Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello World!

Hello world! Do you miss me?? Heee...I know, it has been sooo long since the last time I update this blog!  And I'm gonna say this phrase for the 100th time: "I am sorry for the sporadic and lack of updates!" Heeee. I know, I'm such a bad blogger! I don't even have time to reply each and every comments in this blog just yet! Sorryyyy! I really really do appreciate those comments, would try to reply every comments soon kay! =(

The thing is, after been back from Saudi, I am just so damn tired and then when I have all the energy to update this blog, I always have something important to do.. Like talking on the phone with someone (hehehee. Yes, that's realllllly important to me! ;p), or like helping mom at the kitchen, or meeting up some important people or running some errands, or maybe catching up on my sleep or doing just about anything! Hmm..

Sorry. =/

Anyway, please my dear..bear with me kay.. It's just.. There are too many awesome things that are happening to me lately.. And I just wanna enjoy and cherish every moment while I can.. Heee. And that explains why I can't even find my own sweet lil' time to update this blog.. Too busy enjoying life! heee ;p

Hmm.. And today, still, I won't update anything just yet.. Seriously, after been silence from this hands couldn't type anything and my mind couldn't think of anything to write! Heeee.. Dah 3 post, dah I tulis half way..and then cancel..sebab tiba tiba blank, dunno what to write.. huhu.. What if I just post some pictures? Does that count as updating blog? Heeee ;p

Anyways..right now, I have some things to take care of, will update frequently after that thing has been done, kay people! See you soon! hehe

Love you guys! Byee!



  1. it's ok honey we understand.. go get yourself a full blast of awesome life, (n not to mention ideas for new entries :p) n come back to us with full blast of awesome stories!
    (count the word blast n awesome :p)

    we're glad to hear from u soon!!

    btw, cool headgear u have there darl! :D

  2. hehehe.. Thanks efa! Yup, will come back soon with loads of stories! (and pictures!) heee

  3. tu gambar tadi ke? or baju ko tak basuh LOL

  4. yang!! ak ske ur scarf n necklace k!! heheee...tetibe~ nice shot bebeh!

  5. hanis: hahahahaha.. Tu nama nya, uniform! wahahhaha.. ;p

    nonie: awwww thanks! aku pun sokak! heheh =)

  6. Dear,

    mind to share what kind of contact lenses r u wearing?its nice!I like it!thanks


  7. thanks. its from a brand called i-enhance.


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