Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Grocery Shopping!

There's just something about grocery stores that could make me stay and walk in each and every aisle for hours and hours. (Belek-belek stuff is fun!) =P

Since I was a little girl, I've always loved to follow my mum to do her monthly grocery shopping in hypermarkets. It was fun. Well..it still is. (My fave ones would be Cold Storage, Tesco, Jusco and Mercato - These are the supermarkets that sell some great stuff!!)

I just love taking my own sweet little time, walking down each aisle and see some new stuff, new packaging in every shelf and in every corner. And also, I like to see how they arrange their stuff according to brands, types, price, etc..etc.. Oh, and if there's some freebies or trying session.. I will be the first person who wouldn't miss the opportunity to try out their stuff! It's like I will stop at each booth to try or taste their products.. konon-konon macam nak beli la.. haha (I know! Miss Penyibuk!) =P

Anyways.. last week my dad gave me some monay to buy asrama and school stuff (Thank You daddie!). So me and my two BFF went to Tesco Ampang to buy our stuff..

We were like the most kepoh people in there! haha. Asik gelak je keje.. Kalau dengan diorang ni memang tak kan senyap..asik nak gelak je..huhu. We love to make fun of each other and make some stupid crazy jokes. So..it was a fun day for us.. Well..at least for me =)

Anyway, let's have a look at our this-month's-grocery-shopping pictures.. =)

Some of our stuff..

So altogether, I have purchased for myself about 40 things for this month's stock. These are all the important things when you live in a hostel. And they are:

1) Carpet (Our room in Nusaibah was renovated. So we had to buy some new carpets/runners/rugs to cover the floor)

2) Curtain (The blinds has been removed. So again, I had to buy curtains to cover the window)

3) Mirror (They changed our furniture into a brand spankin new ones. But unfortunately, they don't provide us a personal mirror in our room. The big mirror is only available in the hall. So it's quite troublesome for me to ulang alik in the hall just to put my moisturizer and powder and mascara and tudung and whatever).

4) Watson's Squared Facial Cotton

5) Watson's Cotton Buds

6) Carefree Scented Pantiliners

7) Kotex Slim Wing Pads 10s

8) Kotex Overnight Wing Pads 20s

9) Tesco Pocket Tissues

10) Kleenex Facial Tissues

11) Kleenex Toilet Papers

12) Pureen Baby Wipes

13) Sunsilk Soft & Smooth Shampoo

14) Sunsilk Soft & Smooth Hair Mask

15) Watson's Strawberry Shower Cream (love love love thisss!)

16) Watson's Body Scrub

17) Darlie All Shiny White Lime Mint

18) Dentiste' Nighttime Toothpaste

19) Oral B CrossAction Massage Toothbrush

20) Tesco Mineral Water (for my weekly stocks)

21) Some hooks (to hang my towels, tudung and baju)

22) Maggi Cups - Tom Yam, Asam Laksa and Curry (for that late night kebuluran)

23) Roasted Seaweed (to munch in class.heh)

24) Marigold Low Fat Milk

25) Yeo's Green Tea + Peach Drinks

26) Koko Krunch

27) Ayam Brands Salmon Tuna with Crackers

28) Some coffees and Coffee Mate

29) French Vanilla Quaker Oat

30) Some biscuits

31) Gardenia Butterscotch

32) Stationeries

33) Pink Notebooks =P

34) Glade Hang It Fresh

35) Car protector screen

36) Tesco Silica Gel

37) Garnier Pure Blemish Clear Pen

38) A set of pink bra & panties by Triumph =P

39) NeoGeo Blue/Red Portable Small Drawer

40) Some Christmas Sleep Bottoms from Old Navy =)

P/S: Girl, I bila pegi kedai tengok orang letak barang mesti teringat lawak u! U ni, selalu buat I gelak sorang2 lah! hahahah =P



  1. wani, i've been reading your blog for quite a while and I really think that you're very creative. love your blog. very informative. keep it coming. :)

  2. wait until u got married! huhuhuu grocery shopping is not fun anymoreeeee! haha

    kene beli susu hariz bertin2, diapers mamy poko,foods, brg rumah... andd end up close to 1k! yeahh

  3. i miss those days. bila semangat g beli barang masa start semester. pastu lepak2 bilik kolej sambil makan kuaci and tengok movie korea!!!! rindulah

  4. mse i dok hostel pong dlu seronot gak wani..kan..kan..belik brg utk diri senirik + bilik.. hahaa.. trasa cam da ade umah senirik.. sme benda nak belik

    wahahahahahahhaaaaaa... ;p

  5. me too same like swit@kon miss those days when everyday like hangout with bf and bff talking,gossipping,movie time in the room,assignment,presentations,...gosh miss that time so much...take care dear...

  6. hi..just wondering..where did you get those starbucks-in-a-tin?really curious here..heeeee..thanks ya

  7. eh Hanis, tak pon. i still love grocery shopping, in fact i love it even more now sbb bole sukati pilih nak barang ape n bape lama! haha. i spent almost an hour at Hero supermarket aritu, n i only bought like 5 stuff. ape aku belek pon tatau ;p

    btw, love the 1st pic! macam dlm mag or something.

  8. hi wani,i'm your silent reader.me also luv grocery shopping even i stay with my parent.i boleh habiskan masa almost 4 hours n paling kejap pun 11/2 hours to choose.mmg best belek2 brg especially @ hypermarket ;)

  9. suziana: woww..thank u for the compliment!! okay, i will try to blog some other interesting stories next time, k..hehe =)

    hanis: haha..membeli dan memilih barang2 nye best laa.. nak membayar nye yang tak best =P

    swi@kon: eheh..comel nye mkn kuaci sambil tgk movie korea..

    i plak suka minum kopi sambil tgk movie! =)

    anonymous1: yup2 itulahh..best kan dok asrama..lgpun sbb ada kwn2..tu yg best tuh..

    fauzus: yup2..best sgt..this is my final year..so i nak enjoy asrama/campus life as much as possible!! nnt dah keje dah x de dah sume2 ni..hehe

    anonymous2: in tesco dear.. they sell it for about 7 or 8 bucks..i cudnt recall..

    along: haha..aku pon boleh jln2 kat kedai2 apa2 sekalipun smpai berjam2 n balik beli bape kerat je..haha

    hana: yup..SO TRUE!! hypermarkets mmg bestt! i kalau pegi cold storage agak jakun sikit sbb brg2 dia byk best2..haha ;p

  10. its that a dior bag?! looks nice! show some close up picture lahh!

  11. kalo i balik keje singgah tesco kan, berjam la jadik nye.. hahahaha.. dok membelek end up tak belik.. haha.. pantang ade benda/food yg nmpk menarek..belek2... cam terapi juge kan..

    owh.. i loike...

  12. my husband suke shopping grocerries. i follow je even i pun suke if dpt ape yg i suke.hihihi..tp end up byr cm beratus, pastu balik umah taktau pe la yg kitorg beli :(

  13. Teringat masa me belajar dulu, kat koperasi pon boleh buat shopping theraphy

    Just masuk, belek² pehtu kuar padehal setakat koperasi ajerrrr, apelah sgt yg dijual :P


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