Monday, August 2, 2010

It Was a Blast!

Last Saturday, I had a blast meeting up with my closest girlfriends - back in Sek. Aminuddin Baki. Yes, that's my secondary school (the awesomest school ever. heh). Goshh.. it has been ages since the last time I saw them!! And they are all lookin' so grown up and pretty! =) be honest, my school life wasn't really that interesting like my uni life.. So I don't really miss it that much..but when I met these girls that night, seriously..I just realized how awesome it was to be in school! haha. Those were the days... Haih.. And now, I'm getting old. Shyttte! ;p

Anyways..I spent quite a few hours with them.. Just talking and talking and laughing non stop! Seriously, I had fun! These are the cool people I would lepak with, back in school. They are my gossip girls, my study partners, my shopping buddies and my toilet trip friends! I knew them since I was 13!
The last time I saw them when I was 17.. And now, I'm err.. old. Heeee. time flies! =(

So anyways.. Today, I would let the pictures do the talking as this is a pictorial no need for words ey? hehe

Meet Shazwani Hamid the Blogger

Meet Hui Shing the Pharmacist 

Meet Yvonne Lwee the PR Consultant

Meet Valerie Lim the Hottie College Student 

Meet Kasthuri the soon to be the Doctor

Meet Kalai Selvi the soon to be the Doctor (too)

Malay, Indian and Chinese! We are One Malaysia. hahaha ;p

The awesome students! We were in 1 Jaya, 2 Jaya and 3 Jaya.

Kasthuri used to sit in front of me when I was in Form 3. Kasthuri is such a nice girl. She would explain to you in details on whatever things you don't understand.. And she's really good in giving advices too! I always love her soothing words! And Hui Shing used to be my best friend. She would teman me to go for a quick shopping in KL after school, or teman me to toilets, or teman me to ponteng school, or teman me to skip PE or any co-curicular activities after school, or teman me to CC, or teman me to tuition classes, or teman me to study, or teman me to go home! We lived quite nearby at that time.. I always go to her place after school to borrow her cds or whatever.. I remembered, this one time, I borrowed her pinafore or skirts too! And she borrowed my baju kurung! We loved exchanging clothes! Heee. Goddd...I miss her. She's such a sweeeeeeet girl! 


with my partner in crime!

I hate my make up on that night. I looked evil, kan? haha. Well..nvm..

I've known this girl since I was in primary school!

...and we're still friends until now!

Blackberry user versus iPhone user. But I want hers, and she wants mine. Haha

Valerie told me something that I was quite shocked! Hahahaha. It was so funny!! I seriously can't remember that I corrupted their mind at that young age, when these girls were so blur and so young about some stuff.. hahaha. Evil me. =P

..was looking for my lipstick and mirror

I showed to them that mirror. Can't believe they still remember it! It has been 10 years I have possessed this mirror, you know! And I still keep it, and use it.. though I have lotsa other hand mirrors, but I love this one the most!

Hmm..10 years??! Woww..I really know how to take care of my stuff, ey? hehe

..and we also talk about make up and some girly stuff.. Yvonne showed her fave lipstick. It's Benefit in Lady's Choice

Same as mine!! I loveeeee Lady's Choice! The color is just so nice! It's one of my favourites! Btw, her lipstick is in a mini size (she bought it in a set), and mine is the full size.

After applying my lipstick, let's take a look at myself in the camera.. "Oh darn! This scarf makes my fat face look even more fatter!" Blearghhh! That's what happened when you don't iron it properly!  >_<

These are the Jaya-ians people. We are the straight A's students. Hahaha. Ok. Wani, you can stop being poyo now. ;p (But seriously, our class at that time, ramai yang dapat straight As! Thanks to the awesomest teachers (and students!). Heeeee)

Err...Apakah? haha.

Oh, dan kami juga turut memperagakan cincin masing masing..

Hui Shing's (I love her nails!)





And we all love high heels!!! But still, I am theeee shortest! Dayyum! ;p

We are all grown up already. Some working and some graduating, some wanting a Masters degree.. And now, instead of boys and our crushes, we talk about our boyfriends and stupid exes, instead of CDs we want to buy smartphones and instead of homework we talk about paychecks. Oh such fun! :)

By the way.. I loveeeeee Hui Shing's and Yvonne's shoesss! (and their legs, too! hehe) God, I miss shopping with these girls! They really have such fabulous taste! =)


P/s: Sorry babes, I can't join you guys for the shopping trip we planned on the 14th. I just remembered I'll be going somewhere! sobss.. So sorry!!! =(



  1. Aaahhh..I paling suka school gatherings. Cakap2 pasal all those stupid (and some smart ;p) things that we did dulu2. Best kan?

    Hey, i love your makeup la Wani. Mana ada nampak evil. U look sweet la. Pinkish & glowing. I think i like this makeup dalam banyak2 kot. Tengok dalam gambar cantik je. And i loveeee you lip colorrr! Wani pakai lipstick/gloss apa?

  2. aw such a nice post wani :D ohno u cant make it T_T will bbm for the next dinner ya! tkcr dear!

  3. i love this entry!!
    so cool hang out n chit chatting with gals frens...^_^

  4. yeah wany..
    you looks chubby la..
    and ur make up not suitable la...
    try nude make up la...

  5. arghh...reading this post makes me miss my girlfriends back in Taiping!!

  6. henbag apa tu wani? x penah nampak u pakai pun? baru eh? brand apa tu? it looks nice

  7. I love your make up and you look sweet in purple :D

  8. ur make up look just fine and preety wani!

  9. semuanya gorjes belaka..semua still single n available ke..hehe

  10. U look older.
    and so mak datin style.

  11. nak kaler mata macam tu plisss..

  12. Nice white patent leather dior bag!! I HAVE ONE TOO!! Gimme high five!!! wink! ;)

  13. baju u cantek :)

  14. reena: heee really? thanks! tah, tp i rasa nmpk evil n garang..huhu..
    And thats benefit lady's choice my dear!

    yvonne: ok my dear!

    iffah: heee..yeah, indeed i had a great time!

    anonymous: kan kan kan? adoyai..bila tah nak jd cantik ni haaa...heee ;p

    along: sila pergi buat gathering! mmg best! hehe

    anonymous2: its dior. thanks

    asma: awww thanks honey!

    diana: really? hehehe..thank u thank u! tp i still rasa mcm nmpk garang n 'old'..huhu ;p

    lily: hahaha..yup, sorg je yg dah berpunya..yg lain semua single! hehe

    ramaramacinta: hahaha.. yeah..n so they called me that..hahaha

    sheila: sep sep!

    anonymous: thank u!! baju lama jer.. baju i masa form 5.. huhu ;p

  15. nice ur style!!


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