Monday, May 5, 2008

'Fine' is a texture.

hmm.. I'm planning to buy a new camera. My current one sux.
and as always, I dunno which ones to buy. What brand and model should I buy.. What color and etc..
hmm.. white looks modern, pink looks girly and red looks hot .. hurm.. ishh..taktau la!

and also, I want new handphone pleasee!! No, let me rephrase that. It's actually I NEED a new phone already ok.. I haven't change my hp for 4 years now!! well.. Dad did give me 2 brand spankin' new phones.. but the phones are not that practical like my current phone..

Well.. I want a PDA phone and he gave me O2 XDA Atom..Ok, I do like this phone..
But.. this one doesn't have a keypad. and it's quite inconvenient for me to type messages sometimes.. Especially while driving.. (well, we're not even supposed to type sms while driving!huhu)

and another phone was Sony Ericsson Z800. And this one.. urm.. don't really know why I don't like it.. maybe the function kot.. or something else.. I'm not so sure..huhu..
Well maybe because I'm so used to using a smartphone or pda or something.. so maybe that's why I think this phone is so simple. huhu ;p

If I could choose, I would prefer a pda phone, touch screen, ada keypad, wi-fi, x bulky, sleek and stylish and camera max 2MP is enough, takyah sampai 7-8MPs. x guna sgt pun. Plus,I got my camera already..heh..
urm.. tu je kot..

so.. inilah pilihan2 dihati saya..huhu ;)

haih.. byk la pulak!! hehee


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