Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nuffnangers Get Together Ogawa Event

On August 4th, I received an e-mail from nuffnang.

Hi Bloggers,

Ogawa will be having an event soon and as an attending blogger, you could stand a chance to win yourself an Ogawa massage chair!!

The event details will be as follows:

Date: 12 August 2009, Wednesday
Venue: TGIF, Pavilion
Time: 7.30pm
Dress code: There is no specific dress code, but do come in appropriate attire.

Basically, the event will start off with dinner at TGIF followed by a product trial session.

What you will be required to do is come for the event, enjoy the dinner, make new friends and blog about it if you wish to! The best blog post will win an Ogawa Massage Chair.

As this is strictly a by-invitation only event, you are not allowed to bring any guest.

We will be glad if you could be part of this event.

Have a great week ahead.


I love events. So I was happy when I get this invitation. And I only started my blog about a year ago..and I don't really know much about the blogger community.. So of course I accepted the offer and went for it last Wednesday.. Cuz this is a great chance for me to get to know and meet the other bloggers personally! =)
(Nuffnang should do this more often! And do invite me again, please! I love free foods! haha)

So anyways..

I attended the event. But I came a bit late. Cuz my class finished quite late and I was fasting (heh. I know! Last minute ganti!), so I had to buy some food to bring along, just in case Azan masuk.. But anyway.. I arrived Pavilion around 7.40 pm. And was walking (or maybe trotting) to the musolla area. I don't know what was I thinking.. I have never sesat or silap in any malls. But on that day, bila dah lambat, tiba-tiba pulak I jalan mengelamun..Jalan tak pandang kiri kanan langsung.. haha.. So I walked all the way to the other end, and then only realized that the Surau is at the other end when I saw the word Old Town Kopitiam..

Oh gosh.. salah jalan!

So..patah balik..padahal tadi dah dekat sangat dah dengan Surau..haha..


After solat, I went up straight to TGIF.. My sister was invited too. She arrived earlier and was waiting for me in front of Starbucks for about 20 minutes, I think. Or maybe moree.. (Sabar je lah dia ni.. masuk je la TGIF tu dulu...Malu la tuu..heh. =P )

The crowds aka nuffnangers =)

So upon arriving and registering, they gave us a batch that says, "I Love nuffnang". Oh yes, that's true! =)

We're just arrived... (We missed the opening speech! Oppsy!)

ThePinkStilettos, SchazwanyHameed, FoxyFarah and ShilaShower

So after we've done with the photo taking sessions, we queued for the food..

But before that... posed for the camera first! =)
With Kak Ayu and Kak Leeds.

Buffet style

This is my portion.. I ate for two rounds cuz I was soo starving! Plus, the spaghetti was nice!

Adik dan Kakak

With Kak Ceera yang comel and Kak Ayu yang sangat nampak muda dari usia!

The owner and the writer of this blog! Yep, that's me! =)

Hey, do you like my bulu dada? heh. Got it from Tangs, earlier this year. It's actually a hairclip.. but I don't have hair to be clipped at..haha.. So I just pin it near my shoulder as a brooch on my cropped MNG blazer.


After we have finished our dinner, we played a game called "Broken Telephone". We have to whisper and deliver the message to the person next to us. Me and Kak Shila were the first person to deliver the message for our team. It was pantun empat kerat. Fyi, aku nak ingat nama orang pun susah, ini kan pulak pantun panjang lebar empat kerat! haha.

So I ingat 2 baris je..tu pon salah! Ayat tak make sense langsung! hahaa =P

Fyi, I have a short term memory loss. Seriously.
So this game is SO not suitable for someone like meee! Buat malu team je! Sorry ye, salah informasi! But it was fun to hear the end message! =P

So..memang team kitorang kalah pun.. Kalau tak, dapat la merasa hadiah Ogawa..sobs.. =(

After the game, we went to visit the Ogawa Store and try out their superb massage chairs..

In front of the store

Picture credit to Kak Leeds. Cilok from you! =)

I tried the Ogawa Comfort Massage Chair. But first.. I gotta take off my 5 inch heels to experience the deep and comfortable massage to rejuvenate my exhausted body and tired feet!

She was explaining to me the types of massages available to set. There's Therapy, Sensual, etc etc..but I couldn't remember all those types/names of massages.

Okay, the machine has started already..(Look at my weird-wondering-what's-happening face!). That kakak said it will scan my body first, before it starts massaging my body.. In order to determine which and what type of massage that suits the body..

But I was quite shock with the vibrating and rolling and rubbing behind my back, shoulders, head, my bum bum, my feet..cuz it basically massages everywhere and the whole body, all at the same time..
It's not that it was's just that I wasn't ready for it yet! haha. Rasa macam di tarik kebelakang.. n susah nak bangun! Plus, the vibrating and rolling tickles me a bit!

Akak tu pon asik cakap berulang kali.. "just lie down and relax.."

Hehee.. Nampak sangat tak reti dok diam haku ni.. =P

Just look at my expressions when my sister took some photos of me! Seriously, it's hard for me to control or make cute faces or even smile..and what more to pose like I always pose when I am lying down with that position, which at the same time there's something rubbing down my butt, massaging my head, and working on my shoulders and arms and what not..

Being the cam whore that I am, whenever I see a camera, I will try my very best to smile, even if I am still in a state of shock. Just look at my eyes and mouth. They didn't match! Muka terkejut-tapi-nak-senyum-jugak. Pfft.

Muka tengah nak try control handsome. Tapi tak brapa nak berjaya sebab tengah tahan geli mesin ni urut badanku.. Makanya, muka ku kelihatan sangat pelik dengan bibirku yang sebegitu rupa.haha baru dapat berlakon senyum.. =P

A few minutes later.. When I finally get to rest and lie down steadily, I get used to the massage chair already.. In fact, rasa best giler.. Boleh tertidur kat dalam kerusi tuh! Serious!
If you want to know more about this Comfort Massage Chair, do visit here for more details! =)

Other bloggers were trying out the Ogawa products

Hmm..kalau ikut kan hati, memang nak duduk lagi lama..tapi kesian kat kakak saya, dok jadi photographer je, maka saya bagi dia try pulak la..

So dah boleh pakai my heels back! Yeay! =)

My sis pun muka tengah try tahan-geli-at-the-same-time-nak-senyum-jugak..hehe. Tapi tidak mengapa, dia punya muka masih comel.. =)

Okay dah habis try dah.. =)

Kaki kaki bloggers yang comel comel belaka =P

The goodie bags from Ogawa for each of us! Which consist of Ogawa U-shape Neck Supporter

Thank you!!

Let's strike a pose with our goodie bags!


A group photo!

Ok time to go home now!!!


It was nice to meet you guys!



  1. obviously kita dua memang tak boleh jadi the first one in that broken telephone game.

    if ada lagi game macam ni, wajib lari ke tengah and takmo jadi the first one. nak pecah perut gelak bila baca pantun tu.


    now i remember that pantun word by word. sungguh bengong, tgh bawak keta boleh pegi recite that pantun pulak. =P

  2. i really really love you handbag. where u bought it? i saw one in ALDO.. black n red but i think smaller... itupun both are the last pieces.. tak dpt channel dpt ala2 the same pattern pun ok gak..

  3. hye, 1st tyme visit this blog...salam2

  4. Hahahahhaaa group photo tak tahan! :D

    Tapi wani kreatif la buat entry camni, mana tau kot menang kerusi urut ogawa sebijik kan, leh tumpang hehehe ;)

  5. what was the initial message that u told the person next to u ek?

    sampai kat aku jadi:

    "Jangan bergaya sambil lewa, jangan ketawa sambil lewa".

    I was like, apakah jenis message nii.. haha ;p

  6. bestnya!!!!!!!!!!!

    nak jugak :P

  7. kak shila: hahahah..itu la psl..i lupe tros bile nak bisik dekat kak ceera..

    tp at least u still boleh ingat lg lepas tu.. i mmg terus lopaa! i ingat last part je: kalau nak menang hadiah ogawa.. =P

    anonymous: thanks! bought in pavilion. at vincci+. i love it cuz its a real leather. plus i dont have a grey bag thats y chose that color.. =)
    btw the bag is quite heavy esp the chains. go n grab it fast. they sell one color one piece at each boutique..only for about 389 kot ke 399. dah lupe..

    kojah: salam! helllo there..welcome to my blog! =)

    leeds: serious bukan buat sbb nak menang..cuma saje nk wat entry jg lebar camni..

    btw, kalau menang..boleh je kak leeds tumpang dua kaki! heh

    along: entah la. aku dah tak ingat dah.. sbb mase tu aku bantai je sbb mmg tak ingat satu yg pasti aku x ckp 'jgn' kat ayat 1st kot..

    swit@kon: heh..best2 dpt jumpa bloggers! masing2 dgn camera masing2! amik gamba sana sini..klaka n comel je..
    sbb biasa nya org akan pandang pelik bila amik gamba mknn la, amik gamba sign board ke ape bile dah jumpa spesies same..dia tak jd pelik dah! haha

  8. iza i like ur baby face... forever young bebeh! regards to ur lil' princess - lisa

  9. Wany, it was nice meeting u that day dear =)

  10. Anonymous: sankyu bebeh! 1st time org ckp i baby face. hehe

  11. i tak suka leeds.. poyoooooo gile

  12. i tak suka leeds.. poyoooooo gile

  13. and THAT was the grey-skinny jeans that day.


    i jelles!

  14. wani..

    cantik nya awak..

    paling menyerlah.

    love your outfit.

    and love your style.

    i love all the combination of style and colours!

    funky + chic + casual + serious = stylish wani!!

    btw, loving your peacock brooch babe!!!

  15. kak ayu: u 2!!

    sd: err...yup.. thanks! =)

    anonymous: erk.. im blushing! thank uuuu honey for the compliments! =)
    *senyum tersipu sipu malu*

  16. love your bag!! i tho it was chanel all this while. good buy :)

  17. I was invited too, but I turn it down. Too shy to go alone.. haha!!! didn't know u were invited too if not i won't be feeling lonely! :)

    anyway looks great!!! :D makan fridays pulak tu yum yum

  18. snj: heh.. yeaa..the design dia tiru ala2 chanel camera bag kot.. i tak ingat nama dia..

    miu: alaa...really?? its been a while since we last met!! hmm.. i was so busy ever since i started my practical..haihh.. kalau tak, mesti dapat jumpe miss miu!! =)


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