Sunday, April 7, 2013

The White and Red Party with Fazura!

So a couple of weeks ago, I was invited by the Colgate Optic White team to attend a little party with our beautiful celebrity, Miss Fazura which was held in Delicious restaurant at Dua Residency Kuala Lumpur. 5 lucky bloggers were selected to attend the party, and yours truly happen to be one of them! Oh, I feel so lucky to get to mingle with Fazura and the ladies! The other four bloggers are Shea Rasol, Bobo Stephanie, Nisa Kay and Yuyu Zulaikha

The theme was White and Red, just like the Colgate Optic White brand color! It was so nice and fun seeing all the pretty set up made by the Colgate team!

With balloons some more!

The invited bloggers

I was lucky enough to sit next to Fazura and get to see and zoom in her beauty just a few inches from me! haha! ;p I realllllly love her hair, her eyes, her skin and her teeth! They're SO pretty!!! (Don't worry Fazura. I'm not a freak. I just adore a pretty woman like you very much. haha)

The beautiful Fazura!

But really, her face is like TOO pretty, I couldn't find any defects. LOL ;p Her hair smells so nice, her skin is so flawless and her teeth is just SO dazzling white!!! I was so amazed by her beauty that I bombarded her with a lot of beauty-related questions! She shared with us her latest beauty must-have with her fans! I feel so lucky I get to ask her directly! ^__^

She said to us, Always being in front of the camera and in the public eye, my smile is one of the first things that people notice about me. This is why I take extra care to have not just a smile, but a bright white smile that completes any look or outfit I have. Colgate Optic White is now part of my beauty kit. It is the only beauty essential I need to keep my smile bright and white. I have been using it and it really works! A beautiful, white smile speaks so much about personality, confidence, even how you value something as basic as caring for your teeth. Even if you have a stylish outfit or flawless make-up, having discoloured teeth is impossible to disguise and can take away the effort you put into looking beautiful” - and I totally agree with every word she said! I really think that having perfect looking teeth and smile is the best make up any girl should have!  That BRIGHT, WHITE SMILES are the ultimate, timeless accessory to any outfit and look! 

So now we know what her secret and beauty must-have! It's the new Colgate Optic White!! - The only beauty essential that you need to keep smiles bright and white like Fazura! hehe ;)

Anyways..back to the party,

Me and Bobo, being Fazura's pengapit of the day

We were all so excited to get to mingle with Fazura, so of course everybody won't miss the chance to take lotsa photos with this gorgeous lady! Everyone was so jakun that day, cuz it's like seeing a live doll in front of us! hehe

We got a polaroid picture of us as well! With Fazura signature on it!


While waiting for our food to arrive, we talked to Fazura and asked her with a lot of questions some more! haha. Kesian dia. Banyak tanya betul her fans ni lah! hehe. We asked her about her daily life routine, her beauty rituals, her diet and exercise plan, her careers, and lots more! I learned quite a few tips from her that day! We shared a lot of things and stories too. It was so much fun, really! With her bubbly and fun character, made the party even more awesome!  

Oh hey, she even asked me to choose her pictures from Bella Awards that she went the night before, on her iPhone to upload them on her Instagram! How cool...I mean, I get to touch Fazura's phone..and get to decide which one to upload for her??! I think it's cool! LOL ;p

I gotta tweet this! And Instagram it...Fazura's beside me weyyy! ;p

Anyway, here's what I had that day,

A mushroom soup

A duck confit spaghettini 


..and a pavlova as for the dessert!

Anyway, while having our tea and desserts, we played a fun game with Fazura!

She had to unwrap this box, and there'll be a number on it, then the Colgate team will read out the question according to the number on the box

I can't remember what was Fazura's question. I think it has something to do with the new Colgate Optic White...

And yeay! She got it right! So that's her present in the big red box! I wonder what's inside!

And next it was me!

My question was about fashion. "Describe your fave fashion at the moment. And why" - I had too many fashion that I like, that made me unsure which one to answer! LOL.  But I went for animal prints..

And guess what I got for answering that question??!

It's a RM 150 Parkson voucher!!! How awesome!

Thank you Colgate!!! More animal printed tops to purchase! hehe

Next was Nisa. Her question was to take a photo with Fazura and upload it on Instagram and get at least 3 "likes. Well, that was easy for her, she has so many followers! ;)
I forgot what was her present though..

..but everyone got really cool pressies that day

Like our Shea here! 
She got a question about make up, and she won some make up stuff! Cool, kan?!

Anyway, each of us got this new Colgate Optic White toothpaste and mouthwash to try at home.. And I have been using them and brushing my teeth for a week now, and I must say that it really works just like Fazura says!!! My coffee stained teeth, looked a little bit brighter now! Not so yellow like few weeks ago! ^__^

What I like the most about this Colgate Optic White toothpaste is the minty taste and the fresh feeling I get after I use it! Anyway, this toothpaste has the Whitening Accelerators (the silica and pyrophosphate), to gently scrub and polish your teeth surface. It's really refreshing to use and it's not just for whitening because it also helps fight cavities, protect teeth enamel, remove plaque and freshen breath! So with this Colgate Optic White toothpaste, you can get one shade whiter teeth after just one week! (when used as directed, for extrinsic stains only). Now you can get that perfect bright white smile you've always wanted! 

Colgate Optic White is now available in leading retailers and pharmacies nationwide, at the recommended retail selling price of RM 5.90 for the 40gm toothpaste, and 100gm toothpaste for RM 12.90, and RM 12.90 for toothbrush, and RM 8.90 for the 250ml and RM 20.90 for 750ml mouthwash.

Go get it now girls, and let us all have a bright, polished and white smile as our new beauty essential! Optic White is the new beauty must-have. It’s the only product you’ll need to keep your smile bright and white.

Lastly, thank you Colgate Optic White for this opportunity and party with Fazura! I sure had so much funnnnn! And I know the rest of the girls did too! Thank youuuu so much!!!



  1. sgt2 jeles..dpt jumpa fazura..dia sgt2 cantik..adore sgt bertuah dpt pergi..tahniah2..hehe

  2. Best nye!! Fazura sgt cantik..flawless!

  3. waa.. bertuahnya badann.. duduk sebelah fazura lg..


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