Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Event # 1: Shu Uemura Make Up Workshop

After taking 100 years to relax and quit from the blogging world for awhile, so here goes my entry on that Shu Uemura Make Up Workhop for my blog followers. Heee. Sorry for the lack of updates! ;p

The event started off at 2.30 pm till 6.30 pm. It was held at Shu Uemura Store in Sunway Pyramid on 24th April, 2010.

Anyways, I have invited 7 bloggers to this event, my eldest sister Iza, my second sister Hanis, Reena, Leen, Fadd, Farah and Nazlin Adlina. (Thanks for joining girls!) =)

Just to let you know, this is my very first time experiencing a hands on make up workshop. All these while, I only went to those make up workshops that only let me see and hear while they demonstrate the techniques and their tools that they are using. So thanks to Shu Uemura for offering me to do a make up workshop specially for bloggers! =)

Anyways.. We started off by removing our make up by using one of their iconic products which is the Cleansing Oil.

Each formula is differentiated by colors, for easy remembrance. 

The cleansing oil works as a makeup remover and a cleanser.Which means, it is THE cleanser itself. So you don't have to use any other facial wash or cleansing foam after it. (Right after using this cleansing oil, you can straight away put on your fave toner and then your moisturizer and so on).

So even when you're not wearing any make up on, you can still use this to cleanse your face. Great!!

 Put at least 3 pumps of the Cleansing Oil onto your clean and dry palm and you can start cleansing your face!

 Lucky thing I was wearing this kinda hijab. Bosnian style btw. So cleansing made easy! hehe. Well, not that easy actually. The washbasin was too small! My sleeves were soakin' wet! ;p

Anyway, so this Cleansing Oil can be used to remove waterproof eye make-up as well, but I personally prefer to use a separate eye make-up remover. Even though mascara and eyeliner can be dissolved, but it does require a little more effort to get it off. When I was rubbing and removing my eye make up, the cleansing oils got into my eyes. I was wearing contact lenses btw, and surprisingly it does not make my eyes sting or feel like it's burning at all! (But I gotta admit, it was a lil' bit discomforting as it made my vision blur and my eyes were red).

The cleansing oils emulsify, meaning that the oil turns into a milky texture when water is added so that it rinses away easily. 

Next, we were then headed to a special room at the back of the Shu Uemura store, where the workshop was conducted..

Each one of us had our own workstations with mirrors and make up tools and some Japanese tidbits. It was so cool!!! =)

 Yummy snacks!

 The SA helped to put the skincare; toner, Depsea Water, serum and moisturizer before we started our make up lesson..
My workstation with all the tools provided: Sponge, Cotton Buds, Puff, Brushes, Tissues, etc.

Okayy now, let's start the lesson!

Peggy, the make up artist started the workshop by explaining to us about the history of Shu Uemura and their iconic products.. She preached about the Cleansing Oil, the Depsea Water, and etc.. And this thing has really caught my attention; it's their UV Under Base Mousse (I loveee this stuff so much!) 

You only need to pump/press this mousse once, to get this foam to use all over your face

It is so lightweight and easily blendable..

She taught us how to apply this mousse using their sponge. First, we apply it at the S zone (the cheeks), then O zone (around your mouth and chin area) and lastly T zone

You can use this stuff as a make up base or use this stuff alone and skip the foundation for a light make up! It does prep your face and makes it a perfect canvas for make up to adhere to. I love the fact that it feels so light and smooths out the skin for foundation application. It is indeed a brilliant primer for the face and keeps your skin feeling fresh! I likey!! =) 

Next Peggy showed us the technique to wear foundation, concealers, powders, eye shadows, eye liners and so on. Basically I already knew what are the step by step of applying make up..but what I didn't know is the method to apply those stuff! I didn't know that I should blend the make up base, the foundation and the powder onto my palm first before I began to put on my face! Normally I would just slather them on, straight to my face and blend it in! Heeee. It's much more easier and smoother using a make up sponge, you know! Now that I have learned all these, I will never gonna use my hands anymore to apply my base, foundation and powder! =)

Anyways, here are the rest of the products that we used during the workshop..

  1. Cleansing Oil (The price ranging from RM 99 to RM 110 per 150 ml or RM 260 to RM 280 per 450ml. The prices are according to the differentiated formulas)
  2. Skincare products: Toner, Serum, Moisturizer and Depsea Water
  3. UV Under Base Mousse (Price: RM 108)
  4. Liquid Foundation
  5. Concealer (Price: RM 80)
  6. Tools that were used.
  7. Loose Powder
  8. Powder to be applied using their puff
  9. Eye colors (Price: RM 65 each color)
  10. Blushers (Price: RM 82)
  11. Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler and Mascara
  12. Eye Liner and Eye Brow Pencil
  13. Lipstick/Lip Gloss (Price: RM 70)

 The girls busy doing their eye make up..

 I picked a purple-silverish shade to match my scarf. And turns out, I looked so weird! I hated the color. It was indeed a bad choice! Tskkkk. I should have stick to my usual color: Brown. Hmm...nevermind..
Anyway, I chose the # 1 as my base, and # 2, a darker tone of purple and applied it all over my lid, # 3 at the corner of my eye lid and # 4 as my highlight on my brow bone..

 And this is the result..without eye liner, mascara and  eye brow pencil yet.. (Eeeeeek. I don't like that color!) =(

 Peggy taught me the right way to curl the eye lashes..

Shirley helped me to shape my eye brows using one of their iconic products: the eye brow pencil.

 Normally, they would charge RM 30 for shaping your brows, but for us, it was free on that day! =)

And...we're done!
 (I dunno whyyyyy, I don't like my look at all. I don't like the eye liner that they put on me, (it was too dramatic, I guess), the colors that I stupidly picked, and the colors for my eye brow that they choose.. I dunno whyyyy, I just feel everything about my eyes are so wrong! tsk! Perhaps, I should just stick to my kind of make up! Heeee.)

Okay, here's some random photos that we took after the workshop had ended..

 Choosing what to buy..

 On that day, we get to apply for their membership program too!

And... before going back, yours truly got herself these:

This is the freebies that we received! Each one of us received: A sample size of the Cleansing Oil, Depsea Water, White Recovery Brightening Mask, a foundation sponge, Shu Uemura face puff and a Shu Uemura small pouch
And these are the things that I bought: The UV Under Base Mousse, Brush Cleaner, Concealers and Make up Sponge

And on that day, they have a special offer: Buy RM 250 and above, and we'll get a make up pouch that contain these items:

Cleansing Oil (50ml), Depsea Hydrability Toner (50ml) , Depsea Hydrability Serum (10ml), Depsea Hydrability Moisturizer (10ml), Depsea Hydrability Gel Cream (13ml) and a Shu Uemura make up case! Oh, and I also get to have a complimentary eyebrow trimming, makeover and lash atelier workshop upon signing up their membership program! I love all the products!!

P/s: I'm starting to love Shu Uemura's products! Especially their base, concealer, brushes, and lipstick! =)



  1. my makeup brushes are from shu uemura,now i know wehere to get the cleaner to clean the bristle..hehe..Tq wani,lps ni nak beli brush cleaner from shu uemura...

  2. siyes ke product dia best?
    and terasa sgt nk cuba UV under base tu..

  3. omg jelesnya.. the gwp so hebat?! has that red pouch carry bag!! i had to spend rm500 over then only they gave me that last year!!! and that facial deepsea spray mist so cute!! i never gotten that one b4!! arghh....

    the make up on u looks.. too... japanese plain? i think ur usual make up is much nicer!!!

  4. hi wani,
    I don't think that the eye makeup looks very dramatic, I think it looks very nice on you. Perhaps its sebab u're not used to it yet kot? But honestly, I think your eyes looks great.
    To tell you the truth, im sold on the shu uemura make up base heheh. I will definitely grab it once my current one ni habis.
    Btw, if it is not too much to ask, is it possible for you to show us pulak on how to use eyelash curler dengan cara yg betul?

  5. ok jer makeup ko that day. cuma maybe the eyeliner la kot, tang ekor tu. ko buat sendiri lagi lawa.

  6. Thanks for the great details..I think you look really good...and the stuffs look heavenly :)The cleansing oil looks fabulous but not contact lens friendly though...the products seem clinical....no frills..a bit pricey, heard their eyelash curler is famous for asian eyes :)
    overall I enjoyed your post very much :)

  7. Hahh that's exactly how i felt that day! Rasa menyesal pilih color biru as eye shadows. Dah la sebelah biru lain, sebelah biru lain. Haha. Pastu mata nampak macam kena tumbuk (lebam). Btw, i think ur makeup ok je. Yes, cuma tang ekor tu je kot.

  8. very informative and entertaining as well :)

    you certainly have a way to write interesting posts!

    i'm so buying shu eumora's products now!! thanks deaR!!

  9. very informative and entertaining as well :)

    you certainly have a way to write interesting posts!

    i'm so buying shu eumora's products now!! thanks deaR!!

  10. comel je makeup mata tu, mcm takde ape yg kurang pon..hehe

  11. i nk tya..ur coach bag size medium or large.i kinda like it

  12. kak suzie: yup! go n get the brush cleaner! i pon dok tercari2 mana nak beli..sekali haritu jumpa kat shu uemura.. tak mahal sgt pon.. about 38 ke 48 tah..lupa daa..heh

    miss AA: ermm..for me, i suka la. sbb bagi i kalau x pakai base ni n compare kan dgn pakai, i lg suka muka i bila pakai la..sbb dia mcm smooth out the foundation..
    try it la!

    miu: yeah, the SA told us that normally u wud hv to spend 500 above to get the small set n pouch.. but on that day, lucky us, only 250! =)

    bambi: really? awww thanks!
    but yeah, the eye make up wasn't that dramatic, only the pencil liner. the tail was too long! heheh
    anyways..i shall do the eye lash curler thingy if i see the demand. chehhh! hahahah ;p
    well, its really simple. u shud kepit ur lashes twice. first kepit near ur the lash roots..n then, dekat hujung lashes tu, kepit lagi.. thats all! n top it off with ur fave mascara, n ure done!! =)

    along: aku pon rasa aku buat lg ok, sbb tak panjang sgt n tak tebal sgt. fyi, i don't really like eyeliner yg tebai2..huhu

    eyta: thanks!! well, the cleansing oil is really good. only thing, it doesnt remove my eye make up that easily. but it does leave the skin feel so fresh n 'clean feeling'..hehe =)
    go n get it! after all, its one of the popular n iconic products of shu uemura! =)

    reena: seblah lain, seblah lain kerr?? heheh.. nampak okayyyy jer! serious! i rasa u lawa make up mcm tu!

    anonymous: thank u!! yes, yes..go n get ur hands on shu uemura products nowww! you gonna love it!!

    efa fairuz: yeke? thank u! =)

    anonymous: i think the coach bag that i was wearing is the medium size kot. tak sure la. sbb yg large tu tak silap i mcm besar banyakkkk je lagi.. heh.
    beli la! its spacious! boleh letak byk2 barang! hehe =)

  13. hoh, itu macam kah? will try it later. thanks for the info. maybe i je tak reti gune kot? sebab before this i mcm shit this eyelash curler is not working for me. die macam buat my eyelash jd penyek? eh tatau cner nk explain tp sumpah weird giler rupe die. mcm bersepah pun ade jadik nye. haha. thanks again for the tips. :)

  14. okayy, insyallah i'll make an entry on that kay! =)

  15. Hi Shazwani!

    Wow the event looks amazing!I'm a total makeup junkie myself, hope that you can check out my blog



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