Sunday, August 9, 2009


Did I ever tell you that I love jeweleries and accessories? Well..well..well... look who got me this violet baby!

It's BIGGG! It's heavy.. It's dark purple! It's lovely.. and the shape is better than what I wished for!!

I love the fact that it stands out on my tiny little fingers.. =)

Thank you, sister!

Love ya! Your pressie nanti saya kasi yer..

p/s: I received another ring the other day! From Mister Habib. heh. Well.. Thank you.

*wink*wink* =P



  1. gosh,

    i love ur ring, so much!!

  2. yesss...where's my bday present? and my kawin present n my beranak present and and umm..

    eh over pulak ;p

    btw, glad u like it! there were a few other stunning designs but that's like the only one with the smallest size.

  3. kalo nak wedding ring beso camni bleh tak?.. wahahah... CHANTEKK...

  4. ixora: me too! =)

    along" adiah baby dah kasi masa balik from amsterdam! ;p

    anonymous: itulahh..
    kan best kan kalau dpt diamond besar mcm tu!! hehee ;p

  5. omgosh...i want that too. i bet its very pricey...lucky you

  6. cantik nya jari jemari dan kuku wanii!

  7. next year insyaAllah aku gi capetown plakk.. home for diamonds!!! huhuuuuuuuuu

  8. Haa! Ni hadiah bday ker? Dah super duper belated nih.

    I pon belum bagi ur pressie. Bila nak hang out ni.. Oh, I yang busy.

    Btw, I buat blog (hehehe). I link urs k!


  9. suziana: yeaa..lucky me! eheh ;p

    anonymous: terima kasih daun keladi!

    swit@kon: thanks! apa yg cantik? tgn ke cincin? hahah =P

    hanis: haa bulih la beli satu gantang utk aku..hahah ;p

    leen: dia bg dah agak lame gak la..i saje je nak wat entry ni sbb takde mende nk update..hahaha =P

    btw, welcome to the blogging world, darling!! =)

  10. Ifah Khairudin7/12/10 8:26 PM

    Love ur Nail!!! suke sgt btk tu..mine like cawan..sgt x my nail senang sgt pecah/sompek/crack...mcm2 lotion sudah taruk..i thing i'm lack of Calcium..huhu

  11. bestnyer hidup dalam kemewahan..hikhik,,untung awak =)


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