Monday, May 26, 2008

Sex and the City

Hey have u guys heard about Sex and the City: The Movie? I am soo excited! I can't wait for it to hit our cinemas! (kalau ade la.. or not, have to download it larh..hmm..)
Ouh.. I loove romantic comedy! =)
I know the tv show was famous. but I haven't got the chance to watch any of their shows.. Isk.. though I never watch it,I know I will like this kinda story... =)
And I also know, there will be plenty of clothes or shoes or bags for me to drool over!

I can't wait to watch!

p/s: kan best kalau Victoria Beckham jadi berlakon dlm ni..isk..


1 comment :

  1. hi wani.

    this movie already hit our cinemas!
    (gsc pavillion)

    tp dari smlm i try online booking, x bole coz full house. :)

    ke u dh tgk?


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