Saturday, September 4, 2010

What She Did For The Past Couple of Weeks

Hey..wanna know what Shazwani did, the whole time she's been missing out around here? Now here's a summary of what she did for the past couple of weeks..

(Some of it, I will blog in detail..later on)

1. Went to Loreal Office in Uptown Damansara for a lil' briefing on the TV 3 Remaja shooting

This kakak is soooo cute. I like the way she talks. I forgot her name though.. She told us what to do and what to say on that day..

And I also learn about some lesson on a perfect make up tone for your face..

It's either warm colors or cool pastel colors.. Mine would be?? Both I think? heh ;p Well they said mine would be cool colors.. Hmm..

After the meeting has ended, we can ask whatever Maybelline products that we would like to have! So I listed some. Turns out, their products are not too bad actually! I just discovered this! (Before this, I use Maybelline's mascaras only. And no other product.. But now that I've been introduced to some of their cool new products, I am hooked ever since!) Coolies! I am now a happy Maybelline user! heh =)

2. Went to KLCC and Pavilion to search for the perfect Baju Kurung/Kebaya/Jubah/dan sewaktu dengannya for my Baju Raya, Baju Convo, and Baju untuk dotdotdot.. hehehe ;p 

Oh..this top, I like the color and the beadings on the chest part.. But this mustard yellow top from Farah Khan, is a tad too big for me! But the weird thing is.. it is a Small Size! Tapi still tak muat! It makes me look like a 7 month pregnant lady! Bummer! Baru ingat nak buat baju raya! On the model it looks so nice.. But on me?? Hmmph.. Gotta need a great amount of alteration works!  =(

But after trying out a few baju, I ended up buying nothing! Haha. Semua tak kena. Well.. a chubby girl like me should only custom made my Baju Kurungs la, kan? Hmm.. Tapi, now dah last minute.. memang tak kan dapat la..right? Hmm.. Nevermind. =/

3. Got an invitation from Rizman Ruzaini to attend their very first fashion show in Istana Bambu, for their Raya Collection

The theme was Kaftan. Semua cantik cantik! I like the babypink ones! Tapi dah sold out!

With Rizman, my favourite designer ever. I always love his creations and touch. SO NICE! (And so me! heeee ;p)

A lot of celebrities and media came to that event. It was indeed, such a fabulous event! Bravo, Rizman Ruzaini!! And thanks so much for inviting me! =)

4. Went to UIA to settle a few things and had iftar with my best friend, Naz at Manhattan Fish Market.

5. Had a quick browsing and a lil' window shopping at Sunway Pyramid for some "Dating Outfit" with my BFF. hahaha.. Well I know, I do have some nice tops in my wardrobe, but..since I've gained tremendous amount of fat lately, no baju can fit me anymore! Ughhh!  >_< (tak percaya, do scroll down to see.. I would always ended up wearing the same top over and over again despite having hundreds of baju! Ishhhh) 

Cuz I've a really important day..or should I say date, coming real sooooon! heheheheh ;p So I gotta look nice, no? Tapi..macam impossible jer nak nampak cantik bila tengah debab ni? Sighhh =(

Goofing around with Naz in Miss Selfridge's fitting room..while trying out their pencil skirts.  

6.  Iftar dinner and shopping with my brother in KLCC - to find some casual tops for the shooting. Fyi, I don't wear t-shirts that much.. All of my tops are mostly silk, chiffon or whatever that is not that comfy. haha. ;p

Well for the segment in that Remaja slot, they ask us to wear some kinda 'youth outfit'.. Hmm.. and casual it is! (And by casual, they actually dull and simple as possible)

And honestly.. I had a hard time finding and choosing my bajus! Seriously, I do like some of the simple/casual/breezy tops in Zara, Topshop, M&S, Gap, MNG, etc etc..that they have to offer me. But all of my fave ones.. would look so weird when the moment I pair it with a scarf! tskk. And it just won't look cute or youth or whatever that the top is supposed to do to you! Sigh. Hmm..sometimes I do whine a lot when it comes to choosing the perfect baju! Because honestly, wearing tudung can be so tricky when it comes to dressing up, you know! Bcuz I do not want to be a fashion victim, but I do not want to lose my personal style either!  That's why.. I prefer to wear more like a grown up complement my look yang sedia kala matured ni. Haihh.. =/
(Because I personally think, if I wear those cute tops with my tudung.. It'll be like ermm.. contrasting.. and I may look weird.. Well, at least to my eyes! Heee. Cuz the top may say something like "I'm cute" but my face and my tudung style would say "I'm a grown up and a working woman". So.. dia macam tak sama and tak kena lah kan? Hmm.. apa entah aku merepek ni. haha.)

So anyway.. the other day.. I ended up buying a few tops! From Zara, Topshop, MNG, Warehouse and Eclipse! hahaha. Just because I really don't know what and which to wear! (Padahal I only need one freaking baju je, kottt! hahaha) Seriously, susah sangat nak buat decision to choose which top shall I wear..because, my eyes just don't know how to judge a nice simple casual top. Heeee ;p

Nevermind, I can use all of the rest of the baju, for my Baju Raya. Hmm.. =)

Later that night, I had my iftar at Madam Kwan's with si adik. Si kakak yang baik hati itu telah belanja adiknya.. Heh ;p

7. Shooting for Maybelline slot in Remaja Programme on TV 3

Touching up.. Oh, I feel like a celebrity! Hahahaha! ;p

I was supposed to do this segment with Vivy Yusof. But she couldn't make it.. So, Ayu (that sat right next to me) replaced her..for that segment

I love how Tiar Zainal, the make up artist, applied mascara on my eyelashes.. Serious, jadi lebat and panjang gila! Me likeyyy! =) 

(will blog more about this shooting later!)

8. Doing a lil' part time job.. Typing this and that for someone.  =) waiting patiently for the bucks to come in! hehe ;p

 9. And some paperwork too! Ughh.. boring!

10.  And lastly (and the most common ones) iftar, iftar and iftar dinner with my family!

Since it's the month of Ramadan, so..every week mesti ada kena attend an iftar dinner at some hotels; Hilton, Marriott, Le Meridien, Equatorial, Pan Pacific, etc. be really honest with you, I don't really like to attend to these places.. I mean, no doubt the food, the ambiance are great.. But if selalu sangat makan, macam bosan.. Sebab saya bosan jadi orang gemok! hahaha. Dan saya juga bosan untuk pening kepala tak tahu nak pakai baju apa sebab; either semua tak muat or still at the laundry shop, or baju yang I nak pakai belum bergosok and too damn kedut and I was running late or simply because I malas nak bukak almari try itu ini before deciding which baju to wear and then nanti nak kena kemas balik! haha.

So anyways.. the previous two days when I had to attend the buka puasa with my family hari tu, I ended up wearing the same top! Heeeee. Sangat tak senonoh kay! Wearing the same outfit back to back! haha. Oh well, I only wear that top for 2 hours each place, so..takpe lah kann..pakai lagi sekali?? hahahaha! ;p Omaigawdd sangat tak senonoh, Cik Wani ni! Well..nevermind, as of now, that Marc Jacob pink top of mine, has already been at the laundry shop for dry cleaning! Phewww. =)

Yes, it was this top! Heee. I wore like 3 times now. First, on that briefing day with my BFF, and then the other day, right after the laundry girl called me up saying that my baju is ready, that dad said we're going to Hilton pulak. So... I wore it AGAIN! heee ;p
(Btw, I'm wearing all Maybelline products on my face! And I like my lashes especially! No need for falsies anymore!)

We had some Japanese food the other day..

Japanese food is in my "Favourite Food" list now!

"Thank you dad, for bringing me to these places! You're awesome! I love you!" =)

This is my 5 months old nephew, Haikal Razik. He seems to like my Chanel-esque necklace! heheheh 

Ada nampak macam anak sendiri tak? Mak saya kan nenek yang muda remaja sentiasaaa..hehe =)

... and with my sister, Hanis. (Omg. I look so pale with mascara only! That's how I'll look like when I'm running late! Hmm.. Oh well..nevermind!)

Well.. actually, I prefer simple food for berbuka puasa. And with my family. At home, to be exact. That's really enough for me. =)

Okayy..that's it. Those are the 10 things I did! Ohhh...and number 11, talking on the phone every night! That's an activity too, no? heheh ;p
So now you know why and where have I gone to for the past few days.. Promise to write more asap! =)




  1. wany u nmpk chubby skrg...
    wh u don't try to wear PB???
    mayb its work on u...
    btw best iftar with fmily..
    eh 1st tme nmpk hanis gathering dgn ur fmily..
    muke hanis nmpk pale sgt2..
    kening die nmpk lain...trim ke???

  2. olla wany...
    before this u ade mention psl ur lens 2 kn...
    i-enhance rite???
    btw u beli kt mne & how much ey???
    ade size ke??

    thnx =)

  3. haaaa cari baju utk event apa tu?..hehe..adik beradik wani semua stylo n cantik2 ;)

  4. hi wani! when will this Remaja coming out?

  5. tak sabar nk dgr entry pasal shooting tu :)

  6. Carik baju untuk tunang kaaaah?? Or kahwin? :p

  7. eh! i know that kakak. nama dia nizwani

  8. omg corset yg u pakai masa event rizman ruzaini i baru je view from this website a few days ago..tgk2 u dah pakai dalam gambar lol

    is it the same one that u wore that day? omg couldnt believe it!


  9. wani sangat cantik dan stylo!!


  10. Selamat hari raya, Wani! Maaf zahir batin ya.

  11. Wani, I'm loving your outfits, like all of them! you very stylish, go you!... maybe if you have time, you could also share with us where you got them, underneath the pics... of course, if it isnt such a hassle, and if you remember where you've gotten them :)


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