Sunday, July 3, 2011

Of Gossip Girls, 'Lipstick Jungle', SATC, a Cafe and a Sunday! :)

Ohhhh...I had so much fun today! Below is my summary of today's activity! :)

1. Spent hours at Dome Cafe with my gossip girls a.k.a Naz and Girl, catching up stories from one another after almost a year we haven't been able to meet! Erkk...  =/
Girls, we should do this more often, kay! I love hanging out with you two! I feel like I'm meeting up with Nico Rilley and Wendy Healy from that Lipstick Jungle series. LOL ;p

2. A little something something at Sephora, Zara, Topshop and Parkson ;p

3. Went to Marie France Bodyline Treatment

4. Had a delicious dinner at Delicious.

(no picture)

5. Went to the designer boutique to make some changes on my Baju ;)

6. Home! And have to do my 'assignments' before going to bed! 

P/s: Machicks... this is just a 'summary'. I will update more and put more pics that we took today, ya girls? Don't worry! hehe ;p 


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  1. meals for dinner pun cm "bersih" jek yek smenjak g marie ni..huhuhuhu..

    anyway,chaiyok gal!!


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