Monday, August 31, 2009

Couldn't Sleep..

Hmm.. I was lying down on my bed tryna sleep.. After about a few times rolling here and there on my new voluptuous and luxurious mattress, I looked at my Man Utd annoying little clock, and it was already 4 am. Goshh.. I couldn't sleep. Another an hour to wakey for sahur even though I am not fasting today.. Hmm.. Mummy's gonna wake me up for breakfast and for class in about 1 hour time. So no point trying to sleep when I couldn't even stop my mind from wandering around.. So I get up, went to toilet and wash my face. Dunno what to do. I felt so sleepy but yet I couldn't sleep.
My eyes hurt. And I got a bad throbbing headache. Hmm.. I think too much. Sometimes I hate myself for thinking toooooo damn much that it hurts. But I dunno whether the pain in my head was because I didn't sleep the whole night or was it because I think too much? Ahh.. Whatever.

The weird thing is..I don't even know what did I think!! Because there were a lot of things on my mind that it kinda like bercampur aduk until I dunno what the real and main subject was!

Hmm..part of it was about my future. What do I want to do in this life. When will I get married. Or will I ever gonna get married? And.. when will I see your face again? And how to make you guys happy. And part of it was about acquiring new bags? haha. And I thought on changing the layout of my blog.. Or maybe change the title or url... And also, I want my money grow on trees.heh. =P (and that I can go cruisin' with you anytime I like..heh. Seronoknyeee)
Oh, dan juga..I can't stop thinking about her! Heesh. And tengah hari karang nak makan apa.. Kat mana.. N lepas tu, jap lagi nak jawab exam pulak...haih..
And soooooo many other things that it hurts so much! Pening kepala aku laaa weh..

Otak..oh otakku..stop it laa... sakit pale nii... tsk.

Headache + Can't sleep.


  1. wani still macam dulu =)

  2. eheh..macam mana?


    hahah =P

  3. dun stress out ur mind too much..ur still young..i had this syndrome about a few mths before i got married..serious jenuh nak get back to my normal self..sampai naik fobia coz nearly everyday i would be sleeping after 3am coz terlampau byk pk..terus muka jadi sembab, jerawat naik, cranky memanjang huhu not good, not good

  4. aah. tapi gaya confusing wani adalah yg terbaik pernah aku jumpa. dan aku sentisa ingat macammana gaya kau bila banyak fikir, confius pastu macam - macam cite and thoughts keluar.

    ish, inilah yg buat aku rindu kat kau.

  5. haha, i got that same prob as well. mind cant stop thinking on every single thing that i look at.. even worse time driving. every plate number nak di bagi nama. eg: PDH - pindah/podah. BJN - bijan/bohjan, JHT - jahat etc.. hehehe

  6. seriously..never thought that ade org yg fikir macam2 smpai takle tido like me!

    now im a bit relieve..
    im not alone..


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