Friday, September 24, 2010

Behind the Scenes - Shooting for "Jom Mekap Bersama Liyana" with Maybelline

This is a pictorial entry.

Last few weeks I got invited to appear on the Remaja tv programme by TV3. It was for the 'Jom Mekap Bersama Liyana' slot in that Remaja show. And mine, was the 5th episode which is, Maskaraku Yang Mana Satu. So yeah..I get to meet Liyana Jasmay and the crews and see how people doing some shootings..

Well..I've never experienced this kinda thing before.. So, the whole experience and process was really really new to me! It was kinda fun..but really really tiring, I must say! The shooting starts from 12 pm till 6.30 pm, though my slot on that Remaja show would be just about 5 minutes only! haha. (Because they were doing some other episodes as well..) are the behind-the-scenes pictures from the shooting..

8 am: On our way to Loreal office in Uptown Damansara (please excuse my pale face. I was told not to wear make up and come with a naked face. tskk.. And to make me lookin' more worse on that day, I didn't and couldn't sleep AT ALL the night before! Blearghhh!)

9 am: Arrived Loreal office

9.30 am: It's make up and styling time! 

I was told to bring some outfits, for them to choose.. (they want us to wear some casual, simple and as plain/dull as we could be, so that LJ would stand out). Hmm... I don't normally wear tshirts or whatever, so..I really really had a hard time choosing what to wear for that show on that morning..So I brought with me more than 10 pieces of outfits for the stylist to choose.. But, apparently, this Zara green top that I wore on that day was approved by the stylist..and I only had to change my scarf jerr.. (and yes, to a much plainer and duller scarf! Ughh. T_T) 

Hmm...oh well, nevermind. =/


Here are the tools and make up that were used..

Doing my make up with Sha, the make up artist

Tiar Zainal and his assistant, doing Calista's hair..

The stylist wanted to get some ideas and to know how I wear my scarf... So I showed him..

And at about 11 am, LJ arrived..with her hair still wet and her 'just-woke-up' face..and her pajama or whatever she calls that, was still on her.. 

Reading her scripts..

This is the other two girls that was chosen for the other episodes. The girl in the purple t-shirt was apparently my blog reader! Hehehe. *Hye Dianaaa!*

11 am: Setting up the place..

Kak Ayu and I were discussing about our scripts.. (there has been a lil' changes since Vivy couldn't make it)

The girl in pink checkered shirt is Azura, the Remaja host 

One last look, before looking into the camera

Touching up..

"Am I camera friendly?"

They took a shot of my eyes.. "The Before" look

Side view..

I don't like to not wearing mascara.. I feel so naked! So I had to curl and lentik kan my bulu mata just by using my fingers..tskkk

Waiting for LJ to get ready for the shoot

Oh..there she was.. (And there I was, tweeting! haha ;p)

Taking her before shots..

I got bored..waiting for my turn to shoot.. So I called someone to rescue my boredom.. Heh

Sha, touching up my make up. Again! hehe

Diana and Calista's turn doing their shooting..

...while me at the back, sitting there alone, feeling so sleepy and bored! huhu

After about 2 hours, we took a break..and touching up some moreee in the make up room..

Ohhh...and having our lunch too! Kami semua budak tak puasa! hahaha ;p

And then, after our lunch, it was time for my slot..

After eating, I had to touch up a bit on my lipstick..

While LJ was doing her make up and change her outfit, we practiced our lines. Hehe 

Setting up the place a bit..

The shooting was about to, a lil' touch up on me some more! Sigh. (My face gets pretty oily quite fast! tskkk. So uncool!)

Shooting starts!

Hahahaha.. Berlakon jer saya niii.. Hee... I find it really funny! ;p

So we're done with Part 1. 

And Part 2 took place at the same spot that Calista and Diana had their shooting earlier.. before the shooting starts, saya haruslah betulkan tudung saya yang buruk tuu..tskk

...andddd a lil' touch up, AGAIN! huhuhu. For one second there, I feel like a celebrity cuz having a make up artist that's always care on how I look and always have powder and tissue in their hands, to rescue me anytime, all the time! hehe ;p

Shooting starts..

Hahahaha.. Takleh blaaaa, saya berlakon saya suka sangat dapat mascara! Wth. Heee ;p

Tiar used Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension for me 

Tadaaa! Panjang kannn?! I loveee this mascara! I should get it asap for myself!

Mata saya nampak juling! LOL. (Ohh..and boleh takkkk, diorang lupa nak letak mascara for my lower lashes! huhu)

With Azura the Remaja host

Sha my make up artist for that day!

(Oh, btw..did you chains were gone?! hehe. That's because right before the shooting starts, the stylist ask me to lay off my chains because he said he wanted me to look relax and casual.. Bummer! Hmm..What's wrong with that chains? I love that chains of mine! tskk)

..touch up lagi..hehe.. This was for the final shoot.

'The After' shots..

......andddd it's a wrap!!!! Wooohoo.. Boleh balik and remove all these make up! Weeehooo!

My saviors! Make up artist and photographer for that day! Love you guys loads!

With Tiar Zainal, LJ's make up artist

LJ and me

So...that's it! That is all.. 

If you're wondering when does this video will be aired... Well, it's tomorrow (Saturday, 25th Sept) in Remaja show, on TV3 at 1. 00 pm. Heeee. 

Go ahead, laugh at me tomorrow at 1 pm. Heheh *lalalalalalalaaaa. Sambil tahan malu, buat tak tahuuu* ;p

P/S: Sebenarnya, saya malu sangat ni.. because I think I look so pale and dull on that day. I don't really like my make up actually.. Cair sangat with no eye liner and all..I prefer my own touch. heh ;p
Oh..and I think I look weird la in the video.. Hmm..we'll see! *gulp* (I am sooo not a good actress! huhu). 

P/SS: I hate what I wore for this episode. Ughh. So plain and so dull.. and most importantly, it was SO NOT ME! Hmm..Oh well, nevermind..dah takleh buat apa pun. tskk. =/

P/SSS: Banyak nyaaaa saya complain, kan?! hahaha. 

Sebab memang saya tak suka pon sebenarnya. Huhu. Okayyy sekian terima kasih! ;p



  1. iklan yang bertiga tu la yang dni tengok ^__^

    teruja sangat!

  2. dear, frankly speaking.. adakah LJ seperti belagak diva?

    and betol ke u tulih "mmg kena pakai dull2 dan plain2 supaya x overshadow LJ"? OMG, x aci nye. I know you and your gorgeous outfits. And yes, kdg2 kita ada 'hari pakaian malas' atau 'hari sy nk stylo-mylo hari ini'.

    Tp keluar tv tuhh.. of course kita nk nmpk tercantik drp kebiasaan. dan you ada baju2 yg cantek!! dan rantai cantik pun kena cabut =( hish. mcm x puas hati aje! kena pakai yg dull2.. haihh

    btw, esok ahkak nengok ye. kena pasang alarm pukul 1pm.

    p/s: byk mengomey

    Entry terbaru dari makk: Wedding Meletop

  3. Wani, mana tau pasni u plak jadi blogger/model berhijab pertama for Maybelline nanti? P/S: One of the pictures tu, Liyana Jasmay nampak macam nak telan u. Haha.

  4. olla wany =)
    i think u look more beautiful if u xmake up sgtla..
    nmpk natural and so glowing rather than u in heavy make up..
    i like!
    n okay je klu u xpkai mascra..
    hee ;p
    i choose u in natural or nude make up!

  5. wani.. u muda lagi.. biar la make up tu pale sikit xpe.dressing pun kalo relax sikit pun ok lg.jgn heavy sgt, nti u look old .. u have all the time n da world to be old, tp muda tinggal sket jer.. so kita enjoy!!!

  6. wow LJ pun x puasa ke? makan depan org cmtu je? how was she? they say she always acts like a diva. is that true?

  7. tak baik complain..nanti advertiser marah...hehe

    owhh no wonder kalau iklan yg ada feat. artis mesti la peminat nampak very tone down kan....

    i rasa if u put ur chain necklace...u mmg lg vougue dr LJ...yes thats ure. tp x per kan....u're as u're outside the scene, btol x?

  8. you look just pretty to me =]

  9. experience tu yg mahal tau,tak dpt di jual beli..hehe..ur eyes cantik sgt dear,nothing to be worried ;)

  10. darling, if you don't like it why did you say yes to it in the first place?

  11. Hi Shazwani!!

    I saw you this episode on Tv today! how did you manage to be a part of this show? Anyway am proud of you as your reader,follower.
    The best to you :) !


  12. bestnye wanyyyyy =D
    teringat masa i dlm 1001 Rasa Baba's dulu..
    lg la kena masak pastu asyik gigil je smbil jatuh senduk...hahaha!
    tak bleh blah!

    btw, apelaa dorg tak bg u pakai ur chains! tp i agak sbb dorg tak nak u nmpk lg MELETOP dr LJ lah ;)

  13. hye wani...
    saya tgk awak semalam kt Remaja @ TV3.. tapi macam tak sempat nak tatap sebab sekejap je scene awak... huhuhuhu...
    awak nampak simple but NICE ^_^

  14. Wani, baru notice u tukaq cincin :)

  15. hehe saya nengok awk kat slot myblne tu..tkejut.. i say to my bf sy ada baca ler blog dak nie hehe..congrat k..cuma makeup u nampak x menyerlah..liyana tu nampak menyerlah

  16. quoted from reena
    "Wani, mana tau pasni u plak jadi blogger/model berhijab pertama for Maybelline nanti? P/S: One of the pictures tu, Liyana Jasmay nampak macam nak telan u. Haha."

    yes,it's true, model berhijab but dlm one of your picture tu masa u tgh make up, if xsalah part yg the make up artist "sha" tgh make up kan u, bukak tudung ke sayang?

    akak kena ckp sbb dah tgk,sori ye, and if akak tersilap,again sori (mebi u pki scarf but akak xnampak)

  17. awak nampak natural dlm TV tuh...

  18. ehh dah tgk tau iklan yang ada wani tu....cayalah!

  19. hye wani. saw u in remaja and it wasn't that bad. perhaps it's the beginning for more on screen appearance? keep it up, girl.

  20. my dear sunshine wani..:) the jeans you wore on remaja that day. what is the brand ya?? OMG, I am soo loving to see you, how u dress, he way u wear hijab!! you are totally cool!! xoxo mind to share your jeans brand? with the princess little thing?

  21. anon:that's VB jeans actually..

  22. Nice one! Was LJ friendly?


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