it when you broke up with your partner..and how to deal with singleton life. =P
Don't be sad ladies.. There's SO much to do in your life!

Men will always be men.. So there's no use to cry over something that has passed and some things you cannot change..Right? So it's better for you to enjoy every bits of your life! =)

Anyways, I have been doing so many stuff lately and that's the reason why I rarely update my blog. Sorry! It's just that I'm trying to live my life to the fullest! So my schedule is a bit tight. heh ;)

Anyway..let's see...what should you do to heel those wounds at times like this.. These are just some of the suggestions from me.. you can try if you like! (or not!)

1. Get a pet!

This is a sugar glider. I call him Sugar by the way. It's my friend's pet.

So get a pet, even if it's just for a day! Go walk your friend's dog, or borrow your friend's cat or feed the fish in your neighbour's house, or buy a guinea pig or even rent a rabbit!
Oh hey..I'm gonna soon buy rabbits for myself! They are toooo cute not to buy! I'm starting to love them! =)

2. Change your look

If you're wearing spectacles, try using contact lenses and vice versa. And if you're not use to make up, try to learn some! An eyeliner and a lipgloss will do! Those two things would definitely add a little shine to your pretty face, ladies! ;) Oh, and try to perm your hair, or straighten it if you have a wavy/curly hair,  or do whatever style with it. The key thing to remember is; try to change your look. Be different than you usually would appear. =)

3. Pack up all your old stuff and donate!

...Or maybe sell! Well.. I'm sure you ladies have some of those shoes, tops, bags et cetera that you don't use anymore.. So why not instead of you wasting your time every night crying over something stupid, you could use that time to declutter your closet and jumble everything that you don't use, and pack them up and give them to people! This is another way of trying to forget about things..cuz you have so many important things to do! And you would definitely feel satisfied after you've done this.. At least you know, you've done something nice to people.. =)

4. Go shoe hunting, shoe shopping!

Like I always say, a (great) shoe would always make a girl happy whenever she feels sad and low. So go get yourself some pretty shoes for your lovely feet! They totally deserved it! Well..even if that does not solve your problem, at least you know when you're crying and looking down, you'd still have a pair of awesome feet and got to say "Yeayy! Those are mine! MINE!!" =)

5. Go swimming with your brother

So if something bad happens, you know there's a guy to help you out! And it's not him who saved you. So thank god! =P

6. Go get a tattoo! (HA. HA.)

And instead of having "I BAGS" on your wrist, you should opt for something like "I hate boys" or.. "You're such a loser" or "Just divorced" or something you know! ;p

7.  Spend some time with nature! And go monkey watching with friends!

If you dunno where to go, well..there's so many monkeys in Taman TAR, Ampang. So go over there, spend a little time with the monkeys, feed them or maybe act like them with your friends! haha

8.  Or dare to touch/held those animals you've never touch before!

For example, a snake, or iguana, or tiger or lizard (eeeek! I would never try!), or cat or whatever that you've never discover before. Remember, the key is to do all the things you've never try before! =)

9. Try to make your own recipes.

Be it cooking, or making some juices. Try mix some orange, cherries, tomatoes, soda water and pineapple juice. Or whatever. Try to make some cocktail or mocktail or whatever you call it, and invite your girlfriends to taste it! Or perhaps, ask them to experiment it with you! It would be fun!

10. Hang out with your brother.

Whether to the theatre, or shopping or some eateries or just a coffee. If you have a cool brother like I do, spend as much time as you could with him. Oh, and don't forget to ask him to pay for your food! haha =P

11. Go enjoy some nice music. Orchestra for example!

But after 30 minutes of hearing it, if you got bored and realized that these are not your kind of music, then feel free to leave and escape! (Like me and my friends did!) =P

12. If you can't seem to find any fabulous looking shoes, then search for ice cream or mud pie or chocolates!

Ahhhh...the yummy Mud Pie at Bubba Gump! Whatever they put in's working!! I likeee! =)

13. Learn some beading/ sewing lessons!

Do some creative stuff! Like sew an apron or a quilt or a cute lil' panties or something you know! And put some beads on them! They will definitely add some glam to your outfit! =)

14. Be vain!

Get some pictures taken with your friends at a photo booth! It'll be SO fun with so many styles and poses!! 

15. Go fishing!

You don't have to go to Sungai Pahang to do some fishing and hoping to get some Ikan Patin or something... That's too dangerous for you ladies! Err.. Some shrimps at the Kolam Mancing Udang in some shoplots will do! hehe

16. Learn to play guitar!

Don't have one? Well..hop over to your friends house and learn to play! And start making your own album instead of just singing in the shower!

17. Register yourself at a Fitness and Beauty Club for woman (Like Phillip Wain for example)

Work yourself out! Sweating is goood! Do some exercise, aerobic, yoga, pilates, spa, sauna, facial, some massages and et cetera at your favourite beauty club! You'll feel so refresh and rejuvenated!

18. Go food hunting!

Search up and down for the best lauk kampung available in town, the best italian cuisine, the best padang restaurants, the best mee mamak in KL, the best western food and so on and so forth! And eat, eat and eat all you want while you're still young! (and while you're still single, cuz there's no one to tell you that you look fat in a jacket or dress or whatever, when you're meeting him) 

19. Make a card!

Spend some time and surprise your best friend with a really big card that you made yourself!

20. Prettify yourself!

Do some manicure and pedicure for your lovely hands and feet!

....and maybe foot spa too! Here's how! =)

21.  Act like a total weirdo when with friends

Do something stupid, funny, weird, dorky or whatever with your best friends. They won't judge or laugh at you, I promise! ;)

22. Write letters!

E-mails are so boring! Why don't you try writing letters to the person you wanted to tell something, instead? I think it'll be cute instead of the conventional emails that we are so used to!

23. Invite your friends to sleepover at your house!

And play some dress up, or make up or some beauty facial or watching movies in your cute pajamas or just spend the night gossiping with each other! What could be more nicer than having your girlfriends to sleep over at your house and enjoy all that fun!!

24. Make a puzzle and try to complete it!

This puzzle of me, would be given to the first man I ever loved. Who? I don't know yet. Just prepare.. hahaha! Well..maybe I should give it to my dad instead and he can put it on his office desk! haha =P

25. Go on a road trip with your best friends!

And enjoy each and every moment! Oh and don't forget to take a lot of photos with you! It'll be your memories.. 10, 20 years from now, you'll look back and have such an amazing friends and such fantastic moments!

26. Have some time to sharpen your make up skills (or sharpen your eyes! haha)

Again, try something different! Don't just stick to one style of make up. Try, arabic look, nude look, bold, soft, dolly make up look and et cetera! There's so much to discover on each style/look! hehe

27. Get a part-time job!
If you love crafting or sewing or whatever at all, try to make a business out of it. Like for example, when the brother is running out of time to finish up his assignment, and was desperate to get an A for his 'mind-mapping' assignment for that subject, you could do it for him overnight. But with a price, of course! hehee.

Tadaa! All done. It took me 7 to 8 hours straight to complete this overnight! This is his mind-mapping assignment! I use cardboard instead of plain A2 paper. And I use some woods and carved a little bit for the highlights of the topics instead of using colorful magic colors to write. (the woody part is quite a tedious job..but long as he is happy with my work) =)

28. Make your brother happy rather than terhegeh-hegeh making someone else's happy

Instead of you making something sweet to that someone and doesn't feel appreciated, why not you make someone important in your life like your brother or mother or dad or whoever it is.. Lagi dapat pahala! And in this case, I have made my brother happy! And I made him happy by doing more than he expects me to do! Oh, and don't forget to make him pay you before he goes to class and submit his assignment! LOL ;p Oh btw, he promised me if he gets an A, I will get additional money! Wooh. So please pray for him to get an A! hehee.
Well, at least even if your brother doesn't appreciate with your work and effort, at least he pays you! And that's cool enough! (daripada dapat **** kan..hehee. Dah la penat, lepas tu tak dapat apa-apa tapi dapat benda lain pulak..haihh)

29. Buy stuff for your room!

Instead of buying yourself some shoes, or tops or jeans, why not you spend some money to buy something for your room and revamp it? Like maybe some vase, some flowers, some frames, some drawers, some towels, some shelves, some carpets, some bedsheets, some brooms, or whatever that is good for your room. That's what I've been doing for these past few days. Spending time to spring cleaning my room is definitely tiring, but fun after you've seen the before and after result! =)

30. Pictures, pictures, and pictures with friends!

Take lotsa pictures with your friends! It's one of my fave thing in the world!

31. Sheesha and Barbican sessions with your friends and your brother's friends

I don't smoke sheesha. But I do love Barbican. And just hanging out with them is fun. Especially when you know someone named Rashdan would be there! He is so funny!

32. Watch movies!

Whenever you feel lonely or dunno what to do, or just bored or stuck with some emotional problem.. just go out and watch a movie! It will at least take your mind off for about 2 hours or so.. And maybe...just maybe, after the movie, you would forget about the problems you've had! =)

33. Buy/rent/borrow some new cds/dvds!

Listen to a new music genre, and watch new movies/series/drama or whatever!

34. Lastly and most importantly, have your friends around, and be with you when times are bad..

When you have something to tell, just call your best friends, and they will be there for you..and can lend you their ears.. Don't swallow alone. Spit it out.. They might guide you and tell you what to do or at least give you some advice.. After all, they are your best friends. Your shoulder to cry on.. So do spend some quality time with them. =)

If you keep on doing all these fun stuff for months, I can assure you that you won't feel empty and feel lonely.. (and useless). Because your time has been fully utilized that you don't even have time to think about those stupid things! =)

P/s: This entry is a reminder to myself too! =)

P/ps: To all the single ladies out there! Don't be sad! Let's be happy, and mingle with the singles! haha =P



  1. A very good entry Wany! *clap clap*

    I've been thru this phase (frust dgn ex bf). Dah lama-lama, we'll get over it. Masa yang menentukan cepat/lambat. Tu je. Meet a lot of people, then u will realised dalam dunia ni bukan orang tu je yang ada. And dalam ramai-ramai u jumpa orang, who knows The One yang u cari is one of them.

    Btw, suka aktiviti2 yang Wany buat ni esp yang girly stuffs, main gitar & road trip tu :D

  2. wahhhhhhh...panjang nyer post=)

  3. hehehe. very good tips.
    daripada hanya nanges dan makan ice cream atas katil!

  4. Cool, i suka yg number 15..
    Tgkp udang, so cute :)

  5. This entry makes me reminiscence me to the old sad days =)Thanks for the nice entry.

  6. i love tis post..its so u darling =))

  7. huhuh.....nice one n with doing this we dont have to feel the loneliness....sometimes we might think y we are single?? emmmm

  8. saya sangatttttttttttt suka entry ni!!!!!.. besttttttttttt


    akan mengikut suggestions yg diberi

    p/s: i baru belik beg + flat shoes pas bace entry u ni wani. so skang i hepiiii.. yeayyyyy!!

  9. tros terngiang2 lagu beyonce lepas bc entri ni..hah..nice onee

  10. i br je broke up wif him.skrg ni i keep asking myself apa yg i dh buat silap mnyebabkan he left me.kdg2 sampai semua benda xblh nk bt.

    after reading ur post,i got some idea to keep myself bz n stop thinking about him.nway,thanx wani.

    p/s: suka no 11.terasa nk g tgk show malaysian philharmonic orchestra.sure best kan.

  11. no 35, buang semua barang yang boleh remind kan u of him. Buang je purse Lv tuu haha.. or jual!

    Best jadi single, boleh buat ape kite suke tak perlu pk 44 kali utk jaga ati bf.

    Ive been thru a lot in relationship (ko pun tahu kan) dah masuk 4 kali asek kena dumped... at last jumpa jugak dgn laki idaman kalbu ececehh.. :P

    anyway... just anggap tiada jodoh kita disini. tuje. Everything happened for a reason. mesti ade hikmah disebalik sesuatu kejadian tu.. He's not the one for u!

    And jadikan ni sebagai pembakar semangat kita utk maju kehadapan. Buktikan pada si jantan tu yg ko lg bagus tanpa dia disisi...

    "I can have another you in a minute.." or You are so yesterday!


  12. a realllllyyy good entry!!!

    thanks wany for posting this!! u made my day!! i will not do stupid things n cry over something stupid anymore! i dun want to remember...there's so much to do rite?

    thanks! god bless!

  13. I bought a guitar lepas frust! hehe terbang la 3,4 ratus ringgit :)

    Tu masa umur 21 la, skang dah 28, dah 3 tahun kawin dah, finally met the one for me lepas dating with more than 10 guys!

    hihi bukan gatal, but mencari yang paling sesuai dan nak kenal-kenal pelbagai ragam lelaki, bila dah tau, kita akan tau bila jumpa yang terbaik untuk kita :)

  14. love! love! love this entry so much....believe or not..i mmg ade buat ape yg u listkn nih...then, bile bc entry u..baru realize..i buat the same thing u list..yup, i do that when i frust with him previously...

    part paling best is your statement nih, "Instead of you making something sweet to that someone and doesn't feel appreciated, why not you make someone important in your life like your brother or mother or dad or whoever it is."..because i always tend to make him happy by sending gift, cards and concern about him..end up, he never appreciate it...

    thanx a lot wani...i think, benda yg i paling nk buat skrg ialah ur point no 26..bcoz i sgt x pandai make up! :))

    thanx again!

  15. All the single ladies, PUT YOUR RING ON IT!

  16. belajar main gitar tu yang besnye wey.... petik gitar dengan penuh perasaan..... baru dapat feel.... gud laks fren...

  17. Betul... We need heaps of things to do just to forget, and in this case, 34 T_T. I think it's quite true when people say, the time you need to really forget someone equals to the time you've known him/her. 5 tahun berchenta, 5 tahun untuk melupakan. Ngeee...


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