Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Skinny Jeans. Yay or Nay?

I know that I have a huge bums. But the other day when I tried this Zara Woman faded grey skinny jeans.. I fell in love instantly (despite of my big ass!) =P

I reallly love the color and the material! It's very soft and comfy! I never have any grey coloured jeans before nor a skinny jeans! So it's kinda like a perfect match! (And I personally think that a grey colored jeans would look great and suitable for a skinny cut only. Not boot cut nor flare cut or whatever..)

Or perhaps I liked it bcuz I've seen some of the celebrities who have a pear shaped body..and wear a skinny jeans, but still look hot in it.. Like Rihanna and J.Lo for example! I thought only skinny people and long legs people can pull it off!

Oh well...unfortunately, I'm short and fat! But there's always a super high and chunky heels! (heh. alasan!). Hmm...But I don't know! My friends and that Zara SA said, it looked ok on me.. But I still don't know! =(

I was thinking to wear this jeans with something that is labuh* and flare enough to cover my hips so that I won't have a fashion faux pas moment when I'm wearing it! ;P

* Much longer and roomier top than the picture in the fitting room below

I showed mom the other day when we were shopping in Mid Val.. And..surprisingly, mom approved it? heh.

Well.. I would love to change my style for a bit.. I kinda sick of wearing the same type of jeans larh..hmm..

Tell me what do you think!



  1. kalau baju u panjang, i rasa ok je..

    kena make sure baju tu tutup ur hips la..

    btw, nice color!

  2. maybe the chunky heels wud help, but imho i think the thigh part looks a bit too tight for a hijabi. maybe try out the whole look - the scarve, the long loose top, the jeans, n the heels - then give us another poll! hehe

  3. Skinny jeans. One of my fav item that i can't live without eventho my ass pun besaq Haha :) I dari dulu nak beli color grey tapi tak terbeli lagi. Hehe. Wany,imho u look ok in skinny jeans but i think u cari skinny jeans yg bhg bwh x terlalu kecik sgt mcm yg u try tu. Ada skinny jeans yg bhg bawah mmg kecik gila2, ada yg tak :)

  4. its a yay IF you pair it with a baju that will cover bit of your bummy. okkeh. dah cun tu! me also love love love skinnies tapi punggung agak besar. so cover up je!

  5. kalo berdasarkan pada gambarajah ;p

    u nampak okay jeee.. :D

    nice la itew suar.. huhu.. mahu jugee...

    tp make sure baju labuh sket..

    ekceli, i pong nak pakai skinny jeans camtu. tp my bf kate i gemok *sob*.. die kate tak sesuai. die kate if u really kurus.., baru nice... :( *sob*!

    tp i tgk u pakai tu.. sgt la niceeee je... u patot cubeeeee!! chaiyokkkk wani!!.. hehehehe

  6. miyuki_ita11/8/09 5:47 PM

    yup shida betul. i pun pakai skinny jeans jugak..tp i pakai baju pjg skit (paras peha) so bole la tutup hips as kita ni bertudung kan..so tak la obvious seksi sgt.. ;)

  7. ehh ok lah u. serious lah ok. confident sikit ;D

  8. I agree dgn Shida..kalau baju labuh ok, kalau baju pendek as shown in the pic, the one that you wore..erm nampak hips u besar..

  9. hmmm.....it really depends whether ir comfortable or not...color itu sungguh cantik....

  10. go for it...looks nice on u, so chic

  11. i rasa oke je....

  12. DivaLaLino11/8/09 8:13 PM

    Babe, i've never met you in person,i have no idea how tall and thin u are,but i think skinny only looks good on those tall,slender women, or else it'll make u look like you just have a wardrobe dysfunction the previous day (or more like minah rempit?). My opinion. btw there's no harm trying =)

  13. hi,

    i'm your silent reader n a skinny jeans lover.i pun mula2 nak pakai skinny jeans pun agak ragu2 jugak sbb kaki x chantek + peha n hip i pun category besar jugak.my suggestion is maybe you boleh try black or dark blue colour from MNG or Forever 21.Both cutting mmg buat kaki nampak panjang n peha + hip u x nampak lebar + besar.I do hv both from it n i really2 luv it.Don't forget 2 wear with your high heels shoes.whether in wedges or chunky heels both look fabulous with your skinny babe!

  14. grab it..u won't regret..trust me..i love skinny so much..better in grey n black color...=)

  15. always yes to skinny jeans ! they're awesome && that color is awesome too!~ ;)

    btw, y dont u try skinny @ topshop. ts comfy && the grey color is even nicer than this one. *just suggesting

    ;) ;)

  16. i am SO going to zara to get this!

    argh jelles.

  17. Agree with Diana Dean (Hi babe! :p)

    Topshop's skinny is one of my favs!

    Agree with others jugak. Pair it with some cute long tops :)

  18. Hmm..as of now, yang ckp no is 56% and yes 43%..so the difference is about 13%..hehe

    hmm..i would consider wearing it la kot..but have to pair it up with something yg panjang..

    hmm..any idea where to get those fabulous baju yg panjang?

    but anyways..



  19. for me kalau kurus sgt pastu pakai skinny jeans cam x lawa langsung..sebab mcm menampakkan kelidian seseorang..haha ;p

    tengok mcm beyonce, rihanna, etc etc pakai...perghh.. sexy gitu!
    mcm tu la baru sexy!! haha

  20. if bertudung kena lah pakai baju labuh sikit with the skinny jeans... same thing with tudung, biar lah cover semua rambut.... and not those selendang type... :)

  21. Long tops ada banyak yang cun dan murah kat Forever21 and Topshop. Also online salesblogs :)

  22. anonymous said"tengok mcm beyonce, rihanna, etc etc pakai...perghh.. sexy gitu!
    mcm tu la baru sexy!! haha"

    adoi..anonymous,perlu ke pakai sexy2? u ni lelaki ke?

    seksa ada la..

    i have voted-nay.

    my rum8 x vote tapi dia cakap x payah la, macam sarung nangka. buat tontonon mata keranjang je nanti.


  23. i agree with reena - cari skinny jeans yg tak terlalu melekap kat bhgn bawah so that the "size" difference between ur thighs n lower legs is not too obvious. but if u wear it with baju labuh should be ok.

    love the color btw!

  24. i kurus, kaki kecik, tp perut buncit.tp hubby beli skinny jin, so pakai saje lor

  25. camana la ur mom bleh approve... too sexy la beb... u tak takut ke skang ni ramai sex maniac!!!

  26. hi wani :) berdasarkan i tengok u pakai semalam, ok jer, nice!

    already update about last night, care to visit ok :) and nice meeting u and iza :)


  27. aku adee skinny jeans kaler grey beli di finlandd best.. pakai dgn baju labuhh atas lutut or tgh2 peha tu cover up ur drumstick. huhu

  28. aah agree dgn anonymous

    sgt2 lawa mcm beyonce pakai skinny jeans, rihanaa baru la ade shape bum bum haha

    tunjukkan kelentikan montot anda

  29. babe, i rasa sesuai atau x skinny jeans ni bergantung pada cutting brand u choose jugak kan. try levis slim fit. not too skinny. boleh nampakkan kaki panjang lagi.

  30. i think u look nice wearing that skinny jeans..juz ignore wat people say bout it..if u feel comfortable wearing it, juz go on dear =)

  31. hehe.. i tgh usha skinny jeans grey jugak.. dah found one kat dorothy perkins.. x der zip2.. pinggang getah..(mcm best) just sarung jer mcm sluar baby..haha..must be comfortable.. hmm.. skinny jeans tgh 'in'.. should try.. baju kasi labuh sket.. ;)

  32. salam.. hey ladies.. im new comments here in schaz blog. congrats dear for ur blog. really interesting. oh dear!! that skinny jeans ur wearing is really look beautyful and if u feel confort just buy it for u. ok dear.. follow ur heart.
    p/s: if u free plz read my new blog kongsibersamanora@blogspot.com we can share anything or any suggestion... thanks

  33. I like skinny jeans and all, but I think they look best paired with boots and a longer tunic. I really like the grey though.

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