Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Movie Date With The Best Friend

I had fun today. I went out with my best friend, Naz (and her sister). It has been more than a month since the last time we saw each other and have a lil' chit chat. (She graduated last semester, btw). So...since we have not seen each other for quite some time, there's SO much to catch up with her!

So I asked her out yesterday..and we agreed to meet up. Since she has no transport, so I fetch her at her house in Puchong, and then we're off to One Utama to watch movie, hang around and have a lil' chit chat..

Anyways.. Today is a black-and-white outfit! I kinda like what I wore today. Not too simple, not too fancy. (After all, it was just a movie date). So I wore: a black-and-white silk cheetah printed top, a black satin straight-leg pants, a plain ol' black scarf, a cute lil' flower corsage, a classic small handbag,  a lovely charm bracelet, a cute bow ring and a pair of awesome shoes =)

(It's a candid picture of me. So excuse the ugly-terkejut-tak bersedia-tengah bercakap expression. Haha. This is the only (clear) full pic of me that I have) ;p

We spent quite a few hours just sitting (and eating) and chatting with each other in a cafe, while waiting for our movie to start. It was so much fun gossiping and talking with Naz! I like having this heart-to-heart session with her. She's the best! =)

 Naz and her sister, Syazana

 ...oh, and that's me. The pale girl ;p

We watched The Losers by the way.. That movie was awesome, I tell youuu! I love love loveeeeeee Chris Evans!!! ♥♥♥♥♥. He is damn hot! And I mean, super duper hot! His eyes, his muscles, his eye brows, his hair, his beard, his gorgeous face, and everything else!!! Oh..I'm in loveeee...haha ;p
But too bad he was not the main actor..sob sob..

Does my shoes match with my top? Heheh. One is a cheetah printed, another one is a cow printed. Well.. I like both!

Hall 13.

We're excited! We're going in to watch Chris Evans!! Yeayyy! =)

And two hours later....

..after the movie.. Naz sudah jatuh chenta dengan Mr. Jeffrey Dean Morgan a.k.a Clay pulak!

So after that movie, kitorang pergi minum-minum..sambil borak-borak lagi, cerita-cerita lagi, nangis-nangis lagi, gelak-gelak, dan sebagainya.. heh

You know.. having Naz's like having my own personal paparazzi. That is because she loves to take my photos. Be it candid or pura-pura berlakon or whateverrr..heheh. Every time we go out, she'll never miss to take my photos..(without I'm asking to do so). Kawan yang sangat comel and cool kan dia nii? =)

So, errr...mind youu, for the next few seconds, you gonna see lotsa vain photos of us. heh. Biasa lah, kami dah lama tak jumpa, beginilah jadinyaaa. So, sabar je lah kayyy. Heee ;p

Mak-Nam tengah berceritaaa.. Heeeeeek! (Nampak sangat saya ni seorang yang kepochi..huhu). Wth. ;p

I like this top. Especially on the sleeves part. The left sleeve is a dolman sleeve which is a long sleeve with a deep armhole and tapering towards the wrist..and the right sleeve is a normal long sleeve, narrowing at the wrist as well.. It kinda reminds me of the 80's. Me likeyy =)

Do you believe it if I say this Body Shop mirror that I was holding has been kept in my handbag anywhere I go, for more than 10 years? I bought it in 1999. Sampai sekarang saya masih simpan dan pakai. =)

"I l♥ve you"

After spending like almost half a day with them, I send them back home.. (and continue with our cam-whoring session! haha) ;p
And then I off to class. Haihh..macam ni lah, student life. Pergi kelas, makan, lepak, movie, borak, belajarr.. Hmm...bila tah la nak habiss.. tskkk

"Ehh..gambar Syazana tak masukk..."

"Alaa..tak ready lahh..My eyes were on the road.. Lagi sekali pleasee!"

"Alaa...kepala I tak nampak penuh pulak.."

Haa.. Okay. Kepala masuk, mata pandang camera. Perfecto! heh =)

Okayy..Sudah, sudah. Cukup. Itu sajaa cerita kali ini!

"Bubbyee now! Mmmmmmuahh! XOXO, it means, kisses hugs kisses hugs! Toodles!"



  1. ita_miyuki6/5/10 7:03 PM

    like ur innocent face w/out heavy make ups ;)

  2. chris evans mmg sangat hot!
    dlm cita tu i plg suka part dlm lif yg dia nyanyi glee song tu.
    sungguh cute kan
    btw, i dah dapat ur fm frm aussie tu.sampai in march tp i baru tau in april.huhu
    thanx a lot wani.semoga d murahkan rezeki selalu :)

  3. memang best kalau ada kawan yang suka and dengan rela hati snap pictures. kalau semua orang nak ada dalam gambar siapa nak ambilkan gambar ye tak? :)

  4. thnx so much 4 yesterday darling!! had so very mucho fun!! n sy juge suke sume gmbr!! sgt chumel especially gmbr bf2 kite iaitu jensen dan clay yg sgt2 macho itew!! btw, jgn nanges2 dh..klau ko nk nanges lg tnggu kite jmpe nxt time k!! love ya darling angel..mwaxxxx!!

  5. ita miyuki: thank u dear. yeah, i only wear powder and mascara. so that explains why i look so pale..huhu ;p

    fieza: kan kan kan!! i love him!! he's my type of guy.. aaaaa cair!! ;p
    btw, ur welcome! hope u like the gift

    nn: memang sangat bestt! =)

    reena: kak nam comot ;p

    nazzy: hehehh.. love ya tooo girlfriend! mmuaxx! ;)

  6. you do not look pale at all okeh? u look fresh and happy :) im trying hard to achieve that look nowadays. tanak tempek mekap banyak2 dah. lol.

  7. wani, u ni cantik lah! suka akak tgk muka u! sgt manis jerr!

  8. hi,i stumbled upon your entry with a picture of you on holiday wearing a purple winter coat.. i was wondering where you got that.. would you mind sharing?

  9. bambi: erkk..really? geee thanks! yeah, these days i rasa i dah tak nak make up sgt dah.. only mousse base, powder, mascara n lipgloss is enuf! =)

    anonymous1: awwww..thank u so much dear... well, pencipta nya lagi cantik! =)

    anonymous2: hellow there.. yeah sure. i bought it at topshop 2 years ago.
    i love the color! hehee =)


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