Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dressing a Dress

Designing a dress can be tricky. It's either it turns out to be hot or not. I've sketched quite a number of dresses or outfits before (whenever I'm bored!). But only a few of them comes to life (bcuz I am SO bad in designing n drawing! =P ). One of it that made it's way to the real world was this! haha. But anyways..

I have a Blogger Awards Gala Dinner event to attend to..but I have less than 48 hours to create or to design or to buy and to think what am I gonna wear for the event. (Apparently my tailor called me n said she made a few mistakes..n that it looked weird!)

Oh, and now..I am panicking!

I cannot draw. I cannot create. I cannot think. I cannot even imagine how it'll look like. (Oh and now I'm so scared to pick up and go seee my baju tommorow. Nak pergi buat baru memang tak laa kan..dah hari apa dah ni wehh..iskk.. Daymm!!)
Hmm..I think I might just wear jeans to that Gala Dinner. ha. ha =P

Ugh..whatever lah..penat dah fikir..

I need more inspiration and I need more time. And not to forget, I need LESS STRESS AND ASSIGNMENTS AND DUE DATES AND PRESENTATION!!! =( (God help me. Please God..I need my lucky charm now.)

Hmm..takpe la.. I'll try to design a new one... ( Design je la. Dapat baju nye, tak tahu lah bila..haha) are some lovely dresses for inspirations..

From Bloomingdale's. (they really do have such great dresses!)

Eh..saree tiba-tiba? huhu

And these are from my favourite celebrities..

Anyway..I went out to Pavilion just now just to check out what do they have..and I found these mannequins wearing hijabi styles of dresses/abayas..

Hmm..quite a good inspiration! =)



  1. lindsay's red dress is awesome!

    finding the perfect dress is stressful kan? especially if you dont have the height. go see ur dress first la.mana tau ur tailor can alter here and there.last resort baru cari dress ;)

  2. cantiklah..

    cuba try caftan style then pakai belt ala2 empire waist tuh..mcm yg yanie tepek gambar ekin kat blog dier..

  3. cantek je yg hitam tu...

    ala tak yah beli mahal2 sgt.. coz u're not going to wear it anymore. so aku suggest ko beli baju kat robinsons ke or tangs.. boleh return blk :P

  4. i rasa kalau you beli yang dah siap pun it will still looks good on you. sebab kamu ini sangat stylo. :)

  5. i hate my dress! i hate my dress! but it's too late nowwww! i actually showed my tailor a couple of dresses from Bloomingdales for inspiration but it turned out tak selawa yg ku mahu. huwaaaaa.... i should have just buy a ready made one! haihh lantak la labu weh.. huhu

  6. I like the one from JLo yg pic after Anne Hathaway tu. Eh, can't wait to see to your dress lah! :)

  7. enjoy your trip n dinner 2


    enjoice!! :p

    - megi guring -


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