Friday, June 11, 2010

Bubba Gump With Amira

I had an awesome lunch the other day with one of my classmates. Her name is Amira Marzuki. She slept over at my house last weekend since my parents were away and she was staying home alone as well. So I invited her, Alia Illani and Najibah to my house.. We had a make over session and some gossiping on that night! Heee.. I likeee! Well, not exactly gossiping 100% la. Most of the time we were talking about love and soul mate. heh. That's what an early twenties girl would usually talk about, ey? Like there's no other topics in the world! haha. But who talks about the Gaza attack or politics or something on a slumber party/sleep over with girlfriends on a weekend? heh. Well, we don't. That's too serious to talk at 2 am in the morning! Hmm..
And anyways when you grew older, say like when we're in our late twenties, our daily topics would be probably about our marriage and husbands and work life, etc.. And as you became older like 30's or 40's, you'll talk about babies and kids and so on! Nak sekolah kan anak kat mana, tuition mana bagus, result anak siapa lagi bagus, makpak sehat ke tak, etc etc.. hehe..

Goshh.. Women will never stop talking! haha.

(Ok. I am blabbering. Sorry.)

Anyways..the next day we went for a lunch at Bubba Gump..I was craving for something sweet (PMS attack, fyi).. and that night, Amira was talking about this one Chocolate Mud Pie in Bubba Gump that she had earlier..and the way she explains it makes me salivating and craving for it..Hence, I hunt it on the next day! I am!

This is Amira Marzuki. She is single. Ceh.. Promote. haha ;p
(I like her eyebrows by the way.. They look so sharp and so sexy with the right make up! I would love to have that kinda brows..but dunno how to do that..tskk)

And this is Shazwani Hamid. Haha. And she wants to marry Brian Littrell and Ne-Yo. Cuz they both have such an awesome personalities. Heeee. (ok, tiba-tiba) ;p

Ahhhhh...and here comes my fave part! My drinks!!! was super delicious!! The name's Jenny's Favourite (what a cute name, for a drink). It's a mixture of raspberries, strawberries, cranberries and some frozen yogurt or something.. I forgot..

Really nice.


And now it has become Wanny's Favourite! ;p

This is Amira's meal: "Of Course We Have Scampi". (What a complicated name they gave! haha). A tender shrimp sautéed with Capers in Lemon-Garlic Butter, served over a bed of Linguini. Hmm..Well, for me, though the meal's name is quite unusual or rather weird, but for me the taste is just like a linguine carbonara with shrimps and some lemon..heh. I thought it would taste like something I have never tasted before! But no doubt, it was nice! =)

And this is mine!! "Shrimper's Heaven". And indeed, it was heavenly served with a lot of shrimps!! This one's specially for those who love shrimps! (like me!) Each cone has different kind of shrimps! Coconut Shrimp, Chilly Shrimp, Fried Shrimp, Tempura Shrimp, and there's also some Fries, and they gave me some delicious Dippin' Sauces too! first I thought..hey, how am I gonna finish all of these??

But... don't be fool by the food presentation y'all! When I took one shrimp from one of the cones, I was like... "Laaa...only this much??! For that kind of price I paid, you only give me this amount of shrimps? I am so hungry..and I am sure I'd still be hungry even if I have finished all of these. Bummer! Should have ordered pasta or something.."


This is the Tempura Shrimp (yes, only four. Not Fantastic Four, but a freakin' FOUR shrimps!) ;p

This is Coconut Shrimps. Yep, just like you see. THREE.

And this is Chilly Shrimps. Ohh..this one, the amount of shrimps are quite a lot. I guess this is the most easiest way to cook. Only dump them in a hot water and after they have cooked a little bit, put them in a fridge and serve! While the rest of the shrimps, they have to salut tepung apa bagai.. and then goreng, etc. So I guess that's why they were being a little kedekut to me! haha ;p 
But anyhow, I love this one the most! Very juicy! And best of all, there's no oil involved! ;)

And this one is Fried Shrimps. Ahhh..this one, they're being a little generous. heheh. There were 6 shrimps in there.. Not that much, but still a lot than the rest of the tepung salut-ed shrimps they gave me. =) know what.. despite the amount of shrimps that I thought were so little as compared to the price I paid, surprisingly, I WAS FULL even though I was still eating half way of my meal!

In the end, I forced my friend to finish up my meal! hehee.. Dah la dah order dessert lagi! Adehh.. sumpah dah kenyang sangat.. But still, I wanna taste the mud pie that Mira said was awesome..

The sexy Mud Pie. It was BIGGGG, okayy! Like a medium sized cake! How were we supposed to finish it all??! We were so full..and my belly looked like a pregnant lady already! But still..I don't care, this tamak little person inside me was dying to taste it! Even Umie Aida tweeted (according to Amira) that this Mud Pie is oh-so-ohsem!

So..let's indulge ourselves with this!

The official first bite! Ahhhh... the chocolatey taste!! And the ice cream...and the cookies, and the snickers choc that were put inside it...and the whipped cream...and the peanuts...Need I say more? heh. It's perfect little tastes of heaven! (Okayy.. I am salivating now! Ishhh).

Kenyang perut, suka hati..

Heading home now! 

That plastic bag that I was holding is the Mud Pie. I couldn't finish it all, so I asked them to pack though I know it's an ice cream and by the time I get home, they'd be melting and all..but I don't care. The taste is so awesome that I get the idea of freezing it back in the freezer once I reach home..haha

I wanna  indulge with it all by myself! Ahhhhh...yummy! =)

Thank you Bubba Gump, for the awesome food you served me!



  1. Arghhh dah lama nak try Bubba Gump ni tapi asyik tak tertry lagi. And the mud pie! Urghhh bila la pi makan Bubba Gump niiii! U look comel as always, Wany!

  2. that's look like my tudungggg

  3. salam ukhwah..

    wow,so much food...yummy!hee..

    u got a very nice blog here...

    simple and fun to read... =)

  4. reena: thanks for the compliment reena! yeah, bubba gump sgt sedap! try it! =)

    hanis: huhu. indeed, it is! u left it in this house for like more than 6 months already.. so i borrowed it! *thank u!* huhu ;p

    fared isa: salam.. was yummy!

    thanks for the compliment! n thanks for following!
    ohh..anddd welcome to my blog, dude! heh =)

  5. Uuuu~ yummy!! Love forrest gump~ ;)

  6. can never resist yummy fatty food :)

  7. love your outfit!

  8. Wany honey, you are so cute and adorable! I love seeing your happy faces! So alive! (and your clothes too)

    keep on blogging and posting up some fabulous pictures will ya?



  9. ok i'm gonna try that Mud Pie and the heavenly shrimps or whatever the name is!


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