Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shawls/Scarves for Sale!

Brand new plain oblong scarves/shawls for sale!

Colors available: 
a) Pine Green
b) Dusty Pink
c) Sunshine Yellow
d) Silver Grey
e) Cobalt Blue
f) Aqua Mint
g) Emerald Green
h) Champagne Brown
i) Platinum Grey

Price: RM 45 + RM 5 (postage)

Material: Satin

Size: 1.8m x 0.5m

Interested, please email me at:

Thanks! ;)



  1. hi! i'm new in blogging... feel free to visit n folo okeh.. anyway, nice blog, love d stories ;p

  2. These scarves are so beautiful! I love wearing scarves all year around because they go with so many outfits. I have really been getting into wrapper two different colored scarves together forming a color twist. It brings so much contrast to an outfit. I personally like wearing them around my neck because I can make them a little looser. However, I have seen many girls wear them around their heads and arms which also looks cute. Doing techniques like that need to be down by scarves that are light and durable though.


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