Monday, May 23, 2011

I Got My Own SUV Now!!


Isn't this cool??! To have your name as your plate number! WAN 1! hahaha ;p
Hmmm...I wonder, how much does this cost.. Could be over 100k, eh? Oh well... I don't know. I don't know much about cars. Cuz usually, all the men in my life, would take charge of it! Heeee. Like how much does this cost..bla2..what color to buy... what type... where to get this and that.... when is it due to change the oil err..stuff, and yadda yadda yadda..... I never really know about these stuff.. =/

I just know how to drive (professionally. LOL - my brother was impressed with my driving skill! And I'm impressed when he said that too! hahaha ;p) Oh, and also... I know how to load my shopping stuff into the boot too! haha. The the engine, ermm.... "tuning", tires, err...brake pad, brake disc what so ever stuff that I always hear they're saying (but dunno what the heck it is), I never really pay attention to them.. Erkk... What a useless car owner/driver! =P

Anyone... care to teach me what's this and that?? I've been driving about 5 years.. But I know nothing about cars! Hehee. Typical woman! ;p
So..when people asked me, "So if you don't know anything about car, then what are you going to do if something happen?"

I replied....   "I cry".

Then this fella ask another question, "So... Does crying going to help you with the problem, miss?". Pffft... Ok...Fine mister. You're right... I'll learn soon from someone kayyy.... But oh well mister, let me tell you somethinggggg... Apparently, yes crying DID solved my problems before this! Hahaha... ;p

I encountered a few probs with my car before...and not knowing what to do, but just cry and cry.. And felt so scared and imagined that my car is going to blow up and imagined that I had to walk home late night.. and tell my dad that I just burned the car that he gave me, and made it explode.... hahahah...
That's what I always do when I'm so scared. I'm starting to imagine weird things! LOL..

But anyway.. The conclusion of the story is..... In the end, yes, crying did solve my problemssss! Cuz I called someone to rescue me, and make my problem as theirs! hahahahaha ;p



  1. WAN1 used to be a waja!
    i saw it once (i'm also a WANI) dpn VS jln ampang. kecewa sbb hanya waja hahaha

    ok la tu dh jadi SUV hehehe

  2. women are meannnn! hahahaha

    that's what we are kann? :D

  3. it true that is u;r SUV ? memang best lah no. plate tu.. congrats dear. :)

    Jom baca ni :Irma Hasmie Model Tudung D'Haja.. Jom Tengok Keluaran Terbaru Butik D'Haja....

    Jom baca ni :INSPIRASI : Blogger Ibu dan Anak.. Hanis Zalikha dan Nani Rostam..

  4. memey: omg reallly? hehe.. hmm..bila laaa dia nak jadi hak milik i pulak kann..hehe

    efa: LOL! we are! ahhaahahhahhaha ;p

    hanani: hahahah.. tak la dear... tak kan laa i nak amik gambar kete i sendiri while on the road kann...hehe

  5. It seems the I know the brand of the car that is being posted in this site.


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