Monday, April 29, 2013

I am Back!

Hey you guys!!!!!! How are you?!

Miss me? hehe

Gosh. I miss my blog so much! I miss writing and story telling and editing pictures and stuff like that... tskk. It has been two weeks now that I left it alone and cold...sob sob. I'm really sorry you guys for keeping you waiting for my new post each day. I've been sick, and busy and then sick again..and then busssyyyyyyy. Sangat. :( Ok well, maybe tak la busy sangat sangat. But the word is actually penat sangat...kot? Plus, the internet at my house has been down for a few days too.. And I also had so many things to do outside that I just didn't have the time to really sit down in my room and type...and do what I love... T__T

But now that things have sorted out a litttttttttle bit, I feel much better. I had so much headache and planning and researching and stress to deal with these past few weeks. I didn't even get to see my friend to have our sushi session pun! Or go swimming. Or even update my Outfit-Of-The-Day post on my Instagram! Asik tak sempat/tak ada masa. tskkk. And because I was too stressed out, I have also formed some new bukit-bukau on my cheeks, thank you very much! >__<

Sigh. I hate stress. Semua datang sekali gus terus. tskk

But anyway, I have too many stories to tell. I don't know which one to start first...hehe. But let's just say, I'm stressing out but happy! hehe.. To those who bought the scarves with me, thank you very much for your love and support!

Ok lah, gotta do my work now! Update soon! Take care girls! See you in my next post! :)



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