Sunday, June 3, 2012

Style Sunday: Dusty Pink!

Had a meeting at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and this is what I wore...

Printed Scarf: Tie Rack
Dusty Pink Top: from a lovely brand that I will blog more about it soon! ;) (it's my new fave brand!)
Black Pants: Victoria Secret's
Coral Red Flower Brooch: Shazwani's
Pearl & Crystal Ring: Liz Claiborne
Nude colored Watch: Burberry
Black Satchel Bag: Prada
Nude colored Shoes: sister's

So that's my outfit post for today! The usual style..hehe. Ok, gonna blog soon! See ya..take care! ;)



  1. Baju tu mcm baju Zawara.

  2. ya rabbi. macam seriously doesnt look like your age, you look older! wake up girl, it's time people tell you how unfitting those style of fashion is with ur age. sounds mean but someone has to tell ya.

    by the time you are 30, i wonder how your sense of fashion will fare.........


  4. hi wani..i ada email u..pls check ya :)

    zura >.<

  5. reena: yes it is! ;)

    anonymous: hehe..okay, maybe you could tell me what to wear for my age... or maybe show me who u are instead of being anonymous, cuz i would love to learn how to dress up just like u! :)

    everlynn: yes zawara it is! ;)

    zura: replied!

    salwati: :)

  6. Cik wani, i think u look really beautiful in that salmon pink zawara top with the scarf u wore. Really make you glowi g

  7. you're pretty honey. dont worry about that stupid anonymous say about u (even though im an anonymous too, since i dont hv a google account! haha)
    but really, i just have to comment on this... u dress really well, honey. i dont see any imperfections about the way u dress up. probably that person doesnt know what simple chic/luxe means, i guess. at least u look a whole lot nicer than those girls that i see, that are trying too hard to look fashionable whilst wearing a scarf. (i've seen a bunch of girls wearing weird fashion these days, and what an eye sore!) Well I'm not wearing a scarf/hijab yet..I will someday insyaallah when i have the courage (im so weak on this..) T_T

    but seeing them, just makes me feel sad, some how. I mean, why would some one stash a lot of things on their body/head to look fashionable? I just think that we all should keep it simple and clean. And u are definitely one of the girls who knw just how to look fab! sorry for the long explanation/comment. I just think she's being rude/mean to say something like that to u. She's just so uptight i think..and i just have to comment about it! haha. Hope you'll approve my essay! lol

    love u girl!

    -silent reader-

  8. u look old at ur age..

  9. how old do u guys think she is? she's 20 something. early twenties, right wani? (I think so, based on ur stories in this blog)

    so i think she dress up well for her age la. she's a young adult. so what do you guys expect her to wear?

    Hrmm..people can be really weird lah sometimes. ada ajer yang tak kena and nak mengomel and komen about others. i just dont understand. -.-

  10. Dear, roses tu x jual lg ke? I like it very much


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