Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Of Bra Shopping and Feeling Annoyed

Bra shopping can be such a fun thing to do. Especially when you're shopping at those high-end, fabulous stores or brands like La Perla, Lejaby, Valisere, La Senza, Victoria's Secret, Wacoal, Xixili and the list goes on and on..They have such gorgeous style and comfy bras, aren't they?! =)

I love to look at my reflection in the mirror and see those perfect style and color (and lace) being wrapped up all over my chest. It gives me some kinda happiness. hehe

Anyway, I started buying my own bra when I was as little as 14! Reason being, I don't like those bras that my mom usually would pick for me (those unfun, pale, boring plain beige colored bras! hehe). So I secretly went to Jaya Jusco after school, and decided to buy my own choice of pretty Triumph bras. That's when I started to love lingerie shopping!

So up until now, I have never asked my mom to buy any bras for me, cuz I wanna choose myself what I want for my body! haha. My favourite brand is La Senza and Victoria's Secret (But too bad it doesn't exist here in Malaysia! Bummer!).

Anyway, the other day I went to Isetan The Gardens to buy myself a couple of bras since they were having a sale. So I went to the Lingerie Department, and looked around..

And then came a Sales Assistant to assist me..

"Hello miss. What type of bra or brand are you looking for?"

So I told her just the normal ones and without lace. (I prefer the satin plain ones if I wanna wear it with t-shirts or sheer blouses)

After I've made a decision on which bra that I wanted to buy, I asked, where the cashier at.. But the SA wants me to try them on first.

I said, I already know my size, but she told me that I could be wrong because different bra/brand sometimes has different size.

Fine. So I decided to try.

Thus, the SA lead me to a fitting room at the back.. Before I went into the room, she said she wanted to measure my chest. I already told her my size and confident that it is correct and the bras that I took matched my size. (Not that I embarrass or whatever, it's just that I don't feel it is necessary for her to measure me up since I already know my size..)

But she insisted on measuring my chest jugak-jugak as she said,

"Sometimes different cutting and styles can make a big difference in choosing the perfect size. So I wanna make sure you take the right size and the right bra for your body". (Yes, again. I already know that tooo.)

Ok, so fine. I let her do her job.

10 seconds later..after she measured me up and down, left and right, front and back.. She said for that bra that I took, I should take that size.

And then I showed her the size that I took with a smile on my face. (And yes, I was right. The size that I took was correct!). So I went in and pulled the curtain down.

At that time I was wearing Premium Beautiful full corset, by the way. So it consists of the bra corset, waist nipper and girdle. Just so you know, this corset is really hard to get on and get off with (because I rarely wear it! Heee...). So it took me some time to take it off..and just when I was just done removing the bra corset and waist nipper from my body (so I was half naked), the SA came to the dressing room, and trying to pull aside the curtain and said,

"Miss, dah siap ke? Bagi saya tengok?"
("Miss, are you done? Let me see it")

I was surprised to see the curtain was pulled aside a bit when she said that, so I shouted,

 "Heyyy... I am not done yet!!"

"Oh, okay. Sorry. Let me see when you're done, kay", she said.

While I was in there (still trying the bra on my own), it got me thinking, whyyyy does this girl insisted on seeing my boobies on her bra? I really don't feel comfortable because I am so used to shopping bras on my own. All my life, I have never experienced with this kinda situation. I mean, why does she care so much if my boobies don't look that good because I wear the wrong size? It's not like I took those sizes yang memang comfirm is not my size at all, like maybe too damn big or too tight..or something..

First, she insisted on measuring my boobs after I said no, and then after I've tried it, she wanted to see it some moree? Haihh.. I really think just by measuring is enough. Why do you need to see it? It's a different story if I'm the one who show it to her and ask her opinion.. Right? Suka hatilah nak bagi tengok ke tak. Why must you paksa jugak-jugak? Please respect my decision lah! Haihh..

So after I tried the first bra (I took 3 bras to try, btw), and was in the middle of trying out the second bra that I took, which was a satin turquoise bra by the way.. and then came the SA again,

"Miss, tak siap-siap lagi ke?? Bagi lah saya tengok.." - Sumpah, annoying okayy
("Miss, you're not done yet?? Come, let me see it")

At that time I was getting a lil' bit annoyed with the sound of her voice disturbing my fun moments in the fitting room, so I let her see it and pulled aside the curtain.

And she went in. At first, she stood there, looking at me for a few mili seconds.. And then I asked,

"Hmm.. so..this is okay, right?"

And then, she came close to me and start measuring me AGAIN! Ughhh.. At that moment, I really think it's not necessary and that she actually doesn't really know what else to do since the bra really does look okay and suits me well!

So again, while looking at my half naked boobs, she measured me here and there, up and down...bla..bla.bla.. and with a frowned face and a very loud sigh, like there was something wrong.. As if macam masalah besar sangat.. Haihh.. And then after THREE TIMES of measurement, she asked me, to unzip and pull down my skirt!! Because she wanted to measure under my bust area. But still, why do you need me to take off my skirt?? Skirt kat pinggang la! Bukan dekat dada! I dunno why the heck did I follow her instruction! Ughh. It's like I was so blur and dengarrr je apa dia cakap. (Luckily I was wearing the girdle, otherwise, I would be seen in a bra and panty only!!). OMG! What does taking off my skirt has to do with my bra size??! I felt so uncomfortable and annoyed but yet I couldn't say NO to her, and I did what she told me to!! OMG.. I feel so stupid! I dunno why on earth I did that and followed what she said?!

And then, I guess she sensed that I was feeling awkward and uncomfortable, after a few measurements, she looked at me and smiled, and asked me, what size did I take. And then I said X size. And then you know what she replied???

"Oh. Betul la."
("Oh. That's correct")

At that time, seriously, I was really reallllllly annoyed with her!!! Because I really think that there's no purpose at all for her to measure me up and down, here and there from the very first minute she put her hands on me! And especially, the part where she asked me to pull down my skirt!!! What the hell was that for??! As long as the bra looks good on me and fit me correctly, then..I don't see what seems to be the problem??! Haihhh.. Sibukkk sangat lah! Ish.

And then you know what happens nextttt?!

She asked me to try another bra (the 3rd bra) IN FRONT OF HER. She said,  

"Now try this". (And she meant, trying it in front of her!!)

I was like, Huhhhh??! What is this?? Who are youuu?! What is your problem?!

So I told her off (nicely) that I already know my size and said that I will only take the one that I was wearing, and the 1st bra that I tried. And then you know what she said?!

"But I haven't seen you wear the first one yet. Try la, let me see it. You don't have to feel ashamed, we're both women, right?"

With a firm voice (still trying to keep my cool), I said,  

"No, it's okay. You don't need to see it. I'm just gonna pay"... and walk away from that room as fast as I could.

Ugh. I really felt like I was being molested! haha. ;p

That was indeed, a really bad bad bad bad bad experience! Scary, okay! Bra shopping should be fun! Not embarrassing! Sigh. I shall not look for bras in Isetan The Gardens anymore! One very unsatisfied customer!!




  1. omigod. freaky gila!!!
    and bra measurement isnt supposed to be as tedious as she made it. sampai nak buka skirt and all.
    very fishy!

  2. Crazy women. I mean her. Not u! :p

  3. HAHAA..I pula terasa annoy dengan minah itu :p. She seems a bit fishy lah wanny. :p

  4. wat kind of SA lah..mmg lesbo btl..sian u..len kali pilih2 n then trus byr je kan..hishhh.. :(

  5. annoyngnye..nk mkn lempang je 2 ...huhu.

  6. shaz, complaint.. complaint to the mgt..
    org tu mcm "tak betul" je.
    kalau i, terus tak jadi beli kot..

  7. i'd rather not buy...a lil bit too much for me ;)

  8. sgt giler... x pernah pun seumur hidup SA jual bra dok tgk t*t*k customer... lain la klu mak kite yg tgk.. u should be more careful nxtime dear...

    *len kali jerit jer klu org mcm tu mintak yg bukan2.. giler...

  9. whooaaaa......I'm thinking of...."she is a lesbian".....ngeh ngeh ngeh....(oh! don't simply trust people nowadays.....xpecially women)

  10. Agaknya SA tu suka kat kaum sejenis kot.. huhu.. takutnya..

  11. horror nya.. dh mcm sexual harassment.. tp by our own gender.. if i were u, i dh ended up by jumpa manager dia.. maybe its her job to consult and advice us, but she is way too far because she should respect customer's privacy..

  12. hi wanie.. ee gila la SA tu, if I were you, I tinggalkan je bra's tuh and demand to see her manager to report her behaviour! Tak pernah dengar SA nak tgk bra fitting while in the dressing room.. So unacceptable!


  13. semacam je gurl tu..

  14. OMG! LOL!!
    funny gile cara u citer..i asyik gelak je tiap perenggan i bace..
    but then again, ewwwww, WTF was her prob anyway?
    i x pnh lg jumpe SA yg cmtu..psycho ke hape? klu i msti tnye da 'ape kena mgena tgglkan skirt dgn size bra?
    silap2 brtekak dgn i, ataupn i mesti tnye SA lain plak btul ke kne ukur tang lain...hahahh..klu btul xpe la, klu x..hmm...
    klu nk ukur pn mane ade yg ukur tang bwh, sapa ajar die teori ni?
    i pnh jmpe SA yg just tnye i 'rase ketat ke longgar?' n i ckp ketat then die trus bg my size without measuring n yeah its the right size!
    u sure ke die xde pegang camera ke hape? weirdo gile k..sheeeshhh o_O

  15. ergghhh.teruknya experience..err..just to remind you...dalam dunia ni..ade lesbian gak tau..ehehe :p
    so hati2 tau

  16. wanie..
    im ur silent reader..
    girl, i think that SA is lesbo la..
    soo damn scary..wth nk suh bukak skirt lak..
    crazy la..

    - far -

  17. LMAO. it's kinda weird to me when u said U NEVER experienced this before because i DID almost most of the time!! tapi takde la sampai ukur2 kan. they just want to see. pelik kan? or maybe she is a pervert? :P

  18. euwwww...she's having all the fun la...mmg la "we're both women" but makcik tu lesbo kot..

  19. you u should complaint to her uncomfortable okay!

  20. it could be that she's a lesbian, or worst.

    She's got a spy-camera on her somewhere...


    Be careful ladies!!!

  21. hish.. thata SA lesbian ke hape??

  22. Mak aihhh, scary nyer. Nak beli bra jer pon. Aper hal la Sales Assistant tue nak molest awak yer...>_<

    Kalau kiter, confirm tak jadik beli.

    Erkk, sorry, tertiber ter comment plak...>_< ^^;;

  23. obviously it seems like she's trying to make a fool of you. maybe she knows you. maybe she read your blog. but still, i just can't believe how could you let her in the fitting room. hehe!

  24. dia lesbo kot!!!

    euwww kalau haku pun tanak la org tgk pakai bra je. bongok jeee

  25. gila ahh! i rasa dia lesbian lah. Ye lahh apa kes nak measure banyak kali? Lain kali suruh dia measure dia punya dulu babe

  26. OMG

  27. dia les?

  28. hahhaha...was the SA up for something? hahaha.. wani2... seruosly, the SA was weirdo..

  29. this is the reason why i really hate nak go shopping for bra..

    its like kita dah pakai that brand and that type of bra banyak kali and dah lama, so we already know our size, but still they all nak measure jugak.. tak faham betul la..

    ok la.. like me kan, badan gemuk2 sket, so like diorang tak percaya yang kita ambil the correct size..
    lepas tu nak measure depan orang ramai.. lepas tu sibuk nak tgk2..
    ishh thats why saya tak suka fitting room yang pakai curtain tu la..
    sangat trauma tau..huhu

  30. wani, me & my sis experienced the same thing at metrojaya too... i don't get what they were trying to do actually.. it's not like we never wear bra before kan???

  31. OMG.. I rasa that SA.. urm, apakah perkataan yg sesuai utk dia? tatau!

    anda telah dicabul.. perlu ke ckp camtu? sis, kesian kat U. kalau I, dah lama I warning dia. ape kes nak suruh kita tukar bra depan dia. and then, suruh you turunkan skirt? dari situ dah nampak tujuan dia dah melencong ke tempat lain.

  32. hi,i read ur post. i think the sales girl tu mcm lesbian lah.from my experience lh kn, kalau org tu tau u wear the wrong or the right bra they can see it just by looking at it.

  33. OMG I think U Are being molested!!! damn SCARYy~!! report it la~!!


  34. i rase la kan SA tu lesbi lah....takutnye bace kisah u nie....

  35. u should snap sekeping gamba dia ...mana tahu dia nih ada penyakit suka tgk breast org ke ...ek eleh suka suka dia plak nak paksa paksa ..kalau ai pun akan sakit hati kay .

    kalau dia tanya asal u amik gamba aiiiii ha bagitau nak letak dalam blog baru dia tahuuu apa la SA tew .

  36. i think she lesbian...

  37. hahahhahaha....seriusly mesti chinese punye keje..biasa dwrg semangat2 lebeh ni..dl pnah kna gak siap die tunduk2 kt bwh fitting room tuh...tgk dr bwh stalkerr..seb x seriuslyy lawak gleee

  38. daaa~~~
    quite scaryyy..
    ee,tkotnyee nk bli bra kt ctu~

  39. Err...that SA is really scary! She seems like a perv.

  40. giler seks ke gurl tuh??adoii...memalukan ar..

  41. Hi there!!

    Ugghh!! What an awful + scary experience! Luckily you stopped the SA before she goes overboard!! huhu.

  42. kalau i la, masa dia nak measure boobs tu, i terus blah..

  43. i rasa dia lesbian la!!

    tua ke muda?

    macam dia ada imagination dalam otak lepas tu dia nak jadikan reality, kenapa sampai tahap kena bukak skirt in front of her plus dia nak jugak tengok u try the 1st bra infront of her.


  44. Annoying nyer dengan SA tu..She doesn't even has a right pon nak tengok wani try on the bras..ker SA tu les..;p

  45. OMG Wani, not to scare you or anything. Have you ever thought that she might be lesbian?

    Because from the way you tell everything it either

    a) she's very kepochi
    b) has this fetish with women wearing bra
    c) just plain lesbo who wants to take advantage of you.

    I'd say you have the right to report this matter to her management. Taking measurement is right and commonly done in some stores but to the extend of wanting to see you tried out the bras is totally unnecessary.

  46. Wow, very scary experience
    Hope I wouldnt be going through one

  47. oh my, that is like betul2 horrifying punye experience. I ade experience that is similar to yours when i was 13 or 14. that lady actually touched my boobies to make sure it fits properly into the cup! eeekkk. even my mom pun tak penah buat cmtu!
    i perasan klau SA kt lingerie dept ni slalu yg pangkat auntie2 tu mmg over sibuk. so i figured, kadang2 perlu jugak jadi garang n kerek skit :P

  48. Boobs terletak di dada okeh Cik SA,not in skirt,that should be bootie!

    Sangat larrr bongok!Dah larr kt well-known store..buat malu company okeh!

    i think you should lodge a complaint to the company,so that this thing wont happen to any girls/women out there..

  49. errr... dia lesbo tak wany? huhu

  50. something x kene dgn SA tu.

  51. OMG. ade jugak cmtu?

    i kdg2 tak suke jugak bile org insist nk measure tp they're just doing their job.

    tapi mcm pelik je experience wani ni! hmm.. perempuan muda ke tua tu?

    mmg tanak jugak la shopping bra kt isetan the gardens. :)

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. my comment...sooo...soooo scary....kalu kita...mesti kita blah je tak jadi beli kot pasal lain macam sangat SA nya...takut...

  54. wahhhh..banyak nya comments!

    tak ter reply semua nih! hehee..

    anyway..thanks fr all the comments. yeah, i guess she's a lesbo kot. dia ni org muda btw.. eh jap..tak la muda sgt..dlm 30's mcm tu la.. (kot? entah la akuu.hehe)

    hmm..glad nothing happen to me. alhamdullilah =)

  55. had almost the same experience. but even worse kot. SA siap masukkan tangan dalam bra n adjust my boobs. uwaaaa.. memang trauma.
    n yes. i pun pelik kenapa i ikut je cakap dia. :|

  56. I disagree. I think it's very normal and what customers expect these days. From my experiences in western countries, it is quite common for the SA to assist us inside the change room. Just think, they see all sorts of women everyday and we are all the same to them. Personally, I am very satisfied when they take their job that seriously rather than just judge my size from afar. Not sure why she asked you to drop the skirt though? If I am going to spend money, I want to know I am getting the best I can.So relax and appreciate the experience.

  57. huhuhuu.... syaz... tgk syaz kt luar pun blh teka brp saiz breast syaz.. klaka la SA ni..

  58. This bra is very comfortable and provides excellent support. Good buy and half the store price. It appears very durable, too.


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