Thursday, May 19, 2011

No Title :p

I was thinking to update my blog as soon as I get back from work... Yes I know I promise to update more often.. But last time it was the mood that is not there, but then I have all the time in the world..haha..
But, these days it's not the mood that is not there... But it's the TIME! Sob sobbb... Seriously, to blog, you need to have both. Otherwise, I'll come up with something crappy..and unfun... Like this post. Pffft...

Sigh... I miss my blog! But I rarely have time now.. I can only blog at night time..or weekends.. if I rajin la..haha.. But that rarely could happen, because by the time I get back home, I just wanna have some me time.. Chilling, eating, bathing for 1 hour (haha :p), watch a movie, or just about anything that doesn't require me to switch on my laptop... And when it comes to weekends, I just wanna hang out and have a life with my friends or myself (haha) or with anyone! So yeah.. These days I really don't know when to update this blog! Sigh =(

Hmm... Maybe because I just changed job...and I'm still getting the hang of it and still getting used about the timing and everything... So, there's a little adjustment to be made in my life, to slot in some time for my blogging time! hehe. So, yes, stay tune...and bear with me pleaseee! Don't go awayyyyy ya.....There's a lot of things I need to kepochi in here! haha

Anyways, like I said... In the mean time, I'll blog something boring (or could be interesting to some of you), like this! ^_^

A cute love quote! ;)

Ok, till then.. See you in next post!!


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