Sunday, October 11, 2009

Headwrap ala Turban Style

Lately I've been receiving quite a few numbers of emails asking me to do the tutorial on how I wear the turban style scarf or headwrap like I did during my trip to PD for HESS Family Day in 2008.

I'm with Taka the Japanese guy - He won the Best Dressed for man

I was one of the nominees for Best Dressed! (Bangga sebab I was the only one yang takde kena mengena dengan HESS Company, tapi dapat gak naik pentas! hee) goes.. (Please click on the picture to enlarge!)

I've numbered the pics. So here goes the explanation.

1) Wear the normal 5 bux serkup/anak tudung. Wear the black colored one. It looks much better than the white or brown ones, or any other colors.

2) Put your scarf on your head. (You should bent yourself while doing this)

3) After you've put n place your scarf nicely n comfortably, grab the front part tightly and,

4) Start twisting it.. till the end of your scarf (You don't have to tie it off at the end, btw)

5 & 6) After you've done twisting, bring the twisted scarf to the back of your head

7) For the extra scarf, u have to insert it at the bottom part of your wrapped head.

8 & 9) Adjust every part- front, back, upward accordingly, so that it looks nice on you. Make sure it is tight enough (but still comfy, of course). If u want to prevent or secure the twisted part from falling or undo by itself, use berry pins. Just 4 or 5 is enough. (Ask people to do the pinning for u)

10) Back view

11) Side view

12) Now, you're done! hehe ;)

Actually this turban style is just like the ones that people always wrap their head, after they've washed n shampooed their hair. That's how I got the idea! hehe
It's really simple, my dears!

Hmm..I wish to wear a headwrap like these.. (much cooler!)


Oh Erykah badu! So coool! How does she wear like this ey? Anyone knows? Please share! I sooo wanted to wear like this one of these days..hehe (Tak payah pakai heels dah..dah cukup tinggi dah ni!! LOL)

Or these! Minus the jambang misai and what not, of course! hehe

But Wani's turban style is the easiest. eheh ;P

Me in my La Senza's pinky robe. hehe =)

Okay.. Happy trying and Good Luck! =)



  1. dik..ko ni memang kretip sungguh la wani oi.

  2. Wah...headgear yang cool...tapik tak berapa suke sbb mcm tak kene konsep bertudung...Wallahua'lam.

  3. akak: heh.thanks..main bantai je ni!

    fadzie: yeah mmg la tak kena dgn konsep tdg sbb mmg theme family day tu pon dia kasik songket suro style i bantai je apa yg kena n masuk dgn style tu..sbb nk pki tdg cam biasa nmpk out langsung

    utk pi jln2 pakai mcm tu mmg tak laa kan! heee ;p

  4. creative! and i must say that among the contestants on the family day, you did make used of the purple cloth very well and with the headwrap @ turban style, two thumbs up for u girl! :)

    i pun lepas shampoo, balut rambut macam tu :) :)


  6. nk share bole?

    to anon: bab tutup aurat tu... tang leher bole cover ngn inner turtle neck..tang rmbut depan bole tarik2 cover je la pun.. nak lg slmt, ikut kreativiti je la...janji tutup kan..

  7. berjaya mengikut tips ini dengan jayanya .. tp kena confidence wear it in public ;-)


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