Thursday, July 16, 2009

The New Place to Chill Out

Hey everyone!

What are you doing? Enjoying a cup of Nescafe while reading my blog? Well..sit back, relax and keep on drinking and enjoying it cuz I’m about to tell you some exciting news and story! =)

Have you heard about the Nescafe Chill Lah Plex? is a cool new online place to chill out with your friends or family or maybe with some strangers too! (Great! This is another place to make new friends!)

Click here!

The Chill Lah Plex is a webpage that allows you to meet new friends who share the same interest with you! Here, you can learn how to write in a new language that only you & your friends will understand! Like for example, some of the people I know, like to enounce and utter words in a certain way.. But it’s more like a weird way for me! =P

Cuz I don’t really understand it! It will take some time for me to really get the point of what they’re saying! Haha. But who cares whether it is weird or not cuz I think it is a cool way for you to create like a secret code or special language with your friends! =)

Click here!

In this site, you would learn the new language which they called it as HOMONYMS. Well.. a homonym is actually a word that has the same pronunciation or spelling as another word, but a different meaning. For example:

Words with the same pronunciation but different in meaning:

• bore and boar
• two and too

Or.. Words with the same spelling but different in meaning:

• bow: 'to bend'
• bow: 'a decorative knot'

So..that’s a homonym- Too or moree wurds dat aar pronawn da seym but aar diffurrant in meening and speling.

Anyways I want you to take part in this NESCAFE "Chill Lah Plex" Contest and stand a chance to win cash and prizes, total worth up to RM 67,000!!!

No proof of purchase is required for participation in this contest!!!

You only need to write a script/story featuring any or all of the NESCAFÉ Chilled Coffee cans! That’s all! Really.

Click here!

Here’s some info:

Stage 1: Calling all aspiring storytellers!

Now’s your chance to put your creative brilliance into action and come up with an
original story featuring any or all of the NESCAFÉ Chilled Coffee cans. Once you’re satisfied with your masterpiece, submit your entry.
Submission Deadline: 9th August 2009!

Top 100 Best Scripts

100 scripts will be selected via public and judges voting to move on to the next stage - The Top 20

Top 20 Best of The Best Scripts

Here’s where only the best will survive. Twenty of the most voted entries will qualify
for the final round of making the movie and a chance to win even greater prizes
Top 20 prizes: RM 2000 for each 20 finalist!

If you're a Nuffnang blogger and made your way into Top 20, you'll get extra RM1,000 cash! Click here for more info.

Stage 2: Make the Movie!

Here’s where it all comes to life. It’s time to turn your script into a movie.
Duration:3 mins
Submission Deadline: 18:00:00, 2nd November 2009

Top 10 Prizes:

1st place: RM 10,000 X 1
2nd place: RM 8,000 X 1
3rd place: RM 5,000 X 1
Consolation: RM 200 X 7

Wow!! That’s a lot of money, man!!! You can buy lotsa things with that money! I already have in mind on what to buy if I ever win this contest! Hehe..

Anyway, here’s my story! Enjoy reading it while having your own Nescafe chilled coffee cans! And please vote for me!!

Sophie's Guilty Pleasure

Every girl has her own way of enjoying their own sweet little time to pamper themselves when they are having some beauty treatments in their own room. Some girls like to hear music while applying make-up, some prefer to sit in a bathtub and reading a magazine while waiting for her facial mask to dry up. But for Sophie, she would prefer to drink lots and lotsa amount of Nescafe Latte Can drinks which she’d pour into her pink coffee mug and add some of her favorite whipped cream on top of her latte drink while getting dressed every single morning. She would never miss to do this every morning while getting ready. She said it is her routine to drink coffee every time she gets ready in the morning as coffee really boost up her energy and could make her focus even more.

So on one fine day, a good looking guy from her workplace which she has been eyeing for quite some time, asked her out. When Sophie heard about it, she got really really excited and was over the moon! However, her anxious behavior won’t let her relax at all. She keeps on drinking her coffee while applying her make up. It’s like every time she finishes one process of applying her make up, she’d drink one big gulp of her Nescafe Latte. This is also one of the things she’d do every time she got really nervous and tensed up. All of a sudden, she did not know what to wear, how to apply her make up or even which shoes goes with which bag! She keeps on changing from one outfit to another, and at the same time, she keeps on gulping her latte.

So while Sophie was in the middle of her pre-date preparations she heard a knock on her bedroom door. Thinking it was her flatmate Susan, she called “ya..yea ya.. Juz kam ein Susan! Help mi! Ai dono wat tu wer!!!” and turned round to see her date David standing there with Calla Lilies in his right hand and chocolates on the other hand. He was 45 minutes early, and Susan had just let him in. Sophie was shocked to see him at the door and froze while holding her cup of latte on her left hand and a scissors in the other. She was wearing her zebra printed knickers with her pale green camisole with her brother’s necktie tied around her neck and was wearing only one boots on her left foot. And to make it worse, her upper lip and chin was covered with a fat amount and layers of the whipped cream that looked as if she’s ready to shave her beard and moustache!

She froze and stood there for a few minutes not knowing how to react! David laughed out loud and with his surprised look he said, “Ohhh jeezz!! Ai din noe u're a man! Yu often shayve, Sofi?! Dat eis soo wiyerd! Ai olwiz tot yu r wan femenin gal. Bat wel, nevurmayn ai stil wan tu go auwt on a deyt wif yu. Ai wil weyt fo yu dawnsterz, k! Do teyk yor taim Sofi! Aim rilly sory ai am tu erly!”. Then David quickly put the flowers on her bedside table and in a flash he closed the door and ran downstairs to wait for her. It all happened too fast. Sophie was tremendously shocked and embarrassed of what just happened. She’s always known for her stylish personality at work and then in just few seconds, her chic personality has dropped terribly! She knew she had blown away her chance to be with the guy of her dreams because she really thought she has killed any chance of romance. But despite the fact that she had her fashion faux pas moment, she still went out on a date with David. In fact, they became so close ever since the embarrassing incident.

The End.



  1. s0unds interesting. will try it. tanx. ;)

  2. Wani, boring le asyik advertorial je.. :( Takmo la bila ade advertorial je baru nak update k? Suka u yg dolu2..

  3. syahir: bagus2..sila buat =)

    nina: aww..dear..sorry! hehe..i mmg kena buat bende ni.. nnt i sambung ber blog mcm dulu k..skrg ni mmg mcm tgh takde life! asik email org takpon buat ads..sobs..

  4. Hi, sorry, but shouldn't the words be ones that actually exist in the English Language? For example, Too or moree wurds dat aar pronawn da seym but aar diffurrant in meening and speling.

    I don't think dat or pronawn or seym or diffurrant are actual words that can be found in the dictionary.

    So those aren't really homonyms, they're just original words with bad spelling.

    Just to point it out.. I think you might wanna get the facts straight before posting another advertorial next time, because you wouldn't want to mis-educate the young people that are following your blog.

    Sore ray. Don mean two in salt yew. Jazz core wreck thing yore miss take.



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