Monday, October 12, 2009

It's a FACT!

It is a FACT that iTalk a prepaid calling card is a great way to talk and save! It’s actually true what they said; Anywhere, anyhow you save! Believe it or not, one of the best ways to reduce your phone bills (either fixed line or mobiles) is by using iTalk!

iTalk is a prepaid calling card that uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology, which enabling users to make international and domestic calls with fabulous benefits and innovative features. You can make domestic and international (IDD) calls from your fixed line, mobile and online via iTalk portal.

Throughout the year, iTalk lets you enjoy low domestic and IDD rates from just 10sen/min!. And during promotion periods, you can enjoy even lower rates, special deals and offers that you won’t find it anywhere else! So take advantage of its low rates and promotions people!!

If you ada bibik or maids from Indonesia yang selalu guna your house phone untuk call her kampong in Jawa Barat or Aceh or wherever it is, why not you buy for her this iTalk card instead? Cuma dari 30sen/min ke Indonesia. It can help you save a lot, you know! Or maybe if you have brothers or sisters or daughters residing or studying outside Malaysia, you can call them anytime and don’t have to worry about the bills anymore with this iTalk cards! iTalk memang murah!!

This is a FACT!

Kalau tak percaya, click here for the rates to make international calls.

Another FACT about iTalk is that they are so easy to get started and sooo easy to find!

iTalk is available in RM 10, RM 20, RM 30and RM 50 denominations.

You can get your iTalk cards from any TMpoint outlets nationwide, TM Authourised Resellers or at participating outlets displaying the iTalk signage such as Petrol marts, 7-Eleven, Maybank ATMs, or via online purchases via Maybank2u, RHB, CIMB.

Oh, and another FACT about iTalk is that you can get a FREE 10% talktime when you purchase RM30 & RM50 iTalk via softPIN.

Hurry! This is for limited period only!!



  1. Thank you for indirectly promoting iTalk. Semoga anda di murahkan rezeki dan tercapai apa yg diingini.

  2. dear gurl...tq for promoting TM product.u go gurl.Love reading ur bloq sista!!

  3. sounds interesting! would love to try italk after this


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