Friday, October 16, 2009

Woman with Big Belly

Pregnancy is so beautiful.

I love to look at preggy mommies. There's just something about those big round bump..
I personally think pregnant ladies are sexy! Especially kalau kurus and pregnant! Oh..super hawt!
Don't you think? =)

Anyway..I love this photo shoot of Britney Spears for Harper's Bazaar, which was taken quite a long long time ago..

She looked so pretty!


p/s: Dear mommies, how do you feel when there's 'something' or rather someone living inside your body?! Berat tak? huhu. It amazed me you know, to see people carrying another person inside her body! huhu. It's weird + interesting + beautiful + magical.
Oh MasyaAllah. =)



  1. masa mengandung yela nampak sexy. lepas mengandung haihh.. terus tinggal stretchmark apa bagai. hilang terus sexy! xsemua rajin nak menggosok lotion apa bagai

  2. kalo badan cam britney spears mmg la hottt. huhu tapi masalahnye badan bukan cam britney spears. hhuhu

    rasa seperti bawak basketball dlm baju. mcm tu la rasa dia. uhuhu

  3. kalo badan cam britney spears mmg la hottt. huhu tapi masalahnye badan bukan cam britney spears. hhuhu

    rasa seperti bawak basketball dlm baju. mcm tu la rasa dia. uhuhu

  4. i am a woman with a sgt2!!!

    here in oz,walaupun i pki tudung i x malu nk pki baju maternity yg ketat2 & show ur bump tu...bile gi kl ari tu,pki baju ketat2 sume makcik2 tgk..benci tul..haha

    i'm proud of my belly & i like to show it to others..i like others to know that i too have a bump ;-)

  5. hi! i'm jie. ;)
    time preggie dulu saya kecik & my tummy sgt la besar. tp jln steady je! ohh rindunye dat moment!;)

  6. tak rasa berat.. tapi rasa bulat :p

  7. rs banda gerak2 dlm perut..=)

  8. for the first trimester rase macam takder pe2, second trimester rase macam ada benda bergerak2 dalam perot u then bila masuk third trimester rase macam bilerlah nak "meletop" ni;p

  9. rase seronok esp if u r having ur 1st kid...berat???mula mula tak but then sikit2 tp time pregnent i suka jalan2 smpai org tegur "oi asik berjalan je"...sumtin living inside??? pun seronok esp time die gerak2 feels like he's communicating with me ehehehe....ur time will come too...Insyaallah....

  10. i suuuuke sanagt time pregnant.. lagi-lagi time baby gerak kat dalam perut.. reaaly loved itt..tak sabar nak pregnant lagi...

  11. being pregnant is the most amazing thing that happen in life rasanya...inside out rasa changes day by day..tapi x semua org yg lucky to experience easy pregnancy kan..tapi kadang x tahan gak telinga if org tuh perutnya besar nanti mesti ada org ckp,"eh besarnya perut u, i dulu time macam nih boley pakai baju kurung zaman anak dara lagi"..or else "ehh kecik laa perut..x nampak pon..da brapa bulan ni??baby ok ke??"...but we cant stop people from talking anything that they want kan??ehehehe...

    as for me, being pregnant sgt2 best!!dont mind to carry the baby for more longer!!perut x rasa berat tapi badan rasa berat...hihihi..& suka sgt priority yg diberikan pada ibu2 mengandung..mcm tuan puteri kat tmpt keje sgt!!kat rumah jgn cakap laa kan..eheheh

  12. hi ur blog interesting, i wan try the folow me beauty regime.
    just wana coment a bit,sori eh,
    u dnt mind put up such pix of barely dressed girls? i tot it's kinda inappropriate.
    sori just my view :)..
    n it's stil ur rights.

  13. me bn pregnant 8 times, nvr lookd gd, gets worse each time :D
    but of course the feelings gd despite the lousy nausea, the backaches, the giddyness, the weight gain x8...the life inside makes up for all the horrid trauma. go for it, girl, get married n be a mum :)


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