Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dinner at Yellow Cab Ampang

Last few weeks, my brother brought me to have dinner at Yellow Cab Pizza outlet in Ampang. Went there with my brother's good friends. That was my first time trying out their food. And it was awesome! Oh well, CPK and Domino's are still my fave place for pizzas, but this one is not bad too! You should really try! =)

Nothing much to update.. I mean,'s just pizza.. How much different can it be, right? Hehe.. But yeah, it was a great place! So..just enjoy the pics kay!

The delivery boys' yellow vespas! Cool!

Their pizza's sizes are really big! Starting from 10 inch to 14 to 18 inch! Now that's hugee!

Fakta: Coke adalah sedap. Haih.

Twitting adalah wajib! ;p

I was explaining about Twitter to Man

Meet Man and Dan

Meet Aizat and Wani. Kami anak anak Pak Hamid!

My brother. We like to annoy each other yet we love one another. It's a hate and love relationship. hahaha ;p Well, you know I love you, brahh =)

Dua orang kawan adik saya yang memang kelakar, Rizman and Rashdan. (Rashdan lah especially, memang sangat sangat kelakar. Tak payah susah susah buat lawak pun memang dia ni kelakar nak mampos. hehe ;p)

The Blackberry people.  Except for my brother. Dia sesat ;p

Cincin saya besar, jerawat saya pun besar. Sigh.

The yummy yummy chicken wings!

The New York something something Pizza

The Hawaiian something something Pizza


Great food. Great place. Great people. AWESOME!

"Thanks adik, for belanja-ing me!" =)

Call them for the greatest pizzas!

Dah! Tu jer.. Update kali ni.. Heeee. Aci tak? hehe ;p



  1. Salam Wany,
    look so delicious! wohoo.. is it more tasty compare with other pizza? =O


  2. I pernah makan Yellow Cab Pizza ni dulu! Dah lupa dah rasa dia macam mn. Hehe. For Pizza, Dominos still my personal most fav!

  3. W'salam. me, it's nice.. Very thin and have lotsa toppings! Which i likeee! Well, actually i think all pizza outlets' pizzas are awesome except for pizza hut.. I dunno why, but i dont fancy pizza hut that much..
    U should go and check it out! =)


    heheh ;p

  4. reena: hehehe.. I suka dominos jugak. Everytime order benda sama jer.. Takot nak try lain.. sebab takot tak sedap..hehe
    i suka beef pepperoni..yg thin crust punya.. I CAN EAT ONE WHOLE PIZZA ALL BY MYSELF! hahahahaha..

    si tamak haloba! ;p

  5. jerawat berangan la tu..hehe..JK!those pizzzas look yummylicious ;)

  6. hahahaha. Jerawat berangan, jerawat mengada, jerawat menyibukk...jerawat period, haaa semua sekali lahh! haha

    yup2.. mmg sedap pon.. I suka yg hawaiian tu. SUPERB!

  7. Dear Wany,

    Oh my, u make me feel hungry with your photos.. aharkz! ya, i will check it out Yellow Pizza! thanks for share.. =D


  8. gila lah can finish all that pizzas. banyak kot! huhu.

  9. my 1st comment ni utk ur belog
    hishhh pergi buat entry pizza pulak,ni yang nak serbu yellow cab weekend ni.hehe

  10. cam mst xde kat kelantan..hehe

  11. SH: ur welcome!

    NN: hehehehe.. biasalah..kami ni pak lahap! ;p

    Suehaily: yup2! sila pergiiii! mmg sedap!

    Ct soleha: heh. kat kl ni pon ada brapa kerat je outlet...apa tah lg kat kelantan..huhuh ;p

  12. hi wany
    i love yellow pizza hehe
    dia american style kan
    mmg thin and besaarrr!
    kene lipat 2 baru mkn

    anyway u didnt try the mee-like?
    nama charlie chan ke apa
    i forgot the spelling
    sedap i tell u!

    next time make sure u try tau
    tp kene share sbb muak sket tp sedappp hehe

  13. ohh that pasta ke apa tah kannn? ada2.. kitorg ada beli jugak tp sbb kenyang sgt sampai tak termkn..last2 buang jer... membazir je kannn...sobs.. tp mmg sedap eh? i x sempat rasa pon.. time, have to try la kalau mcm tu...

  14. halal ker YCP ni? pernah lalu few times... tp cam takut jer nk try

  15. alamak!! best nyer tgk pizza tu!! shud try lah! erk.. now rase cam nak bebuka ngan pizza lak ptg ni!
    chicken wings die best tak??

    thanks for share wani ;)!!!


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