Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's In Your Bag?

If you have known me personally in the real life, you would know that I am so not a sporty kinda girl. I never like or play any sports. Tskk. I know, not good! Since I was in school (primary or secondary) and until now, I would always try to avoid playing any kind of sports (unless you count shopping as a sport activity.haha). So that explains why I am not fit or rather healthy. =(

Reason being, because I am so shy when in comes to doing any kind of sports activity. Saya malu kalau orang tengok saya tak pandai main (especially kalau ada guys yang tengok. Lagi laa malu! Dah la gemok! hehe). And another reason is because I am quite cerewet (or should I say mengada) in choosing what to wear for my sports attire. (Heeee mengadaaa nya! ;p)
Well..the reason why I've been avoiding to play sports since I was young is mainly because of the malu issue and secondly because, I prefer to be 'free' whenever I'm doing any kind of sports activity. And that means, I prefer to wear less clothes on myself, i.e shorts or short sleeved t-shirts or no sleeve t-shirts or whatever that is easy. Dekat sekolah, boleh la. But now that I'm in IIUM, we're not allowed to do that in public or even outside our mahallah/hostel. That's why I didn't join any sports activity while I'm in my uni. Heeee. (alasan tak munasabah langsung! ;p)

So, since I have quit staying in my hostel and decided to travel back and forth to my uni for this semester, I decided to start living healthily. Plus, a few people has asked me to start exercising, and also because lately I've gained tremendous amount of fat! Daymnnn. =/

So recently, my mom has signed me up for a gym. At a place called Phillip Wain. Such gorgeous place!!! This fitness & beauty club is specially for women! How cool, ey? Tak la rasa malu sangat nak exercise, plus I can wear anything I want! hehe.

I really love the place. I've visited a few gyms before signing up for this, like Fitness First, True Fitness, Celebrity Fitness and so on, but none of them are as awesome as this one! Phillip Wain's the best! This place makes me really excited to go there everyday, and makes me motivated to try to make myself sweat like nobody's business! hehe.
Seriously, the place here is really really nice! (and the people too!) =)

Anyways, after signing up and became their member for about a month now, I only had a chance to go there for about 5 times only. That's because I recently fell off a stairs and sprained my ankles. And then last week I had a midterm exam. So I quit for a while. hehe.

But now that I have a lot of spare time in the morning, I think I will start cycling and pedaling and running again! hehee.. I'm excited! I have packed up all my stuff and put in my gym bag just now! Esok nak pergi! Yeayy! hehe.

Now let's have a look in my gym bag!

a Nike hot pink Club Bag. They don't have it in a plain hot pink though..I prefer plain actually. But oh well..I think this is okayy too. Kan?

Let's take a look what's inside my gym bag, shall we?! =)

Pinky stuff!! hehee. Gedix sungguh! ;p

And what are they??

1. The gym bag of course
2. Nike Zoom Trainer Essential in hot pink
3. Nike DriFit - Cool Skin Tank Top in white/pink
4. Adidas Sweatpants in hot pink
5. Tommy Hilfiger ankle socks in soft pink
6. A pair of new and fresh undies (polka dot! Comel kan! hehee ;p)
7. Shu Uemura make up case (to put all my face essentials like toner, moisturizer, powder, etc) - NOT PINK! ;p
8. Juicy Couture make up case (to stuff all my make up tubes like mascaras, eye liner, lip glaze, etc)
9. Adidas Daily Scrub shower gel
10. Toni & Guy shampoo
11. Toni & Guy conditioner
12. Precision Chanel cleansing foam -NOT PINK! ;p
13. Sanex Dermo Intensive deodorant - NOT PINK! ;p
14. Adidas Water Tumbler in pinkish plum
15. Lancome Miracle body lotion
16. Britney Spears Fantasy fragrance
17. The Body Shop hair brush

Okayyy. Saya tahu. Saya gedix





  1. i like pink too..
    pink mmg gedik eh..

  2. i pn skai pink
    pink mmg gedik eh :)

  3. i pn skai pink
    pink mmg gedik eh :)

  4. Philip Wain??? kat damansara punya ke? Kenapa kita tidak pernah bertemu muka ya???? hehehe....I ada di sana after ofis hour, once a week je kot...'malas dah' tu la pasal...PI dia si liya sangat la garang uissshh takotttt.....

  5. hi wanie, if ada stuff yg menarik mcm urs mmg teruja nak pegi gym..hihi!!anyway thanks for sharing about the phillip wain. definitely going to check on it.

  6. ok, my gym bag contains only half of the items listed there. haha.

    and i dont even bring my hair comb to the gym, as i just runs my finger through my hair after i blow it dry.

    you are definitely the definition of a girly girl! haha.

  7. wani, wani, wani....whats gotten into u??u are turnin' 2b like yr sis- hanis...suker menunjuk..klau yer pun nk tnjuk whats inside yr bag, xpyh la bgtau brand skali..such a showoff..after tgk smua,, iza je yg very down 2 earth..
    & u bkn mngade, just u mmg nak mnnjuk? :-)

  8. hye...sukalah...laupun nampak gediks tapi wani eklas..itu lagi penting.... :D

  9. my cousin used to be a trainer at Philip Wain The Weld for years. Yes! it's one of the best gym for women... there's diet programme too.

    anyway, good luck lady in pink!

  10. oh adik wani, i adore your gym bag! walaupun striking menyengat mataku namun duhh!! feminin yet sporty yet kiut yet yet yet!! i like it. teehee :D

  11. nurulernadewi: they have two in kl. one is at the weld, kl another one is in damansara.

    cik nur: hehe. kan kan! tp lately ni sebenarnya i lagi suka turquoise =)

    nottinetti: heh.tak, tak. i pergi yg dekat the weld punya..maybe one day i nk try pegi yg kat damansara punya pulak lah.. boleh jumpa u. hehe

    diana sidek: u're welcome!

    bspotgurl: heeeeee. aah. n minat purple jugak. heh ;)

    moose: really? half? heheh..i think this is just the essentials. belum masuk lagi benda2 tak penting sgt yg kadang2 i bwk jugak..hehe.. ;p

    anonymous: eheh. =)
    hmm... anonymous, anonymous, anonymous..
    Chillax babe, chillax!
    Don't be so hard on urself. i mean, come on.. push away all the negativity inside ur mind babe! its not good for u. like for example, why do these kinda things, u take it as showing off? this entry is simply for fun. i was in the middle of packing up my stuff, n then suddenly i feel like wanting to snap photos n blog about it. that's all. =)
    about the 'stating all the brands part', kalau ye saya nak menunjuk, saya letak harga la kakak. (itu pun segan, sebab bukan nya mahal mana pun. org lain lagi pakai yg high end no point pon kalau nk berlagak, like u said i am)
    dah kalau memang itu barang2 dlm bag saya..nak wat cane. haih.. =/
    plus, if i dont put brands, macam la orang tak boleh tgk dlm gambar tu. i stated all the brands bcuz i wanna make the sentence sounds much more interesting when reading it. ever heard of the word adjective? hahaha. ;p
    like for example, a 'Nike Club Bag in Hot Pink' sounds much cooler than a 'pink hot bag' kan kan? hehe =)

    lagi pun kakak, just so happen masa dlm bag ni almost everything pun ada 'brand'. kalau mmg ada benda2 yg takde brand sgt or cap ayam ke apa ke..i will definitely put the name as well..sbb nak bg sentence tu tak plain. haihh.

    hmm..i dont really know why im spending my time explaining this to u. haha. maybe bcuz its hard to change people's way of thinking or perception i, nak explain pun kena panjang2 sikit. hahaha.. ok lah, i stop here. i mean, it's ur mind. ur way of thinking. n ur way of judging. so let it be lah. =)

    oh btw..when i say mengada, i dont mean mengada as in mengada sbb nak menunjuk like u think i was. but mengada sebab semua barang nak pink la, kakak! ;)

    p/s: kalau saya nak menunjuk, tu no. 6 tu, i should put the brand name of the undies. It's La Senza btw! eheh. wahhhh menunjuk nya sayaaa! hahahaha ;p
    but i dont. sbb i rasa mcm klaka je nak bgtau spender pakai brand apa. hehe.

    sekian. =)

    shahdiana: hehe. yeke? thanks.. =)

    purplelurve: oh really? skrg dia dah berhenti ek?
    yup2..ada diet programme tp i tak ikut! hahaa. sbb i cepat lapa..adehh.

    pucca: thank u!!! dia ada 3 color. one is the hot pink tu, n 2 lagi plain je, satu hitam, satu kuning =)
    go buy it while stocks last! heh ;p

  12. wah.. seronoknye kt sini.. monthly fees berapa?

  13. so pinkyyy!!!

    Chaiyok2 Wanie! Nak fit kena selalu pegi gym..I do count shopping as an exercise thou..

  14. tahape2 si anon anon anon semua benda yg di dalam blog ni mesti dia cakap menunjuk? Kita mau shara sajork.. dont take things so seriosly babe!! Nanti cepat berlaku ageing process rambut cepat uban n fine lines mula timbul di muka anda.

    What you have to do... seek for professional help! Go to mental hospital or jumpa psychiatrist. makan ubat anti depressant. Ok.. otherwise bite nails!

  15. alahh..Iza pun pernah buat entry 'what's in ur bag' juga.

    cuba tgk ni

    dia pun letak brand juga.

    sama je semua.

  16. Anonymous no. 328/5/10 6:24 AM

    i strongly agree with the anons! semua sama je :)

    The Queen Bee seems to be more defensive. terasa lebih ke?

  17. yes sorry to say ade sedikit show off. err agak banyak kalau nak dikira untuk the whole blog

  18. lily lotus: heheh. mata saya kaler cekelat ;p

    eda: am not sure la dear. my mom la byr.. nnt later i tanya dia k =)

    munirah: yeahhh!

    miralatiff: hehe. yeahhh me too! shopping pun keluar peluh jugak kannn? hehe ;p

    hanis: no comment. huhu

    anonymous-es: fine. memang sama pun. adik beradik pun kan. u bukan adik beradik dgn kitorg, so tak sama la kot. hehe. ;p
    whatever la guys. as long as u're happy

    well..i know i am. =)
    ok, bubbyee now. wanna have dinner. taaa!

  19. Jangan cepat terasa wahai anon2 bila lagi anda nak merasa?

    Mungkin anda semua di besarkan di kawasan setinggan mahupun estet. Maka brand2 designer or NIKE pun tak penah jumpa oleh itu anda pun cop wani SHOW OFF.

    Pada saya senang jer, anda harus berusaha! Cari duit, kerja keras sikit insyaALLAH BAG HOT PINK NIKE tu anda mampu beli

    cuma 20sen saya

  20. My aunties works in Philip Wain the Weld. People call her Nor.

    Have fun exercising!

  21. a lot of bloggers, local and international, have done the "what's in your bag" post since like ages ago. cuba google. pelik la benda ni pon nak dijadikan isu. ke org Melayu jer suka make a big deal out of teeny things? chill babes! ;p

  22. hahaha anon anon anon..funny lah you guys ni..some people are just like that..bukan niat nak menunjuk, tapi nak share the feeling of happiness, smth like that, right adik wani? sebab akak pun macam tu jugak..what differs is, i tunjuk kat close friends and siblings je..takde blog, so tak tunjuk kat blog la..rilex la anon anon sekalian..kalau anda semua pun dapat beli barang yang anda suka, mesti anda gembira kan? cuma mungkin anda ni bukan jenis cerita kat orang bila adik wani ni post barang2 dia kt dlm blog, u melatah cakap orang nak show me it depends on intention la..this is her blog, so let her decide what to post and what not..kita sebagai pembaca just baca senyap2 jgn bising2..kalau tak suka, jangan baca, right wani? so jangan tension2 okey? bersangka baik je dengan orang..tak rugi pun :)

  23. oh btw kan anon, just now i dropped by kat wani's sister blog (iza); the link u posted up there.

    lepas tengok2 dan baca, i dont think u should call that showing off la..well u see, dalam bag tu kebanyakannya basic things yang selalu ada dalam bag seorang perempuan..almost half of the things tu ada dalam handbag i..dettol hand sanitizer, clean&clear oil blotting paper, tissue, few makeups, handphone etc. etc..takde la show off mana pun kan? (i think so la tataula u fikir macam mana).. so whatever it is, janganla tuduh orang show off..kita bukan tau pun apa niat dia..lagipun inikan wani punya let her decide what to post and what not..kalau suka, baca..kalau x suka, jangan baca..simple kan? maybe u kena ubah mentaliti u kot :P. jangan marah i just bg suggestion adik wani, just dont stop posting smth like that, okey? i've had fun reading your blog :)

  24. dlm byk2 tu i suke la senza tu jerr hihihi..

    eyy..saya xrs pun entry ni gedix/ngade/menunjukk..

    it's just sharing & for fun aje..
    like bc magazine kann..

  25. that's why they're using anonymous kot..komen berapi tapi tak berani tunjuk diri sendiri..typical malay

  26. gigih tau anon2 semua ni masuk blog Iza,Hanis & Wany just nak cari points untuk mengutuk. siap korek archive lagi.

    Pelik betul,kalau dah tak suka/menyampah,tak payah la baca, kan senang.

    to Iza,Hanis & Wany, keep on blogging ok? I know this is not the first time u guys kena attack with anons.Love reading ur blogs =)

  27. thanks for the sweet comments girls.. appreciate it!

    hmm..biar je lah. let them be. hehe =)

    Asal kan saya happy, sudeyy ;p

  28. wani,

    whats the rate like there?
    tanya sbb interested.

  29. Ifah Khairudin2/12/10 11:24 PM tau brand pun jd isu ke? I lg suka wani bg tau, at least, if kita suka/minat..senang nak i cari the same mcm tpt rujukan gak lah...

    Nyway Wani, jgn pedulikan sgt...u berniat nak share info...i sgt2 suke..


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