Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bzzzzzt... Bizzzyyyy.. Here's a Re-Cap of What this Busy Young Lady did!

I've been so busy with my life lately. Busy having fun. Busing working. Busy finding time for myself. Busy with my loved ones. Busy thisss...Busy that. The word for today is, BUSY.

Yes, I'm a busy young lady... Always got things to do. Dunno doing what....but I'm BUSY! haha... Well...most of the time, busy being tired actually. And that explains why this blog looks like it's almost dead already! ;p

Well well well... here's a little summary of the activities that made me away for a little while...

Busy meeting up with my best friend. Busy being kepochi like achi

Busy taking care of my self 
(I look crappy these days! T_T)

Busy going here and there... Busy collecting some things. Busy buying some things. Busy attending some things. 
Haihh.... Busy Body betul aku ni... =_=

Busy having lunch with friends

Busy doing this.

Busy crying over this.

Busy smiling over this.

Busy eating some more.

Busy getting my Gong Cha Signature Milk Tea for the day at the office before starting to be busy working

Busy going to a spa, after being busy feeling fat and lousy

Busy wandering and wondering around when will I ever be skinny and hot. And skinny. And hot. And slim. And hot. And skinny. And skinny. And skinny. And HOT. And thinnnnnn??!!! *cries*
And busy thinking when will I ever stop thinking about food??!! >_<

Busy hunting for Shark Fin Soup
(yes, makan lagiiii..... Patut laaaaaaaaa. Haihhhz =_=')

Busy this.

Busy car hunting with A'ai and Aizat. 
Busy dreaming driving awesome cars. 

I caught my eye on this by the way. 
But I got no marney to buy lorhh. Just sit and cry and dream on and pose beside it, also can oneee! Hahaha ;p

Busy making love to my hair, at Raymond Choon

Busy melantak Japanese food
(Sushi Zanmai is superb!!! - First time trying it! Love it!)

Busy jalan-jalan, sambil posing dekat signboard/advertisement. PFFFFT! haha..
(No la...actually I got a reason whyyy... Kan awak, kannn? heheheheh ;p)

Busy trying out some natural things on my face
(White egg yolk, yogurt, papayas, milk, etc etc. It's fun!)

Busy main try-try baju dekat kedai. Haha :p

And lastly, today...

 Busy doing this! hehe

Yeahhh... I'm a very busy young lady. Busybody that is! ;p



  1. Nk tambah :P

    i ulang tgk pic u loads time! dlm fitting room ? sgt npk u are becoming slim and slander! best2! congrats on your successful treatment.

  2. 1st time..rasa entry u yang ni sangaaaat panjang :)

    enjoy ur day dear ^_^

  3. ohh my fav pic is the last one.there are 2 is the black outfit make u looks slimmer.hehhe and that georgeous heels.i want!!hahhaha

  4. wanie dah kurus dan cantik sudah tak yah fikir dah nak kurus2 dah hehehe

  5. wani, can i know where did u bought ur jeans? suke the cutting. yang dalam gamba busy main2 try baju. thanks for sharing if u dun mind :)

  6. macam dah kurus je wany.. comel sgt..

    btw, i love the 1st pic.. love seeing both u n naz looking n giggling at each other ;D

  7. pasni kena busy untuk prepare kahwin plak tau..hehe..may god bless you always!

  8. wanie! u look thinnnn.

  9. camnie punye bz artis pon kalah dik oii...hihi...

  10. you did lost your weight :) congrats!

  11. girl, why did you dress like your mom, you look like 10 years more older than your real age. your style very makcik2, enjoy and appreciate the youth while you are still having it.

  12. wani mcm da loose some weight sikit :). anyways, you look great as always!

  13. my darling you dah gorgeous :) dun fret so much! love you!

  14. Waniiiiii (gaya excited macam kenal lama)!!!

    you're so not fat ok!
    attractive women are not the thin ones as being too thin will add up more years to your look.

    but then, i do understand there were days where i would like my big thigh to go away.. especially after the many indulgence (saya seorang yg sweet tooth!)

    time tu, skipping la seratus reps ;p

    till then,

  15. betul cakap anon kt ats tu.sometimes u nampak mcm makcik2. your outfit mcm datin2 sgt la darling

  16. ubabe: awww thanks. but it's just an optical illusion! LOL ;p

    pinky momma: haha. really? i thought before this, i have written a lot more longer posts than this ;p

    isma: awww thanks!

    cik nur: haha.. not so kurus yet la dear!

    anonymous: its dvb by Victoria Beckham jeans

    efa fairuz: heheh.. we always giggle and laugh whenever we see each other! ;)

    wallaa: hehe.. insyallah. amin.. doa2 kan la ye..heh ;)

    cik puan mimi: really? then y do i still feel the same... =(

    cik sal: hahaha! hye kakakkk! ;p

    MK: err...thanks! hehe

    anonymous: really? hehe..
    and to which photo u're refering to? as far as i know, most of the time i wear jeans. can u explain a bit what does a young adult would normally wear ya? :)
    and honey, if ure refering to the black dress outfit (the last picture), let me tell u this... that photo is for magazine photo shooting. Nona people asked me to dress up like that la babe...

    Hmm...anything else that i wear that needs your attention and concern which i NEED to explain to u my dear? :)

    anonymous2: thank u!

    yvonne: hahah! love u too! ;)

    zura: heheheh... thank u honey!

    anonymous3: "People with great minds, talk about ideas. People with shallow minds, talk about other people" - Anonymous :)

  17. I think u look hawt in the black kurung/jubah!

    Saya mahu kurus jua! Tapi taknak la hot sgt. Suam-suam kuku sudaa. hikhikhik ;p

  18. Askum Shazwani..mind to share katmane u mkn shark fin soup tu boleh?..i mengidam..heeee..tq

  19. wani, janganlah makan shark fin soup lagi, pity the shark, coz they're just haunted for the fin, after fin dipotong, the rest thrown begitu sahaja. nowadays shark dah terancam.. :(

  20. Hi wani, love ur black clutch(yg pkai dgn orange blouse tu)..may I know what brand is that?..if u don't mind..


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