Thursday, May 5, 2011

While I was Missing in Action....

Here are some of the pictures I took while I was living under the radar.. Do you miss me? Well.. I do! haha.. I miss me blogging. My friend said, I am starting to have a life again. And by saying that, she meant a "normal life", because I didn't bother to update anything here online. Not on Facebook, nor Blog. Only tweets - cuz that's the simplest one and can be accessed so quickly while on the go. haha. Anyway, she used to tease me saying bloggers are boring people who are bored at home that needs to update things online, every now and then. Pfffttttt. Oh well... online is the only thing I like doing at home, besides cleaning (and sleeping ;p). I don't like watching the telly. I don't really fancy reading books at home (if I were to read something, I like to read them while on a journey or while at the salon doing my hair). So yeah, there's nothing much I can do while at home other than online-ing. So yes honey, I'm a bored blogger whose butt likes to sit at home and update things! haha ;p

Oh well.. but these few weeks, I've been in and out a lot of times. And a lot of things has happened, and I just got so tired when I'm home.. and the mood to update was not there. So, that explains why the sudden silence... Heeeee. (I was so close to say goodbye to the blogging world, you know! - cuz I was kinda get used to not having to open up my laptop and starts typing things! haha)

Hurmmm... Does that mean, I'm living a "normal" life now? haha. My friend must have been so proud of me! hahaha ;p

Anyway.. here are some of the things I did..

1. Travel by Air Asia by myself for the first time ever! (I was a bit jakun riding an Air Asia! hehe ;p)

2. Jalan-jalan cari makan ;p

3. Went to the Universal Studio with my brother and my friends

4. Sightseeing

5. Went to my friend's wedding (which I've yet to receive the pictures - my camera died. tskk)

6. Shopping

7. And more shopping ;p

8. Dining with A'ai 

Steak at Tforty two you like my earrings? It's a heart shaped! Me likeyyy! hehe

9. More dining (with friends. At TGIF, A'ai's treat! Thank youuu!)

10. Dessert hunting

11. More and more shopping ;p
(a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do rrrighttttt?? haha. I need more working attires! That's WHY. lol ;p)

12. The best friend came over to catch up on things and gossiping stuff with me.. And also, to learn from me how to tie a knot in the scarf and also get a little tips for the make up for her dinner.. hehe. So cute lahh youuu! Sila datang rumah saya dengan kerap lagi yerrr? hehe
(Naz... we really need to book a day out lahhh! Jom amik cuti and go somewhere nakkkk? heheheh ;p)

13. The Tajine clan. Business talk. haha

14. Celebrated Rashdan's birthday

15. Went for a Magic Color Lens special bloggers review session at The Gardens (will blog about it later!)

16. Tried on a new look! haha ;p

And finally.... My fave part... (or maybe yours too! hehe)

17. Clearing out the closet to put more new stuff in my wardrobe! haha
(Stay tune, I'll update my sales blog SOON! ^_^)

18. Oh and lastly, back to blogging!!! hehe ^_^



  1. sila update ur sales blog...nnt update kat fb and tag i(adlina naim) and zimas(bless norazimas) thx darl..:)

  2. i really really love ur heart shape earrings!

  3. i'm waiting..haha :)

  4. ur new tudung style serabut lah plus nampak aurat (neck).....

  5. hi wani..

    i love the last part..hahaha and love to read ur blog, jgn stop blogging ok?

    gud luck!


  6. wani... camner nak pki tudung yg pink tu.. interested la...

    ada tutorial tak??

  7. That's a lot to catch up dear. Please don't leave this blogging world.. Let's leave what others have got to say about blogger.

  8. update on your USS trippppp. boleh i baca buat panduan. heehe

  9. u lose weight!! cantik

  10. ur pink shirt and pink scarf so much...matched ur itttt....

  11. shanteknye u pkai shawl.. tutorial plz!!! =)

  12. salam k.wani..i've following ur blog for past couple of months to read wat u nagging about..mmg x best klo k.wani jrg2 update blog nieyh..feels like somthng yg awkward jew klo x bca leteran2 k.wani 2..ha3..

  13. wow..banyaknya list..n lastly the best..blogging :)

    Jom baca ni: Estee Lauder untuk Hari Ibu?

    Jom baca ni: 20 iPad2 untuk dimenangi!!! Promosi FUEL UP Petronas..

  14. I love the way you dress in your first picture.Look more young and fresh.

  15. Eh, tempat bubuh baju kotor tu samalah. Haha.


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