Sunday, May 23, 2010

Protect Your Feminine Part!

You use your favorite shampoo to wash your hair every day, toothpaste for your teeth, and a foot scrub to scour away the dirt on your feet, but how about the most intimate and sensitive area of your body? What do you use to clean them?

My mom used to tell me not to wash that area with those soaps that produced a lot of soapsuds or froth. Reason being, soaps can cause vaginal dryness, which is bad for vaginal health. And often that area can easily become inflamed and irritated by the presence of too much soap. So during my early teens, she has suggested me to use Lactacyd® instead of the normal soaps or shower gels to wash that delicate area. And until now, this brand has its special place in my bathroom. =)

Anyway, just to let you know, recently, Lactacyd® has launched the new Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash which contains lactic acid, which preserves the vagina’s natural acidic pH and has proven to be effective in preventing odour and itch for women’s intimate areas. This new feminine hygiene wash also comes with a long lasting floral scent, keeping women feeling fresh and confident throughout the day! (I really love the smell!!)


There are many reasons why you should use Lactacyd® Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash. The main reason that you should not ignore is to give your intimate part the genuine protection it deserves. It is not surprising, we would spend extra time and money to buy all those special products to maintain and protect our face, hair and body, but one important part of our body is often forgotten and neglected, which is our intimate part. Most females tend to neglect because they felt that the soap or shower gel that they are using is suffix to cleanse that part. For your information, soap or shower gel has higher pH level which will destroy natural acidic protection of intimate part and cause discomfort or abnormal discharge. A shower gel or normal soap’s pH level is around 6 to 10, which is alkaline and this will prevent the growth of good bacteria in our vaginal ecosystem.

Since female intimate part pH is acidic (pH 3.8 to 4.2), so it acts as a layer of natural protection. It promotes the growth of good bacteria and fight against external bacteria. Hence, it can prevent our intimate part from external irritation and infection. Our vaginal ecosystem consist of Lactic Acid which is the essential element in maintaining acidic pH and that allows our intimate area to have a natural acidic protection. With the new Lactacyd® Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash, it prevents external infection and irritation thus, making you feeling fresh all day long!

So what benefit does this brand have to offer?
  •   It is specially formulated for your intimate part
  •  It contains Lactic Acid
  •  It contains natural milk extract
  • It is in harmony with vagina pH level
Now… how often can you use it? And how do you apply it?
You can use it daily in place of shower gel to wash the external vaginal areas.
Just put two to three drops of Lactacyd® Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash onto your palm and wash your intimate part. Rinse thoroughly with water. =)

Just put two to three drops..

Lather up.. Can you see that? It doesn’t have much froth, and still smell so good and fresh!! I like! =)

Rinse thoroughly with water..and you’re done! =)

Lasting freshness and confidence, the natural way! So make the right choice today. Give the genuine protection to your intimate part by choosing Lactacyd® Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash because it is specially formulated for your intimate part!



  1. yup we have to take care "it" too! thanks for sharing...

  2. babe.
    just so u noe, my mum ckp (from wut her doctor told her) lg better gune air garam aje.

    sbb benda² feminine wash ini, mampu membuat kita MANDUL.

    ahah ! i tros stop pkai. sbb takot.

    p/s : tp i xtau la btol ke tidak. sbb i xkawin lg. hehe.

    p/p/s : nnti i dh kawin, i pkai n i xprgnant, mknenye btol la toh (kot)

  3. thanks for sharing the info wany

  4. yay! i pun pakai Lactacyd® Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash juga ;)

  5. hai wani... info sgt berguna. sometimes kita terlupa yg that area sgt2 perlukan penjagaan rapi... penting supaya sentiasa kering (maksudnya x lembab) kalau x, sendiri mau tau la kn...
    thanx for sharing. =)

  6. pakai berus sabut jerrr lol lg bersehhh

  7. wani: yg i tau jg, adik i nurse n doc die pesan jgn gn feminine wash, coz takot membunuh bakteria2 yg mmg perlu utk 'that area' (bukan kulat). i penah jg gn lactacyd (x igt jenis ape, tp x sm brand dgn u) bhgn tu rs kering, akhirnye i guna air garam x pon air suam. lg rs selesa. mcm fiqa ckp, takot nti mandul.

  8. FiQa: maybe some feminine wash kot, tak semua. coz i've been using it (Binari/Lactacyd/Carefree) since i was in Uni. or perhaps earlier than that. Alhamdulillah subur saja! lol

  9. FYI, one of my friend gune ni kt muka die yg brjerawat batu dulu n skrg muke die licin gle!

    Tp jgn lak org lain try buat sbb lain org lain kulit.

  10. setuju dgn Iza Pink Stilettos ;)
    so far Alhamdulillah ok je.
    bukan semua, bace dulu ingredients die.
    i pun da pkai mcm2 brand including some of the cheap ones too.
    'ia' akan jd kering klu kita cuci cara 'douching'.

  11. pernah try 2,3 jenis brand..ada satu brand daripada cosway...ada flavor strawberry...smell so good...and feeling so...good...:D

  12. Ifah Khairudin3/12/10 12:38 AM

    I strongly agreed...i pun guna brand yg sama..actually dulu pernah juga tukar2 but since i bc dlm 1 magazine pasal intimate wash yg mmg tidak diragui Ph nye hanye 2brand sahaja..1- Lactacyd 2-Sebamed. So , since dolu2 dah pakai Lactacyd, then i pilih balik as my daily intimate wash...i pernah guna lain2 brand like Avon n few brands from drugstore but end up...akan kena i vote for Lactacyd!


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