Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brian Littrell is Cuteness

As I was doing my work.. I listened to some of the old BSB's songs (I'm a huge fan since I was 9 years old, btw)
And then..terdetik nak tengok their new video clip (Straight Through My Heart) I surf YouTube, but I found these cute videos of him.

This is a video of his marriage. Comel gila la dia ni!!

Bestnyerr ada lagu for his wife! (omg! I'm crying!)

Another cuteness..

And...I just found out that he got a swine flu!! Oh nooo.. sobs.

Get well soon B-Rock! I love youuu!



  1. bukan ke dulu ada cerita one of BSB members kena cancer. bukan brian jugak ke? zaman kecik2 dulu si suka nick carter. haha.. cute budak2

  2. Among all the BSB members, i suka Nick at first - as usual masa tu masih jambu. But as they grew better and older, i suka personality Brian - he was like shy and have a great voice. And as for N'SYNC i mesti la suka Justin! Hikhik. But that was like 15 years ago? But, i still love to hear N'SYNC's songs :). Once, my fav BSB song was "As long as you love me". How bout u? :)

  3. karipapsayur: tu dulu Brian ada heart problem.. jantung berlubang ke apa tah.. Masa tu pon i sedih gak (hahah..gila fanatik!) =P

    aida: dulu pon i suka nick

    tp bila makin besar ni..
    for personality i like Brian. He's goofy, funny, cute but yet sangat loving..n baik! dan sgt2 lah romantic.. Awwww!

    kalau muka, i suka kevin! ahhh..machooo me likey! hehe =P

    for voice: aj- sexy and brian-suara yg sgt menyentuh jiwa! heheh

    and for nync of course la justin!! damn hot!


  4. i love Aj;) ke manalah budak2 ni menghilang kan??

  5. Kebetulan one of my FB statuses today pun pasal BSB. "I used to hate BSB during my high school years, but now i'm listening (and watching) them at You Tube. Hahaha! (OMG Nick's hair cam hapeee je. LMAO!)". Haha! Was not really into BSB when they were ridiculously popular back in the late 90's, hate Nick (when everyone were gaga over him) but kinda like Brian.

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  7. zailamohamad: They're still around. Baru keluaq album baru klu x silap.

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  9. Heh, kite adik-badik dulu giler fanatik ngan BSB kan! ;p I used to like Nick too, but now suka Brian!

    I don't care if it ain't cool to love boy band but I love BSB forevaa.. hahaha

  10. bsb rocks! grew up listening to their song. its hard to choose between bsb and nysnc. love them both!


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