Friday, April 30, 2010

Events, events, events!!

This week has got to be the most tiring week ever! My short semester has just started, so I had to meet some lecturers and admin people due to some problems I had regarding registration, earlier this week.. And for a few days, I had been traveling here and there, to settle some other things.. But good thing is, I have received so many invitations to some events for this week!! Yeay!

But seriously, with the things that I had to settle earlier on, and with so many events to attend (6 to be exact), I can barely breathe! hehe ;p

I do like attending events, especially when I don't really have many things to think of like assignments or exams. But well.. I had to turn down some of the invitations because of the time constraint that I had. And accepted the other four events for this week. =)

One is, as I mentioned earlier; the Shu Uemura Make Up Workshop

Second one is ASCENT Fragrance Press Event.

Third is from Anya Hindmarch, Tattoo Parlour

And lastly, from Nine West Spring/Summer 2010 Launch

One of these paper bags is Reena's. =)

I will blog about all of these events later ya! Right now, I need to resize some of the pics! =)

Later babes!



  1. banyaknya paper bags NineWest!!seronoknya wanie...

  2. Hehehehe..Tak payahla habaq sayang oii.. :p P/S: Rasa macam nak tryla Ascent tu (Ada baca kat blog Miu). Can't wait for you entry! Btw i loveeee your military jacket! Boleh tak lupa nak habaq? Hahaha. Thank u so much tau Wani send i kat stesen :)

  3. many event best....!

  4. eeeekkk can't wait to get my hands on my shoessss!!

  5. hye sis wani..

    nak tnye sis penah pakai fake eyelashes x? kalau penah bila nak solat sis buat cmne ek?
    teringin lak nak pakai..

  6. Wany ur military jacket is so gorgeos...beli kat ner...? hehe

  7. Super duper loveeeeeee your jackets!!!

  8. phewit! borong jgn tak borong..bertuah sungguh

  9. Salam -

    Wani, cantiklah beg Fendi tu.if u dun't mind sharing - wanna 2 know the price.< FENDI MEDIA MAGIC ZUCCA >....Noe

  10. diana sidek: heh. alaaa..2 kasut utk i, 2 kasut lagi utk my sister n 2 kasut lagi reena punya! =)
    semua orang dua yer... So, adil lah. haha

    reena: n i pon lupa nak habaq nk bgtau i suka kasut u masa kat shu uemura! hehehe ;p
    btw, ur welcome biggie lah. drpd u balik sorg2 mlm2 nak pi kat lrt tu jauh je i rasa..huhu

    notti netti: yeahh..its great to receive such invitations when i had too many things on my mind lately ni.. so at least boleh la lupa kan tu la..letih gak pegi byk2 ni! heheh

    along: n i cant wait for u to pay me! haha ;p

    mishungu: penah dear. selalu gak la. normally i wud wear it when i have my that senang la, takde la nk bukak2 kan bila nak solat. tp, kalau mmg gedik jugak nk pakai bila time tgh boleh solat, i'll make sure i bwk bekas dia n the that i boleh pakai balik after solat..or kadang2 lepas solat dah tak pakai dah..heheh.. ;p

    brid3ofkayangan: thank u!! i bought at a vintage shop in singapore trip masa pegi nuffnang blogger award tuh..

    anonymous: thank u thank u!!

    lily lotus: heh. borong utk org la ;p

    anonymous: thanks! i dunno the price la dear.. probably around 3 to 4k i think? not sureee.. why don't u pop in the store in klcc? heh =)


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