Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mother-daughter day's out

I was so bored to death sitting in my room doing nothing..
when suddenly I heard someone's knocking on my door..
Bukak2 je..
"Wani, jom teman mama pegi Pavillion.Mama nak beli jewellery case. yg leather tu.. Lgpun mama nak blanje kwn mama mkn. Dia laki. Tak kan mama sorang..Awk ikut eh?"

Okeh! Right away ma'am! hehe =)

"Tapi mama xde baju la.Semua dah pakai..Lgpun mama nak match kan dgn bag hitam ni..Awk pilihkan la.."
Ouh.. gedik jugak rupenye mak aku ni ek..huhu =P

She wanted to blanje her 2 friends(from her Kursus Usahawan), mkn at The Loaf. These 2 guys are from Batu Pahat,Johor. And they've never been to Pavillion. They wanted to see how cafés and restaurants in KL are like..(btw,they dream of owning a cozy little café in Batu Pahat someday)
So mum brought them jln2(huhu..mcm tour guide je) and makan2 at 2 places: Mezze and The Loaf..

We got this free vouchers!

We got 6 cuppa coffees! and 2 slices of chocolate cake for freee!

I'm not a fan of a choc cake, but I must say this one is soo delicious! So moist and yummy!!

Ouh,and this one is sooo sedappp! Lamb kebab or something. It reminds me of the kebab I ate in Istanbul. Sgt sedap! Rase sgt daging..huhu. Tapi dia bagi 3 ketui je. kedekut! hehee..

and this is..Morrocan Soup. Pun sedap!

"hmm..nak makan roti ape ye?"

Oh, tidak ketinggalan.. Wani the Bunny..huhu ;P

Ok,it's time to go home now..


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