Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Event # 2: Ascent Find Your Perfume Personality!

Hey girls! Do you know that the scent of your perfume could tell your personality? Or vice versa.

Perfumes these days come in so many different scents/fragrances that it can be mind boggling! I always have a problem in choosing my perfect scent whenever I want to buy one, due to the influenced from the retail assistant, or the promotion that they are having, or influenced from the cute little bottle that they have and so on! Too many distractions that sometimes I didn't really sure that's my perfect scent!

So what's your perfume personality? Do you know? As a perfume lover, I truly believe that it is important to know your signature style and characteristics in order to choose your perfume personality, ie Casual, Sophisticated, Sensual, and so on..

Well girls, if you wanna know your perfume personality, head over to the Parkson Pavilion NOW! There's a campaign going on called ASCENT Find Your Perfume Personality. My sister got the chance to attend the launching of the event last Thursday, and she asked me to tag along..

The launching of the event was short and simple, but really interesting! The setting of the place is soo relaxing and there weren't many people (which I like), there were only TV stations, celebrities and selected bloggers that were there.. Oh, and the food provided was good too! =)

Opening/Launching speech by the General Manager of Aramis & Designer Fragrances

After the opening speech, we began finding our perfume personality..

It was really interesting to find out what's your perfume personality based on the images, sound and scent that were given to reveal the real you. We have to answer a few questions based on the pictures showed in the program or I should say the application in the iPod. It's like answering the quizzes in Facebook! haha. But better! Because, at the end of the questionnaire, I received the real final result in my hands! hehee =)

Nicholas Chay from Nuffnang watched me as I answered them accordingly.. 

The SA told me to choose the pictures according to what's best describe me, my likes/preferences and according to my mood and how I feel on that day..

And...the answer is..
I'm a sophisticated woman! It says here: "Often, you are considered confident, independent, stylish, classy, ambitious, successful, intelligent, and happy with who you are". Erkkk.. Is that so? Heeee. You be the judge! ;p

So the last test was the sniffing test! hehe. She gave me two types of perfumes to suit my personality which is Sophisticated. And then she asked me which of the two perfumes that I would prefer..
She let me tried Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming and Sean Jean Unforgivable for Woman.

"Hmm..this one smells gooood!". I didn't know which is which.. But both smell so nice! So being me, (indecisive), I closed my eye and randomly chose the scent that I want..

So, after the test, she ticked on this card to reveal my perfume personality and I can redeem my perfume! Yeayyy! The perfume that I chose was Sean Jean Unforgivable for Woman! (OMG!!!! I have been longing to have this perfume for months nowww! Thank you so much!!! Dah la dapat yang 125 ml punyaa! Super awesomee!)

Anyways..after the test, we had a lil' chit chat and asking some questions session..

We tried a few perfumes..


Food was provided by Dome. Lovely.

Ohh..and there's coffee machine too! Did I ever tell you that I'm a coffee lover? Heee..I get excited whenever I see coffee! haha ;p

So I ordered one. A cappuccino. Made with lovee...

There's Yasmin Hani too. She's so tiny! (Not vertically, but horizontally! hehee)

And 8TV people..

...anddd bloggers! Heh. Well, I meant my sister. She's a true blogger. And I'm just a crappy ones! Huhu ;p

Posing with our candy perfume!

♥♥♥ So this is my gift! I LOVED IT! ♥♥♥

Thank You Parkson and Thank You Aramis & Designer Fragrances!

To Mr. Sean Jean, welcome to my family!!! Hope you enjoy your new home! hehe =)

P/s: If you want to find out what's your perfect perfume for your personality, hop on to the Parkson Pavilion at Level 3 (Shoe department entrance), today! (It ends 5th May 2010)

P/ss: A special privilege also awaits you as a Parkson Elite Cardmember!



  1. Waniiiiii!!!!!

    Banyaknya perfume uuuuu!!!!!!


    Nak buat tapi tak sempatla nampaknya..Huhu.

    I think mine casual kot. Something yang bau fruity floral and fresh macam lemon/apple.

  2. Thanks for the info, babe!

  3. wahhh byk nye perfume collection!

    p/s: ur military cropped jacket looks perfect! ;D

  4. oh my, u have so many perfumes.. :)

  5. no wonder u always smell damn good anywhere, anytime! u've got loads of perfume on ur dressing table!!!
    gosh, i wanna be youuu!!


  6. Reena: alahhh..ni collection berzaman punya laa. ada lah dlm 10 years punya collection. hahah.. ;p
    But ya, i do love perfume so much! =)
    btw, i pon suka bau fruity floral jugak! Kalau daily wear, i suka pki fruity floral..kalau mcm event2 ke apa, baru i pakai bau2 yg jenis sophisticated/eductive/sexy ni..

    bspotgurl: ur welcome! go n get ur perfume that suits ur personality babe!

    efa fairuz: thanks! i got it at a vintage shop in singapore. i tak confident pon dgn jacket tu. i rasa tak brapa lawa..tp since ramai ckp cantik..now, baru ada confident sikit nk pakai lagi..hehe

    alah..perfume2 i tu, most of it, org yg bagi. trust me, dalam byk2 tu kan..less than 10 je yg i beli. yg lain semua belas ikhsan org nak kasi i! heeee =)

    mya: heh. yeahh, but believe it or not, i only wear about 3 or 4 perfumes among these 50 bottles!! haha ;p

    syu: goshhh..really? thankiess! well, i always carry one perfume anywhere i go. i do not like to be surrounded with my body odour. ngeh ngehhh ;p

  7. hi wani,

    im ur silent reader frm dubai
    i must say dat.. wat a brilliant choice of perfume even though u choose randomly.

    'unforgivable' alwiz be my fav ever.
    i notice dat.. people alwiz compliment me everytime i wear it

    they have a limited edition too..its in 'white pearl' bottle

    not to forget, i really love ur military cropped jacket..


  8. Hello there! yes, yes...the smell is so goood! im glad i made the right choice! heee =)

    thanks for the compliment, btw! i love it too.. =)


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