Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Marie France Treatment Continues!

I'm too tired to explain anything. Cuz I just had an awesome Sunday with my girls. So right now, body is too tired to think and type... So I think, some pictures will do update you guys on my Marie France treatment...hehee ;p

Did the CPT treatment

Did a few wrapping around the body with this thing. Don't know what they call it... But this thing sure did feel heavy, thick and hot on the body! But me liked it!

The VIP coffee bar. (In the "unVIP" coffee bar, they serve Nescafe Gold over, it's a different coffee. A VIP coffee, I suppose? hehehe ;p 

I've always loved getting ready in this VIP Bathroom after I have done with my treatment..

Okayyy...dah siap! Boleh balik! hehee

Oh...I'm happy cuz I think, I lost weight some more.....after weighing today! (But errr....not a huge amount laaa kan..hehe. But still, I'm happy!! ^_^)

P/s: I can now fit perfectly in my old jeans! (which I can't zip the last few months! heheh ;p)



  1. nyee!! da lost ke yang???? mau juge!! mau juge!!!! selamat maju jaye wanie oiiii!!!! cpt kurus! cpt2!! hohoh

  2. superb! bestnya can fit ur old jeans already ;)


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