Monday, July 27, 2009

The Day I Became A Woman

It was 6 am Thursday morning, on the 16th of September 1999. It was the day just after I have finished my 3 days UPSR exams. I woke up, feeling excited to go to school and not having to study anymore, as my big exam has just ended. Little that I know, it was the day I became a woman.

I get off from my bed, and felt warm and wet down there so I went straight to the bathroom to check what’s going on. And to my horror, I saw red spots. Like a lot. I know it was blood. I got panicked. I thought I have a disease or injured or something. Gosh.. I didn’t know what to do. But I calmed myself down and told myself not to panic as it was only a period. Just like my mom, my sisters and every other girl will experience every month.

However, despite the fact that I know it is just period, I refused to ask anyone for help or guidance or whatever. Not even my mom or sisters! I felt really embarrass about it. Because at that time I refused to believe that I am no longer a little girl. I refused to believe that I will have blood discharging from my uterus every single month from that moment onwards. I do not want anyone to know that I have become A WOMAN.

At that moment, I felt like being a woman is not fun and full of responsibilities. Plus, it was strange and somewhat frightening seeing blood on my pink flowery panties. It was too embarrassing for me! So I decided to keep my mouth shut and not telling anyone about it. Especially my family members. Don’t know why I was so embarrass about it! I felt like it was abnormal to have my period at the age of 12. Both my sisters had their periods when they were in secondary school.

So after I have taken my bath, I sought for the sample of Kotex that they gave us in school. (Luckily I had some Kotex samples with me! Otherwise the whole secret of me being period will reveal if I ask my mom for a pad! Hehe)

So anyway, I took one pad and figure it out by myself how to wear it on my knickers! So I just open the wrapper, peel off the paper, and stick it in my underwear. I didn’t know whether I should put it on the center, or put it towards the back a little. And I also did not know what are the wings were for! Haha. You know what, instead of stick the wings and wrap it around the side of my panties, I stick them on the side in between my thighs! And I still refuse to ask anyone’s help because I was so embarrass! LOL =P

Anyways.. after I got dressed, I went to school feeling so weird! I told my best friend, Aisyah about it. (cuz she had her first period earlier than me- in January 1999 and she kinda expert in these things..). So she told me about everything I need to know - how to wear it, how long period will last, about pregnancy, why we period, how to mandi wajib and stuff, since I had zero knowledge about it. She was the first person to know about me being ‘a woman’..hehe. I would refer to her anything that I need to know. She was like my woman’s doctor at that time. (Though I got 2 big sisters and mom to refer to! But well..I was too embarrass. Haha)

Primary School girls. From left: Atiqah, Najwa, Shikin and ME!

At that age, and at that particular of time, there are so many things I’d like to know about being a woman. I wanna know about my own body. About menstruation, about virginity, about sex, about periods, about tampons versus pads, about PMS, about my body changes, and so many things! But we are always restricted to know about these kinda things. Things that have something to do with our genital parts or sex-related stuff are the things that we are not told when we were young or told we shouldn’t ask! I guess it has become part of our culture not to reveal these kinds of information to kids.. But for me, I think that Malaysian girls should be empowered to know about their body and emotional changes cuz I believe that girls may have so many questions about their body and the changes that they’ll go through in life.

But they always hold us back. Stop us from being what we can be and know what we should know. I know that asking questions does not make me a bad person.. and I also know that I have the right to know about any things and the truth will help me grow.

Thank goodness Kotex has revealed it for me! Now, all the questions that have been wandering on my mind and in my head have finally been answered!

I stumbled upon the new Kotex website and found some great information that I think every girl should know! I love that website! It is so cool and nicely design that covers every information that you need to know! They make getting your period not exactly exciting, but it’s OK. =)

Also, have you ever thought about why we have our boobies, why we have periods every month, when is the right time for us to fall in love, what is this, why is that..and some other weird stuff that you may find about your body? Well, it is very important for us women, to know because the world will be a better place if young women today are empowered to learn and explore about herself and her body. So that is why Kotex created the 'Tentang Gadis' booklet which explains every single detail about a girl’s body - the physical and emotional changes and etc.. The great news is that the book is available for you to download straight from their website! Coolies!!! =)

Tentang Gadis book

Another exciting feature on that website is the Body Life IQ game. It is a game where users get to test their IQ on female’s body.. So the more questions you get to answer, the more stuff you’ll get to decorate your "doll".

I have tried the game! Look how I style up my doll!!

The making..

The outcome! =)

Now you can understand better by checking out their cool yet informative website!! Their new website can help young Malaysian girls understand their body and emotions better.

Look! How creative and nice webpage they have! You can get to know all of their products on this webpage and they also give free samples if you join the Kotex Club! How cool, isn’t it?

And this is the page where you can search the info about vagina, sex, period and stuff. There are so many articles worth reading for! Do check it out, girls!!

So girls, find out the truth. And pass it on. You know you have the right to know.



  1. cute btul wani dlm gmbr tue. gmbr tarian jer tak dapat2 lagi. isk! klakar kan zaman skolah rendah..

  2. Wow, u could be young OBGYN. =)

  3. kak suzie guna whisper tp mmg suka btl dgn packaging kotex,verry girlie type =)

  4. aisyah: hehe.. aku tak ingat pon ada gamba tarian kita??

    fadzie: huh? really? kenapa pula? hehe

    suzie: kan kan..very cute all the packaging kan.. =)

  5. i like dis entry..very kiut and informative :)


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