Monday, June 2, 2008

Mama's Personal Shopper

Today after my class, mama called me and asked for my service as a personal shopper (PS)..hehee
She wanted to buy lotsa white shirts, black shoes and black trousers & slacks for her 4-day practical training at a hotel somewhere in Shah Alam, which starts tomorrow..

She said she dunno what to wear and doesn't have anything to wear for her practical training and so she needed to buy a complete uniforms.. Shirts, pants and shoes. hehee.. For only 4 days..huhu.. ;p

So me and my personal assistant or rather a paparazzi, met her at The Gardens around 6pm..hehee

hmm..penat jugak eh jadi PS ni.. kena layan kerenah tu ni..huhu.. kena pilih baju betul2.. spesipik.. baju kena xde ruffles,nak ade butang, pesyen nye kene molek..lengan kena pjg betul2, etc ..huhu.. ;p

But it was fun tho.. Pilih2 baju, bagi mama try on different and loads of clothess, going in and out of boutiques, give advice&suggestions, etc..
Plus dapat makan preee! ;)

Credits and thanks to Naz for all these pictures! ;)

Wow! A life-size Ferrari F1 race car! It looks real!

Made from 100% Lego! Cool!

Pantang nampak cermin, mesti nak touch up! hehee

In the fitting room..

at work..hehee

ok what's next

I love to dine here@Pastis

Pelakon2 utama di dalam drama kali ini. ha ha.

Naz & mama's macchiato

..and their yummilicious food tower =)

and this is mine.. Smoked salmon sandwich or something..

"Ok now, let's find ur shoes mum.."


"hmm..let's see.. Which one eh?"

This is what we do while mama in the fitting room..hehe =)


p/s: I like having u as my paparazzi,Naz! hehehee ;p



  1. wani,

    looking at the 5th pic, what's that "black thing" called? (not the pants hehe)it looks like a corset, is it? is there a specific name for it? =)

  2. hello there.. =)
    its actually not a corset.. the top that my mum's wearing was design like that.. i mean, the white shirt that shes wearing already attached with the black thing..
    Its a one piece top

    unlike mine, in my previous posts(the one in march- where me n my sisters went for a chanel makeover), that one yes, it is a 2 pieces top. i wore my white shirt with a black corset..

    its a waist corset btw..


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