Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Minty in Here! :)

I love doing a "What I Wore" posts...sharing my choice of fashion and style with the girls that share and have the same interest as mine in here. However, sadly I never really have a cameraman/paparazzi to take my pics around, anywhere, anytime... LOL. So I couldn't really do that post often.. heh ;p

But now that I have a cameragirl with me here in Paris, I have lotsa pics of myself, and can do the post! Yeay! hehehe..  So this would be one of my What I Wore post! ^__^ 

So anyway, on my Sunday, I went for a day trip around the city of Paris..and I wore this...  (My new favorite color!!!)

It's the mint green! Gotta love this color! ;)

Zara Mint Green Tweed Jacket /  H&M Off-White Sleeveless Top / Seven Jeans in Dark Blue / Zara Off-White Chain Belt / Pasar Malam Teal Colored Scarf / Ferragamo Black Booties / Marc by Marc Jacobs Cream Colored Dr Q. Hillier Bag / MNG Turquoise Colored Earrings / Forever 21 Mint Green Oval Ring

Weather here is awesome. About 10-16 degree. Not hot. Not cold. It's just cooooool, breezy....and minty! I like. hehe. 
Drinking hot choc in here, with this kind of weather is awesome too! ;)

Oh, I love summer in Paris! heh

Love this girl! My cameragirl. hehe ;p

"Eiffel....I'm in love!"

Cotton Candy!

So what did you girls do on Sunday? :)

Signing Off From Paris,
Shazwani. xx


  1. Warna mint cantikkkkk......& nak muncul kat Paris jugak pleaseee....haha...

    have fun!

  2. wow!love it bebe!

  3. wani...tutorial tudung chantek...

  4. i love mint green too but no chance to buy the colour though coz i jumpa lagi tops or something that suits me very well..huhuhu..nice post wani,,
    btw..whose that girl??

    happy holiday!:)


  5. Wow! Bestnye Wani...dh lama x bukak blog Wani..alih2 je dh kat Paris.. :)

  6. Hi Shazwani. May I ask? Did you visit the Louvre Museum? Are you planning to visit other major cities like Madrid, Rome and Milan?

  7. It is great that you travel. You broaden your horizon and get to see cultural places. I bet you have been to Louvre Museum and have a sight of the great Mona Lisa and you've to the cathedral in Milan to see The Last Supper by DaVinci. I wish you can visit other interesting cultural places like Madrid and Rome. Cheers Shazwani.

  8. I found out that you have been to Mecca. Perhaps you have performed the pilgrimage or you just perform umrah. If you have performed the pilgrimage, that is great because you have performed one of the five pillars. From my observation, you are an avid Europe traveler. You like Europe very, very much and perhaps you visit the continent almost annually. That is fantastic. Hopefully you bring good memories from your travel come back with tons of experience. Bye.

  9. bestnyeeeee.....

    # jom singgah tengok koleksi laraz ya..


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  14. youre pretty. i like you.

  15. waniii camne nk pki baju cerah or satin tanpa nampak sweat stain in hot weather mcm malaysia,,,ajar la ;( pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  16. hi,

    Bestnya kat paris tak berapa panas. Suprise gak tengok u pakai jaket.
    South of france is very hot in summer...25°C above. Jalan sikit dah berpeluh2.

    Btw, komen apa kat atas ni? hehe, iklan diri ke.


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