Thursday, August 13, 2009

Daddy's Bodyguard (haha)

Last Saturday me and my brother ushered and escorted my parents to the airport. They were going to United States of America, Canada and some other European countries (forgot what and which), for business purposes. So they'll be away for about a couple of weeks. (alaaa...nak ikot!! I've never been to US and Canada yet! Nak sangat sangat pergi!)..

Anyways.. So me and my little brother ushered them sampai Satellite Building. (But not up to their boarding gate lah. Sampai kat Golden Lounge tu je..sebab pastu kitorang tgh makan..)

Sampai sampai je, pergi tempat untuk balut beg-beg mereka dengan plastik. Just so you know, they charge RM 9.00 per bag.

This abang made it look so easy to wrap these bags with those plastics.. Tapi bila nak bukak, punya la payah..

The reason to wrap your bag with that plastic is to ensure the safety and the security of your bag.. Mana la tahu..time diorang campak2 bag you, tiba2 terpecah ke terkoyak ke apa ke..habis baju-baju, seluar dalam you ke.. terkeluar nanti..heh. JK =P

So, next time if any of you nak terbang jauh2, balut la beg beg you ye.. Sayangi lah bag anda. Especially if its expensive! =) after they have wrapped their bags, Daddy went to the check in counter..

Aizat my not-so-little-brother-anymore, helped daddy with the bags. I dunno why..whenever I see him helping my dad or mom..or even me, when I asked to take my things especially if it's heavy..I'd feel like, woww...he's grown up already! Rasa macam ada abang! heh. (I've always wanted a big brotha.. Rasa macam best je ada abang la)


Hmm.. Next, after they have checked in, we went to the 'secret pathway'. haha..'s not so secret la actually.. I dunno what they call that area/room.. Well, nvm..

So in order for us (me and Aizat) to be able to go to the Satellite Building, we have to give our IDs in exchange for the pass and hand tags..

We need to write our names and give our IDs to the kakak in charge.. =)

So this is the pass.. "VIP Pengiring".. I feel instantly a VIP when I clipped this pass on my blazer! (bcuz of the word VIP) ha ha =P

Yeay, I'm a VIP now! hahaha =P

Hmm.. Oh by the way, do you like my chains? Well..I do! I wore 2 types of necklaces. One of it is my favorite jewelry of all time.. It's a vintage gold locket, that looks quite like this! The oval shaped locket holds two photos. So I put my dad's and mommy's picture in it! =)

Anyways.. that room would take us to this area.. Dunno what area is this called..

Time to give their passports for checking..

And that's me and Aizat while waiting.. =P

Okay time to go..

Checking...and checking some moree..

I hate this part where sometimes I have to take off my shoes, my belt, my watch, my whatever thing that comprises any metal on my body.. Penah kena sampai 3-4 kali check..last2 lepas gak sebab ada braces rupanya..haha

Waiting for the Aerotrain..

Arrived in the Satellite Building..

Shops! (Pantang nampak kedai, mesti terbeliak mata..haha)

My dad made a last minute shopping. He bought a camera bcuz the one that he bought in December 2008, that was before we flew to Amsterdam, was gone or stolen. Not sure. He only get to use it for about 2 weeks je. (that was when we were in Amsterdam only!). Pastu hilang/misplaced.. sayang je kan..sobs =(

Hmm..enough about that.. Anyways..

After purchasing the camera, off they go to the Golden Lounge to melepak before boarding..heh =P


Later that night, me and Aizat went home with Asmadi.. We arrived home after midnight..

Okay, sekian sahaja coretan bodyguard abah untuk kali ini.

P/S: I want some new handbags.. ;p

Signing off..



  1. rindunya nak naik flight lagik, specially bila smapai kat boarding area tu, rasa cam best sangat.. my first oevrseas jurney was to Boston,US, so definitely I missed Boston so much...

  2. seronoknya jadi vip kan..
    laluan pun khas..tak payah bersesak2

    kalau la..akak sesenang keluarga wani..

    seronok je tengok!

  3. RM9 for plastic wrap is not a bad price. At Stockholm Airport I was charged SEK50 (=RM25). Tapi demi keselamatan beg :)

  4. wani, comel handbag tuu..

    mana beli?

  5. waa. . banyakne gamba. . .

  6. aaaaaa.. teringin nak jadi VIP juger :D

  7. wow...gitu rupanya satellite building...soo informative to me coz i never been there...hmmm best gak... u mom pun busy, gambar mesti tgh ckp phone...hehehe...nice to see all those pictures, seem like i'm heading there tooo... keep up gals..

  8. wow, VIP treatment.

  9. Hai Wanie, ada tak pernah orang kata adik lelaki awak yang handsome to muka macam Indonesian Singer, AFGHAN. Hehehehe

  10. Salam..U wanna big brotha??I got 6 older brothers..It was fun and annoying..Esp..Bab menyakat..

    We can't alway have what we wish for no??

  11. yea it's an area for VIPs and government officials.. dah biasa la lalu..

  12. mummy darin: best nye pegi boston!! =)

    anonymous: erk.. saya bukan vip la kak..

    liyana: wow..25 is quite expensive..

    anonymous: kat kedai ;p

    syahir: heh.. i suka bergambar ;p

    cpm: heh.. Boley saja.. Very Important Princess! =)

    red clutch: gitu laaa satelite building.heh =)

    suziana: no lah..this is not so vip treatment actually.. kalau the real vip treament lain sket..haha =P

    My life, my world: afghan takde, tapi haziq af ada la..

    am syah reza: haha..yea my fren yg ada abg pon salu kena buli..hehee

    anonymous: yea2 it is.


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