Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Bangkok Trip

Posting some of the pictures during my short trip in Bangkok last week.

Check in at KLIA

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

Hotel Lobby

Welcome drinks

What a cute towel!

Yummy desserts!

With the tour guide

I would say that Siam Paragon is the best shopping mall ever in the South East Asia! It's 5 times better than Pavilion/KLCC =)

Traffic jams are everywhere in Bangkok!


Cute tree, no?

Zara and Mango would always be my favourite choice for clothes, whenever wherever!

A royal spa treatment

Oh yeaahh.. Boots from the UK! I always love this drug store ever since I was 5! (I got really excited whenever I'm in this shop, and I just don't know whyy!) =P

Theseee are creamey and crunchey and yummey. It's the famous Thai crepes!

Dinner in bed =)

Oh..this is such a divine cake!

I really shopped till I drop!
Well..even my plastic bags were dropped because they were so heavy..and so were my legs! So on that day, I bought a pair of Zara soft ballerina shoes and a big luggage so I can stuff all my shopping goods in there! Tapi tak cukup jugak! Kiri kanan pegang barang..and some of the plastic bags dah digantung kat luggage tu pon! That's how crazy I shopped in Bangkok. Seriously, their stuff are insanely cheap!! They were all a really good catch and a great deal!!!

I love this dress. The color is just perfect! I was thinking to alter it later..but unfortunately, it ain't fit me! So I didn't buy! Sobs.. (Oh, and the dark grey cardigan that the half dead mannequin beside me was wearing is quite nice too! But I only notice it NOW as I'm typing it!! haha.)

Oh, vintage finds at one of the shops in Platinum Mall!

Shoes shoes shoes!

Chill out for a bit at this cool Juice Bar.

Never leave Bangkok without riding a tuktuk!!! It was super fun, I tell you! How I wish Malaysia has one of these services.. =)

I was thinking of you while I was trying to kopek these udangs! wink wink! ;P

Safari was fun! I get to touch zebras, sheep, and camel!


Dream World! Just like in Gold Coast? eheh..Nahh..this theme park is just like a combination of Sunway Lagoon and Genting. But better. =P

SkyCoaster was uber fun fun fun!! This is my most fave ride.

Such a beautiful place for dinners.

My fave appetizer! I feel so traditional when I eat this kinda stuff!

Tom Yum is a MUST.

Floating Market was really reallllly unique! DO NOT miss out on this, whenever you visit Thailand!

We always have our breakfast here every morning..till I got sick of it already! hehe

My last breakfast here. =)


p/s: I will continue with the stories or summary later ya! I am so busy this week and next week. So many due dates! Ughh. Welcome back to the real world, Wani. =(



  1. Hi Wani. Great post.

    You looked like your sister Iza in the pic with the caption "Shoes shoes shoes!" :)

  2. wany, syoknya your trip.... blh share gi ngan travel agent mana, baper hari & harganya....senang nak cari halal food? so jatuh cina ngan thailand la pasni..... share plssss

  3. tgk gabar bangkok mcm nak pegi skrg jugall.:P

  4. Wah! Seronoknya Bangkok!

    Tu la. Ramai cakap Bangkok ni shopping heaven.

  5. syoknyer tgk wani shopping n jalan..
    pasni nk gi mana pulak?


  6. Did u go to Platinum Fashion Mall? They got wholesale center there with the cheapest price u can get ;)

  7. I LOve BangKoK too! great place to shop...and eat ;)

  8. wani..purple bag tu bag apa ye? akak tgk cantik la..

    care to share?

  9. wani,
    i berkenan sangat jacket setengah yang you pakai tu...

    pls refer gambar di bawah gambar makan udang bakar tu.. (heheh, i don't know how to describe)

    jaket tu tersangat cantiklah! berkenan sgt!

    tlglah bagitau harga and kedai yang you beli jaket tu ye...

    pleaseee dear... TQ ;D

  10. jom buat trip g bangkok!!! jeles ok!!

  11. come here in visit me in london!
    bersepah2 boots..:)

  12. wani nampak dah berisi lah .. tembam.. kat atas tempat tut tu .. pun nampak wah besar... cover sikit yea dear. kita muslim lady kena lebih bersopan

  13. Great taste and nice bags! I'm selling fashion bags and replica bags as well. Do visit my page.

  14. WOW BESTNYA...INGATKAN TAK BEST...u really make me think +ve bout bangkok.

  15. wani can u do the demo on how to wear ur purple/that was canteek..

  16. halo...safari tu kat mana ye? we're going in july next year (lambat lagi) but i like to plan ahead..would be a lot of help since we've never been to Bangkok.cheers!


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