Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A day at the spa

Find me a woman who does not love a day at the spa! hehee..
I loovee to pamper myself! Don't you love to feel groomed and gorgeous? =)

Today I went to One Utama.. to splurge myself with a complete whole body treatments!
Lately I've been so jaded and my life got so complicated and dulled and..stressful and not so normal..and tiring..and there's a lot of assignments to be done and homeworks and so many sleepless nights!! So I think, I deserve a little me-time to freshen up a lil' bit! hehe.

It has been a while since my last beauty treatment.. be it facials or body massage.. I think it is almost 1 month plus since my last treatment.. So I really need some time to relax myself! For me, massage is the number 1 thing that will make me feel better. And some other stuffs too like hot stone, aromatherapy oils, herbal therapy, hot tub or steam bath and deep cleansing facial. Those things would do the trick. =)

And for today, I started off with a facial treatment at Clarins. =)
Then later I went to Thai Odyssey to have my aromatherapy body massage. And then, to Russell Hair Salon to get my hair washed and a hair treatment.. and since I'm having my period, I went to get my nails done too! hehee

"Hey,u better do my hair like Victoria Beckham, kay!" hehee

Yippie me! I feel soo verry much relax now! I do think that having a beauty treatment every now and then is a MUST!

It makes you feel awesome when you spoil yourself once in a while..
Ouh, what an amazing day I had! =D

*big smile on my face*


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  1. how to have body massage when u're having period? :S


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