Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brighten Your Eyes with Magic Colour!

No, it's not like what you think. Not thissss kind of magic color... But more like...


Yup! These would totally do MAGIC to your eyes! It brings some sort of supernatural powers to your eyes, making it look so enchanting! ^_^

Anyway, earlier this month, I was invited to an event for Blogger's Review & Make-up Session at Delectable by Su  bakery/cafe

It was a sweet party by Magic Colour lens, especially held for us, the bloggers - to review and wear their fun, colour contact lenses..

Each of us were given a cool goodie bag from Chic & Sleek!

...which, consists of 4 different colour contact lenses, one bag organizer from Chic & Sleek, and some candies and cupcakes from Delectable as well! (Sorry I don't have a clearer picture of the inside bag!)

So...all of us did had fun talking and enjoying the sweet treats and refreshments!

Look! So many sweet treats! Candies, marshmallow, cupcakes, caramel popcorn, caramel cashews, pastries, sandwiches, etc!

Anyway... all of us were not allowed to paint our faces first... Because there would be a make over session for each of us! ^_^ we came there with our naked face!

Me and Tammy, took a picture of "The Before" make up photo! hehe

Me, before putting on their contact lenses....

And..... After!

I wore a Blushy Blue

"Wahhhh.... So blue, ah? It can match with my scarf!". hehe

Next.. we proceed with applying make up to our bare face! This is my fave part! hehe ^_^

She combined black, blue, silver and brown for my eyes

Tammy is doing her hair..

Fatin, waiting for the make up artist to paint her face!

The others are doing their make up too!

We've finished! Hmm.. I think I look scary. My make up looks so garang! =(

Next, is the photography session! We have to pose and be a model for the contact lenses! ^_^

With the pretty girl, Dalina! She's such a sweet person! ^_^

Lastly... a group photo!!!

Anyways.... In conjunction of this successful event, Magic Colour lens is having a promotion of "Buy 3 FREE 1", exclusively for ShazwaniHamid readers!

More info on the coupon, here!

Go, and check out their website! They have beautiful lenses!! I personally love the Blushy range! (And they have a lot of beautiful types to choose from!). Okay, happy buying girls!! ^_^



  1. wany

    i loved your looks...simple & stylo..!!

  2. wani,u look gorgeous..lain la color contact lens u..tak macam biasa..u look wild with the color..hehe

  3. i really want that lens...

  4. hua.....luv the make-up session. envy la mcm ni hehehe

  5. wani! are u the only one with head scarf?

  6. Hi,

    Someone is using your pictures in facebook.

    Facebook ID: Dahlya Hameed


  7. the girls are gorgeous.i just notice ur new fashion style dah suddently change to gypsy ek.But nice..good trial wanie.keep it up

  8. hai wani,can you pls teach me macam ner you wear this scarf???u nmpk stylo.


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