Sunday, May 4, 2008

Friends Like You Make Life "Sparkle"

This entry is especially dedicated to my beloved friend, Sharifah Nazirah.


Naz, I wanna take this opportunity to say thank you so much for being my friend.
For me, you are the definition of a perfect friend. =)
We’ve known each other for three years now, since matric and I am truly grateful to have a friend like you! You really are one of a kind! Hehee. I mean, I never really met someone like u.
You are the bestest friend I've ever had! Well… of course this also includes you too, Girl! Heheh.. But this entry is especially just for her. Heheh ;P
(yours would be next time..or maybe next year.haha)

My definition of a true best friend is : Someone that accepts you completely for who you are. Someone who you can be yourself around, and they like you for you! Someone that will be there for you no matter what. Someone that will give you a smack in back of the head if she thinks you deserve it. Someone with who you can share ALL of your feelings and someone with who you can act crazy like a 5 year old kid and not be judged!! hehe..

Well.. I'm not sure whether u liked me for who I am, but I know I do like u for who u are.. You are so warm.. and so verry KIND. heh.
You’re very sensitive and understanding and kind-hearted... and you’re like a mother too! Sometimes I feel like I have 2 mothers..hehe..
..and you always help me out when I needed someone. And you always always would do something nice for me. Like hang my towel when I’m late for class, cook for me (even a Mee Maggie pun sometimes ko nak buatkan jugak!), when I’m sick you’d be there for me and take a VERY good care of me, wake me up for subuh and for my class if I overslept..
And lots of other good stuffs lagik! Tak ingat, banyak sgt! hehe.

And you’re a very good listener too.. and non-judgmental..
I can share anything and everything in this world without you judging me. I feel very close to you. You’re like a family. =)

And you are very patient with my kerenah.hehe.. The mengadaness, the manjaness, the marah2ness, the childishness, the blur-ness which certain people find it very irritating..huhu.. Even nak explain byk kali pun hang tak kesah.. hehee.. Muahh sayangg kamu! ;*
And I love to have u as my 'designer' or my seamstress.hehehe.. You always seem to know what and where to adjust and alter my clothes. huhu..
and I also love the fact that u love to take photos.. It's like I have my own photographer..haha ;p

Of course..sometimes either one or two of us will get in some dumb fights once in a while but we should never let that destroy our friendship.. The three of us should always be there for each other.. Even in the capacity of letting the other know when she's being rude or wrong or just plain dumb. hehee.. I think we should have conference meetings,every now and then la.. and help each other out whenever there's a problem..huhu ;p

I'm very thankful to have found my true friends.

I love you guys so much.


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  1. hey..thnx my fren for da blog...OMG!! x pnh ade org bwat blog yg khas utk aku k...teharu sgt...well, dats wat frens are for wani...being there for each other...n i can say dat u did da same way too...u help me when im in need, u calm me down when i was down (btul ke ayat tu..hihi), u are a good listener wpun aku tau ko mmg ssh nk focus but i know dat u're trying so hard to focus on my story n dat makes me feel appreciated...tq so much wani...n yes, i like u da way u are...n thnx for accepting me da way i am...alamak...aku terkomen pjg2 la plak...mcm blog aku je...i think i shud hav one too..hihi...


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