Saturday, May 28, 2011

Marie Claire Anti-Snatch Theft Campaign

I do love my handbags. There's a reason why in the first place I bought them. They are pretty to me. But most importantly, they carry MY LIFE in it.

They say we can tell a woman's personality just by seeing what's inside her bag (or maybe even just look at the bag), right? So yup, my handbag is pretty much my life. I have most of the things I need, in it! And that is why my handbags are always heavy... But honestly, I hate to tot around in heels with my heavy handbag... I really wish I could just leave something out. But I really can't help it... I need, to stuff lotsa things in my handbag! Those are my essentials and necessity. I'd feel insecure without them!
(But sometimes, I do wonder.. why do I need to bring at least 3 mascaras around? Sigh....  The answer is, I reallllllyyyy don't know whyyyy....tsk)

I once read somewhere, that a woman without her handbag feels as lost as a wanderer in the desert. LOL. It's actually true! I really can't imagine having no handbag.. The handbag is our movable base of our supplies - a warehouse of our expected needs! haha. Right girls? And that is why it's such an important thing in our life...  SO. YOU. REALLY. CANNOT. TAKE. THEM. AWAY. FROM. US! >_<

But the sad and scary thing is, SO MANY people have been a victim to this! I'm talking about snatch thieves! Goshh... I hate them so much!!!! They're not only take your money, but they take away half of your life in it! Your ID, your license, your credit cards, your membership cards of some clubs/society, your house/car keys, your phones,  your pantiliners/pads...and everything!!! Eeeeee. I hate them!

I've always been scared of walking alone...or even driving alone these days. Our city is not safe anymore.. I'm sure, you girls have friends or family who have experienced having their bags snatched, even in a broad daylight, right? I do, one of it was Tammy. =( Luckily she did not injure herself that severely... But my dad's friend was once in ICU because of this stupid snatch thieves! Some have suffered bruises and injuries as a result of being dragged along the tar road...some even, died.

In the majority of cases, the snatch thieves are never apprehended, let along brought to justice for their cruel misdeeds. Like Tammy's case for example, she made a police report...and the police pay no attention to her case and just ignored it as she's "survived" from it! Goshh... I really don't understand why do these people just take this thing lightly??! >_<

Anyway.. I found a video on snatch theft on YouTube... It was in April 2011! They're not only looking for victims along the streets..but passengers in the car as well??! this is really scary!

Look, it only took them 1.5 seconds to stop, break, and take your belongings!! It all happened so fast!! So please, please careful girls, when you're outside walking or driving! (This is a reminder to myself too)

I really hope there will be a stricter laws to curb snatch thefts!

Anyway... When we carry our handbag, fear shouldn't have to be a worry. So Marie Claire is launching its awareness campaign ‘Reclaim Our Streets’ in an effort to take a stance against snatch thefts in Malaysia, as well as to highlight the issues surrounding violent snatch thefts that deliberately target women. The campaign will involve encouraging members of the public to sign Marie Claire’s anti-snatch theft petition from May 2011 until July 2011, after which Marie Claire
intends to submit the petition to the Home Ministry, complete with the signatures collected over those three months.

So when I heard about this, I did not think twice to attend the event and sign for this petition! And you should too! I really hope you are able to support this.. You could support this by clicking on to: They are presenting a letter with points for change along with your signatures to the Ministry of Home Affairs by the end of the campaign!

Looking forward to seeing your name on the list!!!

Reclaim Our Streets!

Serena C came to support this campaign too!

Deborah Henry, the MC for this launch

..and Mindy Teh the Editor of Marie Claire

The launch of Marie Claire's Anti-Snatch Theft Campaign at M Women at the Gardens Mall last Thursday was a great start, with the support with many celebs, business associates and other people..

I too, attended this event after work, with Anfaal

These are candies to my eye!!!

So many pretty stuff in here!!!

But my favorite is this...

A black shoe with studs from Sam Edelman, RM 700++

Serena C showing off her newly bought shoes from Sam Edelman

With my high school friend, Yvonne

She introduced me to Ferhat, the PR/Events Manager of Melium Group

...and said something about me, and I said, "No..No! That's not me!" hahaha 
*shy ler..Yvonne* ;p

Gotta love Yvonne's hair and jacket! It's really pretty I tell you! hehe

Was wearing an MNG Jumpsuit (which I wore in this post too), a black jacket (from a shop in JJ that sells vintage clothing - no brand), a Zara peep toe heels with ribbon, black scarf, black belt (inside) from Bebe, MNG earrings, Diva bangle, Topshop ring, and a Gucci satchel (I forgot to bring my clutch to work, to change for this event! >_< Oh..nevermind..hehe)

Thanks for inviting! ^_^

If you're in KL today, 28th May, come show your support for Marie Claire's Anti Snatch Theft Campaign! They'll be hanging out at Fahreneit with Mix FM, and you might get the chance to win some awesome goodie bags! Hope to see you there! Let us all support this campaign!!!

P/s: The goodie bag that we got is awesome! We get some vouchers from Body Shop, Marie Claire Magazine and a Body Shop full size perfume! isn't it cool?? =D



  1. salam wani..

    can u give a tutorial about how you wear ur scarf? i think it's very pretty la,,n suit u well :)

  2. I pernah kena ragut dulu. Kat bawah rumah je. Jangan ingat kita kat kawasan rumah kita, kita selamat. Anything can happened anywhere. Trauma tak payah cakap la. Hanya orang yang pernah kena ragut faham trauma macam mana. I trauma sampai takut kalau ada bunyi orang jalan kat belakang. Amik masa jugak nak pulih dari trauma. Memang pengalaman yang tak kan dilupakan sampai bila bila.

  3. hi wani,
    i've been u'r silent reader. but can't be anymore i really like the way u do your scarf so pweettyy. please share on to wear it tat way -_- so wanna learnt it...please ^_^

  4. I've signed the petition.

    Now I want your jacket!! I'll snatch it from u if I have to! ;p

  5. hey u look gorgeous in black i tell u =)..n gosh love the make up + black = the real diva in the house heh!

  6. sis..really like ur hijab style..cud u pliss make a tutorial how u wear dat kinda hijab style..plisss3x..sharing is caring~heee =))


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